Activities, Facilities & Equipment

Call Volume & Types of Calls

Each year, our Department responds to over 10,000 calls for service.  A large percentage of these calls are emergency medical in nature.  Our Department responds an engine and/or a rescue company to all medical emergencies within the Titusville City limits, and neighboring Brevard County areas.  In our four (4) fire stations the response apparatus respond with Advanced Life Support (ALS) capabilities ensuring the highest level of care.  Our average response time is under four (4) minutes, thirty (30) seconds.

Brevard County Fire Rescue

Brevard County Fire Rescue provides patient transportation within our City.  The main County transport units serving the Titusville area are located on south Columbia Boulevard (Station 24) and the intersection of Park Avenue and South Street (Station 23) and the intersection of US1 and SR46 Mims (Station 22).

Wide Variety of Other Emergency & Non-Emergency Calls

In addition to emergency medical calls, the Titusville Fire Department (TFD) responds to a wide variety of other emergency and non-emergency calls inside and outside of the City.  On any given day, we may respond to:

  • Hazardous Materials Incidents
  • Power Lines down
  • Structure Fires
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Vehicle Fires
  • Water Rescues

We may also expect to respond at any time to:

  • Assist citizens with broken residential water lines
  • Help a disabled person back into bed
  • Participate with the Public Education Division in providing life safety education programs
  • Provide community blood pressure checks
  • Rescue a kitten stuck in a tree

Customer Service-Oriented

We are a customer service-oriented department and often our service level to the citizens of Titusville extends beyond the traditional duties of some fire departments.  We are proud of the service we provide and continually strive to better serve our community members with cheerfulness and a cooperative spirit.

Stations & Equipment

Titusville Fire Department operates 4 fire stations on a 24/7 basis.


Our department enjoys a professional and cordial relationship with all of our local media outlets. Our Public Information Officer-Battalion Chief Greg Sutton handles the release of information concerning our department activities, department comments, emergency responses, etc.