Industrial Pretreatment Program

The Public Works Industrial Pretreatment Program focuses on preventing hazardous contaminants and grease from entering the public sewer system in order to protect our lands and waterways from pollution caused by these wastes. The Pretreatment Program is the designated Control Authority for enforcing the pretreatment regulations of EPA, Florida DEP and City of Titusville, as they apply to the Titusville public sewer system.

Any party who discharges non-domestic wastewater or commercial kitchen wastewater to the Titusville sewer system is subject to pretreatment code restrictions and permit requirements of Chapter 21 of the City Code of Ordinances, Article III, Sanitary Sewer System, which are enforced by the Industrial Pretreatment Program. See the City Clerk web page for links to the City Code.   

Industrial or commercial kitchen connections to the Titusville sewer system must be permitted by the Titusville Pretreatment Program prior to issuance of associated City site development or building construction permits, or City business tax receipts (BTRs). To avoid delays, industrial or commercial kitchen facilities that plan to apply for City site permits, building permits and BTRs must contact the Pretreatment Program to initiate the pretreatment permit application procedure as well.  

The Pretreatment Program employees two staff members, both of whom hold FIPA Industrial Pretreatment Certifications and receive annual continuing education training. Contact the Industrial Pretreatment Program staff directly for any pretreatment questions, forms or permit applications.  

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