a. Guiding Principles

Signage Guiding Principles & Definitions

In addition to a well-designed and individual retail facade, signage is an important element for each retailer to advertise its location. Signage not only serves the needs of retailers, but it also establishes a vibrant built environment in Titusville.

A wide variety of signage types achieve these goals, however, not all are appropriate in every district of Titusville. Some areas of Titusville require signage that is focused on visibility to the pedestrian, while other districts should have signage that can be seen by pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

Signs should clearly define retail and commercial locations, addresses, and districts in Titusville. In a mixed-use building, signs should help people identify appropriate entrances. For a commercial business located in a predominantly residential area, signs should be clearly visible and distinctive while respecting the overall character of the district. Signs should express local identity, even when the retailer is a national brand.

This manual defines several signage types here and provides more detail later for district specific signage.

General Sign Principles

  1. Signs should be pedestrian-oriented and visible to motorists.
  2. Architecture of the building should dictate placement of the signage.
  3. Signs should not conceal architectural features of the building.
  4. In every district, signs should respect the dominant characteristics of each district in scale, style, composition and placement.
  5. When illuminated, consider ENERGY STAR or energy-efficient fixtures.
  6. Consider low impact sign materials.
  7. Durable, sustainable fabrication materials should be used in the construction of signs.
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