Minutes 4/19/2022

Flag and Memorial Committee

Regular Meeting

April 19, 2022


The Flag and Memorial Committee met in regular session on April 19, 2022, at the 

American Space Museum, 308 Pine Street, Titusville, FL   32796


Chairman Therriault called the meeting to order at 11:12 a.m.   Members present: Member Swink, Member Fuller, Vice-Chair Pedersen, Member Marquette and Member Lister.  Also present was Secretary/Staff Liaison Gail Gilchrist, City of Titusville. 


  1. CALL TO ORDER:  Meeting was called to order at 11:12 a.m. by Chairman Therriault.


  1. DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM:  A quorum was met.




  1. Approval of minutes for the March 15, 2022 meeting:   A motion to approve the March 15, 2022 minutes was made by Member Lister, seconded by Member Swink, it passed unanimously.




  1. Memorial Day Ceremony:  Chairman Therriault stated there will be a ceremony at Veteran’s Park starting at 10:00 a.m., as well as, a short ceremony at the Day Street Cemetery at 9:00 a.m.   American Legion, Post 1 will continue to do what they do every year.


  1. Flag Day:  June 14th starting at 7:00 p.m. to be held at the Elks Lodge.  Member Swink will find out if Betsy Ross will attend.   Chairman Therriault stated the Cadets will do the Color Guard.  The Scouts will also be involved.




  1. Blue Mass Ceremony:  Chairman Therriault will verify with Father Chris about having the ceremony at 10:00 a.m. at St. Teresa’s again this year.  Titusville Fire Department will be in attendance this year.  Chairman Therriault will be going to Mims Volunteer Fire Department and invite them to the ceremony as well.




This was tabled due to the committee having sufficient funds.




Discussion ensued about the cost of the bricks versus the cost of the brick engraving.  Member Swink and Member Marquette will try to find a local engraver in hopes of lowering the cost of engraving.




Vice-Chair Pedersen:   Stated the Fashion Show went very well.   There was right at $1000 in the 50-50.   She said the staff at Indian River Preserve was wonderful.  The proceeds will go to Ministry Under the Bridge.  Will be having the annual mini grant award ceremony in May.  June ends their fiscal year.

Member Lister:  DAR starting to do more activities.   Pritchard House honored them with a “Tea”.  She stated the requirements to become a member are much more difficult.   Discussion ensued about that.

Member Swink:   Elks gave $1000 scholarships to three high school students.  Stated they installed new officers and have a new president.  Last night 7 new members were initiated and there are 16 more waiting to be initiated.  There is a picnic coming up this Saturday.  Just finished youth bowling league that included 40 kids.

Member Fuller:   There are VFW elections tomorrow night.   She stated they are getting a lot of new members, however, they don’t want to participate, i.e., meetings, etc.   The VFW will vote to go non-smoking.

Member Marquette:  the museum had a very successful event Saturday at the Hyatt Place Hotel.  They created “Shuttle Fest” with four astronauts in attendance.  Discussion ensued about this event.  He said this will become an annual event.  They are hoping to have an event in July for Apollo Eleven and stated maybe this committee could so something for that.  On March 20, Museums of Brevard had a good Meet the Mob and stated LEAD Brevard has helped them quite a bit.  October 22, 2022 is the Cosmic Masquerade Ball, November 5, 2022 is the Memorabilia Show and April 15, 2023 is Shuttle Fest II.

Chairman Therriault:  

CAP - Cadets just finished two huge airshows, one in Tampa and the other in Lakeland.  They are getting ready for summer activities.

KOC – the fish fries are not as popular on Saturday nights as they are on Friday nights.  They had a meeting and early stage discussions ensued about getting national evangelists to come in late fall, winter, or early spring of next year.



  1. Meeting was adjourned at 12:14 p.m.