Handyman Business Tax Receipt (BTR)

There are two types of handyman classifications: unregulated and specialty trades that require a certificate of competency license. Please see the Brevard County Licensing Requirements webpage for more information:

  • Application
  • Handyman Affidavit (DOCX)
  • Home Occupation Affidavit (DOCX)
    If you own your home we will need a copy of proof of ownership, which can be found at Brevard County Property Appraiser’s Office.
  • If you are naming your business anything other than your given name, you need to apply for a fictitious name or LLC at sunbiz.org before you can apply for your business tax receipt. We need a copy of your fictitious name, incorporated or LLC paperwork from Sunbiz.
  • Property Owner’s Affidavit (DOCX)
    If you do not own your home (if you rent or lease) the owner of the home needs to complete the property owner affidavit form which needs to be notarized.

Additional Information

For a Handyman Application (DOCX), Handyman Affidavit (DOCX), Home Occupation Affidavit (DOCX), and Property Owner’s Affidavit (DOCX), please contact Lori Roberts at 321-567-3758 or email Lori Roberts