Memorial Day Week Trash Schedule:

Monday's (May 27) collection of garbage and yard trash will be on Tuesday (May 28), and Tuesday’s collection will be on Wednesday (May 29).  There will be no other changes for the week.
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The City of Titusville, Florida / Department Directory

Department Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  Fax #  
Tom  Abbate  Assistant City Manager  321-567-3702    City Manager's Office   
Martin  Abell  Building Inspector  321-567-3984  321-267-3711   Community Development/
Building Department
Steve  Adams  Building Official  321-567-3982  321-267-3711  Community Development/
Building Department
Kim  Amick  Development Specialist  321-567-3756    Community Development/
Development Services
Joe  Arena  Facilities Maintenance Supervisor  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Paul  Ballington  Building Plans Manager  321-567-3766  321-267-3711  Community Development/
Building Department
Melissa  Beamon  Operations Superintendent  321-567-3827  321-383-5743  Public Works   
Jacob  Begley  Development Services Inspector  321-567-3761    Community Development/
Development Services
David  Benninghoff  Building Inspector  321-200-2354  321-267-3711  Community Development/
Building Department
Virginia  Blaylock  Executive Assistant  321-567-3702  321-383-5704  City Manager's Office   
Laura  Bledsoe  Human Resources Coordinator  321-567-3729  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Kathleen  Bracken  Administrative Assistant  321-567-3728  321-383-5702   Support Services/
Human Resources
Richard  Broome  City Attorney  321-383-5693  321-383-5694  Legal Services - City Attorney   
Peggy  Busacca  Executive Director  321-567-3778     Community Development   
Catherine  Caldwell  Fiscal Analyst I  321-567-3722  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Frank   Canada  Logistics Specialist  321-567-3796  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
April  Chapman  Contracts Coordinator  321-567-3973  321-383-5628   Support Services/
Purchasing and Contracting
Terry  Chevallier  Finance Manager, Budget & Treasury  321-567-3715  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Bridgette  Clements  Finance Director  321-567-3712  321-383-5811  Support Services/
April  Comer  Accounting  321-567-3719  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Kevin   Cook  Public Works Director  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Shane  Daily  Media Specialist  321-567-3788    Support Services/
Community Relations
Laurie  Dargie  Administrative Secretary  321-567-3778    Community Development/
Tracy  Davis  Office Assistant  321-567-3785  321-383-5614   Community Development/
Neighborhood Services
Chris   Deloach  Investigations Lieutenant  321-567-3952    Police   
Matt  Demmon  Lieutenant, Prof Standards  321-567-3947    Police   
Joe  Denaro  Human Resources Director  321-567-3728  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Debra  Denman  Sr. Administrative Assistant  321-567-3686  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Jolynn  Donhoff  Assistant City Clerk  321-567-3683  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Becky  Efkovics  Human Resources Analyst II  321-567-3724  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Chris  Enright  Senior Engineering Site Inspector  321-567-3763    Community Development/
Development Services
Julie  Enright  Pension Plan Administrator    321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Brenda  Evans  Records Manager  321-567-3675  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Chelsea A.  Farrell  Assistant City Attorney  321-383-5693  321-383-5694  Legal Services - City Attorney   
Darsi  Floss  Development Specialist  321-567-3765  321-267-3711  Community Development/
Building Department
Michelle  Flowers  Victim Advocate  321-567-3941    Police   
Gerald  Ford  Battalion Chief  321-567-3793  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Tim  Ford  Redevelopment Planner  321-567-3860    Community Development/
Community Redevelopment Agency
Terrie   Franklin  Neighborhood Services Director  321-567-3783  321-383-5614  Community Development/
Neighborhood Services
Eddy  Galindo  Natural Resources Planner  321-567-3976    Community Development/
Cindy  Garst    321-567-3730  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Gail   Gilchrist  Administrative Secretary  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Wynn  Greene  Purchasing  321-567-3734    Support Services/
Purchasing and Contracting
Tammy  Holtkamp  Logistics and Purchasing  321-567-3946    Police   
Tish  Hood  Development Specialist  321-567-3760  321-267-3711   Community Development/
Building Department
Mariana  Hristova  GIS Planning Technician  321-567-3780    Community Development/
John  Hustoles  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Chief  321-567-3801  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Todd  Hutchinson  Deputy Chief, Operations  321-567-3945    Police   
Mark  Jones  Planning Technician  321-567-3782  321-267-3711   Community Development/
David  Jordan  GIS Technician  321-567-3781    Community Development/
Jeff  King  Commander, Administrative Bureau  321-567-3948    Police   
Rose  Koenig  Program Specialist  321-567-3784  321-383-5614  Community Development/
Neighborhood Services
Mandy  Lamothe  Development Services Manager  321-567-3757    Community Development/
Development Services
Scott  Larese  City Manager  321-567-3702  321-383-5704  City Manager's Office   
John  Lau  Police Chief  321-567-3937    Police   
Charlene   Lehmann  EDMS Record Manager  321-567-3684  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Chad   Lindquist  Operations Chief  321-567-3791  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Job  Line    321-567-3731  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Josh  Little  Lieutenant Patrol  321-567-3951    Police   
Kerri  Lubeski  Life Safety Specialist  321-567-3804    Titusville Fire Department   
Cocynthia  Mack  Payroll  321-567-3721  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Kyle  Mack  Fire Inspector  321-567-3805    Titusville Fire Department   
Vanessa  Maldonado  Public Works Project Engineer  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Jennifer  Marquardt  Fiscal Analyst I  321-567-3723  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Edyie  McCall  Economic Development Director  (321) 567-3774  (321) 267-3711  Community Development/
Economic Development
Dani  Melancon  Fiscal Analyst I  321-567-3802  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Sabrina  Milton  Budget Analyst  321-567-3714  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Sally  Moore  Accounting  321-567-3718  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Tammy  Mosher  Human Resources Assistant  321-567-3726  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Kwabena   Ofosu  Community Development Engineer & Floodplain Administrator  321-567-3778     Community Development   
Samantha  Osorio  Senior Development Specialist  321-567-3978  321-267-3711   Community Development/
Building Department
LaWanda  Park  Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator  321-567-3803  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Brad  Parrish  Planning Manager  321-567-3776    Community Development/
(Police Reports)  Records  Records (Police Reports)  321-567-3907    Police   
Recruitment Info  Recruiter Info  Recruiter Info  321-567-3931    Police   
Sandra  Reller  Public Works Deputy Director  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Lori   Roberts  Development Specialist   321-567-3758  321-267-3711   Community Development/
Development Services
Amelia  Robinson  Internal Auditor  321-567-3695    City Manager's Office/
Internal Auditor
Connie  Rose  Human Resources Analyst II  321-567-3727  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Jenna  Ryan  Finance Manager  321-567-3720  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Prof. Standards  Secretary  Secretary Prof. Standards  321-567-3931    Police   
Secretary, Patrol  Secretary, Patrol  Secretary, Patrol  321-567-3924    Police   
Customer  Service  Utility Billing Customer Service  321-383-5791  321-383-5848  Support Services   
Brook  Smith  Battalion Chief  321-567-3793    Titusville Fire Department   
Phyllis  Smith  Accounting  321-567-3717  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Greg  Sutton  Training Battalion Chief  321-567-3792  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Jim  Thomas  Community Advocate  321-567-3689  321-383-5704  Support Services/
Community Relations
Chris  Threlkeld  Battalion Chief  321-567-3793  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Training Coordinator  Training Coordinator  Training Coordinator  321-567-3958    Police   
Jessica  Trazzera  Liens  321-567-3716   321-383-5811  Support Services/
Jesus  Vieiro  Purchasing & Contracting Administrator  321-567-3733  321-383-5628  Support Services/
Purchasing and Contracting
Water Resources Admin.  Water Resources Admin.  WR-Administrative Office  321-567-3855  321-383-5653  Water Resources   
Water Resources Conservation Program  Water Resources Conservation Program  WR-Conservation Program  321-567-3865  321-383-5653  Water Resources/
Administration & Conservation
Water Resources Electronic Services  Water Resources Electronic Services  WR-Electronic Services  321-567-3859  321-383-5653  Water Resources/
Electronic Services
Water Resources Environ. Laboratory Services  Water Resources Environ. Laboratory Services  WR-Environmental Laboratory Services  321-567-3892  321-383-5646  Water Resources/
Environmental Laboratory Services
Water Resources Field Operations  Water Resources Field Operations  WR-Field Operations  321-567-3883  321-383-5661  Water Resources/
Field Operations
Water Resources Utility Engineering  Water Resources Utility Engineering  WR-Utility Engineering  321-567-3859  321-383-5653  Water Resources/
Utility Engineering
Water Resources Water Production  Water Resources Water Production  WR-Water Production  321-567-3855  321-383-5653  Water Resources/
Water Production
Water Resources Water Reclamation  Water Resources Water Rec. (Blue Heron Facility)  WR-Water Reclamation (Blue Heron Water Reclamation Facility)  321-567-3891  321-383-5646  Water Resources/
Water Reclamation
Tammy  Wayner  Cash Receipts/Treasury  321-567-3713  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Brian  Webber  Senior Fire Inspector II  321-567-3795  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Wanda  Wells  City Clerk  321-567-3686  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Mark  Whorton   Fire Marshal  321-567-3794  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Gloria  Wilson  Senior Administrative Assistant  321-567-3979  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Mike   Woodward  Fire Chief  321-567-3805  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Stacey   Woodward  Accreditation Manager  321-567-3929    Police   
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