Streetlight Request

Currently streetlights are installed at the following locations on public road rights-of-way:

  1. At intersections
  2. At roadway changes in direction such as a sharp curve
  3. At cul-de-sacs or dead ends

Private Streets

The City will not install streetlights on private streets.

If you live in a private, residential subdivision, you should contact your homeowner’s association representative to request a streetlight. If you live on a private residential street not within a private subdivision, you may install a streetlight yourself. In both cases, the Florida Power and Light streetlight representative can be contacted at 321-383-7261.

The association or the individual must enter into an individual streetlight agreement with Florida Power and Light Company and make monthly pavement for operation and maintenance of the light.

Public Streets

If you live on a public street and your requested streetlight location meets one of the above conditions, you must call the City Public Works Department at 321-567-3846 to request a "Streetlight Request" form. In addition to your name, address, and house number, the form requests that you identify a specific location where the desired streetlight is to be located and that you obtain written approval of all residents within 100 foot radius (200 feet diameter) of the proposed location.

Form Submission & Final Disposition

Once the form is completely filled out with the approved signatures, to be processed the form must to be mailed or delivered to the City of Titusville, Public Works Department at:
2910 Garden Street
Titusville, FL 32796

Once the Public Works Department receives the form, a representative will visit the site to see if the location is acceptable. Whether it is acceptable or not, you should receive notification via letter from the Public Works Department.

If the location is acceptable and the streetlight is justified, the City Engineer will prepare a standard streetlight agreement to be submitted to Florida Power and Light. Once submitted, installation of the streetlight may take anywhere from 5 weeks to 5 months depending on the schedule of the Florida Power and Light contractor performing the installation.