Who Are Section 3 Residents?

Section 3 residents are:

  • Public Housing Residents
  • Low and Very Low-Income persons who live in the city limits of Titusville where a Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-assisted project for housing and community development is located.

Income Levels

  • Low-income is defined as 80% or below the median income of that area
  • Very low-income is defined as 50% or below the median income of that area

Where Are Section 3 Residents?

  • Clients served by sub-recipients
  • One-Stop Career Centers participants
  • Other assisted housing projects residents
  • Public Housing Authority residents
  • Recipients of public services
  • Step-Up Training program participants
  • Youthbuild participants

Eligibility for Section 3 Employment Opportunities

A Section 3 resident must meet the qualification for the position to be filled as advertised.

Who Receives Section 3 Priority?

For training and employment:

  • Homeless persons
  • Persons in public and assisted housing
  • Very low- and low-income persons living in the area where the HUD financial assistance is expended


A Self-Declaration of Eligibility Form is available upon request by calling 321-567-3783.