Bag It! Trash It! Dog Waste Program

Dog Waste

Black and White DogAre you a Titusville dog owner? Nationally, an estimated 36 to 46% of all households have at least one dog. Following the national trend, that means we have over 100,000 dogs in Brevard county, with over 8,700 dogs residing in Titusville households.

Dogs produce about one pound of waste each day. Dog waste, just like human waste, contains numerous bacteria and viruses including fecal coliform bacteria. Leaving dog waste on the ground is bad for your health, your dog’s health, and the health of the environment, especially local waterways.

Waste in Waterways

Dog waste gets into waterways through runoff. Rain or irrigation washes the waste into the curb and then into a stormdrain located along the street. Some pet owners, unfortunately, dispose of pet waste by putting it into stormdrains or dumping it in waterways. Since Titusville’s stormdrains lead to either the Indian River Lagoon or the St. Johns River, the waste ultimately ends up in these waterways.

About the Program

The Bag It! Trash It! Program was created by the Conservation Program to increase education about the need to pick up dog waste and to change Titusville pet-owner behavior. The program focuses on encouraging Titusville pet owners to pick up after their pet through the distribution of educational materials and tools to assist owners in disposing of the waste properly. The program includes the distribution of waste disposal bags with dispensers that are designed for convenient use whenever a dog is on a leash and includes a velcro tie that attaches the dispenser to a leash handle or a belt loop.

In 2010, the Bag It! Trash It! Program was broadened to include dog waste stations at Sandpoint Park (the only city park that allows dogs). The initial four waste stations are estimated to have reduced the amount of dog waste left on the ground in the park by 80%. Two additional stations were added to the park in 2011, along with 4 dog waste stations at the Max Brewer bridge. In 2013, two stations were added at the Titusville Marina. In 2014 a waste station was installed by a stormwater pond on Knox McRae Drive.

Over 6,700 dispensers have been distributed under the Bag It! Trash It! Program. This program, managed and design through the Water Resources Conservation Program is an integral part of our efforts to help protect the water quality in our local waterways.

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