Salary & Benefits

Job Openings

Check for current job openings and complete an application.

Health Insurance (All Employees)

Members health insurance is paid for 100% by the city. Dental coverage is offered at a minimal cost/deductible. Dependent coverage is available at an additional reasonable rate.

Salary Incentive Pay

Members may earn up to a $130 a month supplement based on incentive training received. This pay includes pay for educational degrees as well as career development based education.

Wellness Program

The city of Titusville participates in a reduced membership program with the local YMCA.

Take-Home Vehicles

Members are provided a take-home vehicle in various positions within the department depending upon availability.

Career Development Program

Officers under the rank of Corporal can participate in a career development program. While in this program officers can obtain an additional $1,500 a year at the rank of Master Officer.

Holiday Pay

The City of Titusville observes 11 paid holidays that the member can receive extra pay or time off depending on current position within the department. In addition, the member is given two "floating" holidays through the current collective bargaining agreement.

Vacation Leave

Officers can earn up to five weeks of vacation a year. This is obtained incrementally during the officer’s career.


Members may retire with 25 years of service (or at age 55) and collect 75% of the average of their three highest earning years. Members are vested at 8 years.

Deferred Compensation

Our department offers a supplemental retirement program where members can make investments with their pay before taxes are withdrawn.


All officers are provided with:

  • Laptop Computer (Depending on Assignment)
  • Uniforms
  • Vest
  • Weapons
  • Other Necessary Equipment

College Tuition Plan

Members attending college may be reimbursed the full cost of tuition based on grade, at any state accredited college (100% for an "A", 75% for a "B", and 50% for a "C").

Overtime Pay

Members working overtime will be compensated at a rate of time and one-half rate. This rate is paid out at any hours worked over their normal daily shift.

Court Time

Members attending court, on their own time, as a result of actions taken in their official capacity, will be reimbursed at a rate of time and one half of their hourly rate for a minimum of two hours regardless of the time they are required in court.

Sick Time

Members may earn up to 96 hours of sick time a year. There is no cap on the amount of sick time an employee can earn. At the time of retirement 1/2 of all sick time accumulated will be calculated into your last years salary, for final total compensation.

Comp Time Conversion Program (All Employees)

Members can accrue up to 120 hours of comp time as being converted from overtime earned.


This is only a summary of benefits based on the member’s collective bargaining agreement. Please consult the agreement before making decisions based upon this summary.