Mission and Vision Statements

The City of Titusville and the Titusville Police Department Code Enforcement Division utilize the following Mission and Vision statements to communicate and clarify our individual purposes.

City of Titusville Vision Statement:

Titusville is a diverse community of hometown neighborhoods built among natural treasures, fostering civic pride, family activities, and community service.

City of Titusville Mission Statement:

Through teamwork and leadership, the City of Titusville provides essential services to improve the quality of life of our community.

Code Enforcement Mission Statement:

To preserve and improve the physical, social and economic health of Titusville neighborhoods, support neighborhood self-reliance, and enhance the quality of life for residents through community-based problems solving, neighborhood-oriented services and public/private cooperation.

Code Enforcement Vision Statement:

Code Enforcement strives to promote and maintain a safe and desirable environment for living, visiting and working in the City of Titusville. Our main goal is to provide professional, and highly trained personnel to help maintain and improve the quality of our community by administering fair and unbiased enforcement of State laws and local ordinances to correct violations and reduce hazards that create blight and adversely affect the quality of life for residents and visitors. We continue to work closely with residents, neighborhoods, public service agencies and other city department to facilitate voluntary compliance.