b. Signage Types

Wall-Mounted Sign

Vitas Wall-Mounted Sign
  • Mounted directly on the facade of the building 
  • May be pin-mounted directly to the building
  • Simple, lacking decoration
  • May be pin-mounted directly to the building
  • Letters may be rear lit
  • If raceways cannot be hidden, they should be minimalized and camouflaged to match building.

Window Sign

Barn Light Electric Window Sign
  • Retail signage located on the interior of the display window that is either painted on or applied as a film.
  • In some cases, a window sign may be etched or sandblasted onto the display glass.
  • Include graphics and text.

Blade Sign

Toby's Estate Blade Sign
  • Suspended from the building perpendicular to the building facade.
  • Oriented to the pedestrian passing on the sidewalk
  • The clear height should be a minimum of 8 feet above the sidewalk.

Marquee Sign

Hotpoint Appliances Marquee Sign
  • Projecting signs attached to a building over an entrance, often with theaters or hotels.
  • Predominantly vertically oriented.
  • High-quality digital signage, such as light-emitting diode (LED) or high-quality Neon, is permitted. This also includes a high quality structural system to attach it to the building.

Monument Sign

Moonlight Monument Sign
  • Free-standing
  • Located at the edge of the sidewalk outside of commercial building, focused on visibility to motorists.
  • In certain areas, high-quality digital signs are permitted. This includes LED and Neon in certain locations.