Records Section

Records Department Staff PhotoOur Records Section is responsible for all paperwork that is generated at the Titusville Police Department. That responsibility includes the dissemination of records to the general public as well as other state and governmental agencies. There are important requirements our agency must follow as part of the State’s Public Records laws and Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR). Our Records Section is tasked with ensuring that our department maintains all public records and retention laws of our state and of the Federal Government. Uniform Crime Report statistics are reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in February and August of each year.

Services Provided

Affidavits of Compliance

If you are issued a citation for defective equipment and you correct the violation within 30 days of the issued citation, you can bring your vehicle with the corrected defect and the affidavit to the Police Department. We will inspect the defect at a cost of $4. If the violation has been corrected we will sign the Affidavit of Compliance for you. You must then take the Affidavit of Compliance to the Clerk of the County Court, 400 S Street, and pay the remainder of the fine.

If the defect is not corrected, the Titusville Police Department will not certify the affidavit and the full fee will be due and payable at the traffic clerk’s office within 30 days.


Reports can be obtained Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm except weekends and most holidays. View a list of the following reports available:

  • Crash Reports may be available the next working day, but can sometimes take longer.
  • Traffic Homicide Reports are available once they are cleared by the State Attorney’s Office or are disposed of through the court system where charges are filed.
  • Crime Reports may be available the next working day unless they are part of an on-going investigation.

Copying Fees

  • Certified Copies: $1 per page
  • Paper that is 8 1/2 by 11 is .15 for one side or .20 for two sided
  • Paper that is 8 1/2 by 14 is .20 for one side or .25 for two sided
  • Research Costs: $18.00 per hour after the first 15 minutes of research time has elapsed
  • Make checks payable to: City of Titusville