Baffle Boxes

Current Indian River Lagoon Water Quality Projects

There are six new baffle boxes in various stages of construction currently being installed throughout the City. These projects will not only help improve the water quality of the Indian River Lagoon, they will also assist the City in meeting its pollutant removal allocation required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Each of these projects have received grant funding from various local, state, and federal funding sources.

What Is a Baffle Box?

A Baffle Box is a structure with a series of settling chambers whose primary function is to remove sediment, debris, trash, and their associated pollutants from stormwater. The box is then vacuum cleaned and the material is properly disposed of, preventing the sediment, debris and trash from ever entering the Lagoon.

Project Highlight: Main & Sycamore Basin Baffle Boxes

Main baffle box alongside a roadStatus

Construction was completed June 2018.

Grant Funding

This cooperative project has been funded in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The City received $352,752 from the Environmental Protection Agency’s 319(h) grant program.

Water Quality Treatment

This project treats stormwater runoff from a total of 588 acres within the City of Titusville.

Water Quality Monitoring

The project is currently undergoing water quality monitoring to determine the removal efficiencies of the project. This will help us determine the cost effectiveness of these types of technologies for future use in helping improve the water quality of the Indian River Lagoon.

Titusville IRL Baffle Boxes 2022