Our Communications Section is approved for full-time staffing of 20 state certified 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators (911-PST) and is complemented by a team of contract state certified 911-PSTs.

Our 911-PSTs and Communications Center are equipped with training and technology that enables us to meet the public safety communication needs of our community as we are the primary means of communication for all Police and Fire Department activities for the City of Titusville.

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Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)

Since our Communications Center is a state-recognized Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), we are dedicated to answering 911 calls within the City’s jurisdiction and coordinating the appropriate public safety response.


Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we strive as a team to accurately and rapidly determine emergency calls and routine calls, aid in the protection and preservation of life and property, and assist our community and first responders with the utmost of integrity and professionalism. We are honored to provide excellent and exceptional service to our community!

Some Things to Expect When Calling 911

  • 911 what is the address/location of your emergency? - It is of primary importance that we know where the help is needed. If we don’t know where the help is needed, how can we even begin to send the help? A numeric address is ideal but rest assured, our trained 911-PSTs will ask all kinds of questions and exhaust all possible means to find out the correct location where the help is needed. If you are calling from a cell phone, please make every effort to clearly state the location of the emergency because cell phone calls are dependent on the type of cell phone you have and the information provided, via technology, from your cell phone provider.
  • What is the nature of the emergency? Do you need police, fire, or medical assistance? - PST is well-trained to determine what help is needed. If you’re not sure, it’s okay, you will still receive the help you need.
  • When? - The amount of time that has taken place from the very onset of an emergency is extremely important. Regardless of whether it is a police, fire, or medical emergency, when it began and how long it has been going on is necessary to know so the correct response may be determined.
  • Safety Considerations - Is there anything that could be a safety concern for the caller, the responder, or anyone near where the incident is occurring? The most common safety concerns are:
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Hazardous substances
    • Injuries
    • Smoke and flames
    • Weapons

The 911-PST will ask safety-related questions with the purpose of keeping everyone involved as safe as possible and preparing the responders for appropriate reactions to the incident.

  • Descriptions
    • If a vehicle is involved, try to provide the license plate number and a visible description so that a responder will be able to distinguish it from any other vehicle such as:
      • Color
      • Damage
      • License Plate Number/State
      • Make
      • Model
      • Stickers, etc.
    • PST will ask if you know the name of the person and description that may include:
      • Age
      • Clothing Description
      • Eye Color
      • Gender
      • Hair Color
      • If They Are Carrying Anything
      • Race/Skin Tone

The purpose is to provide responders with a description that will help them recognize the individual from anyone else.

  • Contact Information - What is the best way to reach you? You will be asked for your full name, contact phone number, and/or address. You may be interested to know that this information is not public record when you call 911 for emergency assistance but it could be vital to re-contact you to appropriately respond to the emergency situation.
  • Please remain as calm as possible - PST must get information from you. If the emotion of the situation is extreme, it can be difficult to communicate in a way that someone else can understand what is being said. We are here to help you! Take a deep breath, answer questions as calmly as possible and we will get you the help you need.
  • "Why all the questions? Just send someone." - While we are asking questions, we are able to send the help that is needed at the same time. We have an excellent and exceptional team of 911-PSTs to handle your emergency and they all work together to provide the best response to any emergency. While one is taking your call, another may be dispatching it and another coordinating any other assistance needed to appropriately respond to your emergency. We are here for you and honored to help in any way we can!


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