Stormwater Rate Structure

Stormwater bills for both residential and commercial properties are based on Equivalent Residential Units or ERUs.

What’s an ERU?

An ERU is one residential quarter-acre lot with a runoff coefficient of 0.30. A quarter-acre lot reflects the average size of a single family residence in the City of Titusville.

The runoff coefficient is that portion of rainfall that becomes runoff rather than soaking into the ground. A runoff coefficient of 0.30 means that approximately 30% of rain that falls on a residential lot does not soak into the ground and becomes stormwater runoff.

Water that becomes runoff must be managed in order to prevent flooding and protect the water quality in our local waterways. Your stormwater fees pay the cost to perform these services. The City of Titusville’s Stormwater Utility is responsible for managing stormwater in the city.

Stormwater Rate Per ERU

  • 2018 - 1 ERU: $87.70
  • 2019 - 1 ERU: $89.89
  • 2020 - 1 ERU: $91.69
  • 2021 - 1 ERU: $91.69
  • 2022 - 1 ERU: $91.69
  • 2023 - 1 ERU: $99.26
  • 2024 - 1 ERU: $115.14

Single Family Residential

A single family residential property is charged a stormwater fee based on one ERU.

Townhouses & Condos

Townhouses and condos are charged a stormwater fee based on one-half (1/2) an ERU.


Commercial customers are charged a stormwater fee based on the number of ERU’s calculated for their specific piece of property. Most commercial properties are calculated to have more than one ERU because the amount of runoff from commercial property is usually greater than that from single family residential properties.