Citizen Complaint Procedure - ADA Accessible HTML

Citizen complaint contact information:


MONDAY - FRIDAY    8:00 A.M. - 5:OO P.M.

Call the Professional Standards Section

321-567-3947 or 321-567-3931


Contact the On-Duty Patrol Sergeant  321-264-7800

Disposition of Formal Investigations

The disposition of formal investigations are classified as follows:

SUSTAINED - Allegation is supported by sufficient evidence.

NOT SUSTAINED - Not guilty by insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.

EXONERATED - Incident occurred but officer acted lawfully and properly.

UNFOUNDED - Incident did not occur or officer not involved.


In order for the citizens of Titusville to have the trust and confidence in the police, the Titusville Police Department strives to foster a good relationship with its citizens. As a community-policing agency, positive police behavior is reinforced through the scrutiny of the Professional Standards Division.

Police Officers must be free to exercise their best judgment and to initiate action in a reasonable, lawful, an impartial manner without fear of reprisal. At the same time, they must observe the rights of all people. Citizens must feel free to question police conduct which they feel is improper.

The Titusville Police Department is committed to unbiased policing in all its encounters between police officers and citizens. Titusville Police Department policy provides guidelines for officers to prevent biased policing and reinforces procedures which serve to maintain public confidence and trust through the provision of services in a fair an equitable fashion.

Who may register a Complaint?

Any citizen, prisoner, or member of the police department may make a complaint. A signed, notarized affidavit is required at the time the complaint is made; however, anonymous complaints may also be taken and investigated.

How to register a Complaint

  • Contact the On-Duty Sergeant at (321) 264-7800
  • Come into the Police Department Lobby
  • Call the Professional Standards Division at (321)567-3947 or (321)567-3931
  • E-mail:
  • Fill out a Citizen’s Allegation of Employee Misconduct Form

Investigative Procedures

A preliminary administrative investigation will be conducted on every citizen complaint regardless of its nature. Depending upon the circumstances, the incident will either be handled by a supervisor, or formally by Professional Standards. If your complaint is assigned to the employee’s supervisor for investigation, the supervisor will contact you to try to resolve the situation.

The Chief of Police will determine if the case is to be handled formally. If so, an order to investigate will be forwarded to the Professional Standards Division, and an Investigator will complete a thorough investigation regarding the complaint.

The completed investigative report includes a narrative summary of the events and a finding of facts as determined by evidence, and the sworn statements of those involved. Prior to leaving the Professional Standards Division, the report is reviewed by the Staff Member supervising the Professional Standards Division for completeness and objectivity.

All formal investigative reports are reviewed by the Chief of Police and his staff for approval and recommendations.


You will be notified of the final disposition in person, by telephone, or by certified mail. Any citizen who is not satisfied with the final outcome of a formal investigation may call the Staff Member supervising the Professional Standards Division at (321)567-3947.

A citizen who has made a complaint is entitled to a copy of the investigation. To request a copy contact the Records Section (321)264-7800 or the Professional Standards Division (321)567-3947 or (321)567-3931.

For more information, please contact:

Titusville Police Department

Phone: 321-264-7800

Fax: 321-264-7876