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Department Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  Fax #  
Tom  Abbate  Assistant City Manager  321-567-3702    City Manager's Office   
Martin  Abell  Building Inspector  321-567-3984  321-267-3711   Community Development/
Building Department
Steve  Adams  Building Official  321-567-3982  321-267-3711  Community Development/
Building Department
Kim  Amick  Development Specialist  321-567-3756    Community Development/
Development Services
Joe  Arena  Facilities Maintenance Supervisor  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Paul  Ballington  Building Plans Manager  321-567-3766  321-267-3711  Community Development/
Building Department
Jacob  Begley  Development Services Inspector  321-567-3761    Community Development/
Development Services
David  Benninghoff  Building Inspector  321-200-2354  321-267-3711  Community Development/
Building Department
Virginia  Blaylock  Executive Assistant  321-567-3702  321-383-5704  City Manager's Office   
Laura  Bledsoe  Human Resources Coordinator  321-567-3729  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Kathleen  Bracken  Administrative Assistant  321-567-3728  321-383-5702   Support Services/
Human Resources
Richard  Broome  City Attorney  321-383-5693  321-383-5694  Legal Services - City Attorney   
Peggy  Busacca  Executive Director  321-567-3778     Community Development   
Catherine  Caldwell  Fiscal Analyst I  321-567-3722  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Frank   Canada  Logistics Specialist  321-567-3796  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
April  Chapman  Contracts Coordinator  321-567-3973  321-383-5628   Support Services/
Purchasing and Contracting
Terry  Chevallier  Finance Manager, Budget & Treasury  321-567-3715  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Bridgette  Clements  Finance Director  321-567-3712  321-383-5811  Support Services/
April  Comer  Accounting  321-567-3719  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Kevin   Cook  Public Works Director  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Shane  Daily  Media Specialist  321-567-3788    Support Services/
Community Relations
Laurie  Dargie  Administrative Secretary  321-567-3778    Community Development/
Tracy  Davis  Office Assistant  321-567-3785  321-383-5614   Community Development/
Neighborhood Services
Chris   Deloach  Investigations Lieutenant  321-567-3952    Police   
Matt  Demmon  Lieutenant, Prof Standards  321-567-3947    Police   
Joe  Denaro  Human Resources Director  321-567-3728  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Debra  Denman  Sr. Administrative Assistant  321-567-3686  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Jolynn  Donhoff  Assistant City Clerk  321-567-3683  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Becky  Efkovics  Human Resources Analyst II  321-567-3724  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Chris  Enright  Senior Engineering Site Inspector  321-567-3763    Community Development/
Development Services
Julie  Enright  Pension Plan Administrator    321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Brenda  Evans  Records Manager  321-567-3675  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Chelsea A.  Farrell  Assistant City Attorney  321-383-5693  321-383-5694  Legal Services - City Attorney   
Darsi  Floss  Development Specialist  321-567-3765  321-267-3711  Community Development/
Building Department
Michelle  Flowers  Victim Advocate  321-567-3941    Police   
Gerald  Ford  Battalion Chief  321-567-3793  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Tim  Ford  Redevelopment Planner  321-567-3860    Community Development/
Community Redevelopment Agency
Tim  Ford  Redevelopment Planner  321-567-3860    Community Development/
Terrie   Franklin  Neighborhood Services Director  321-567-3783  321-383-5614  Community Development/
Neighborhood Services
Eddy  Galindo  Natural Resources Planner  321-567-3976    Community Development/
Cindy  Garst    321-567-3730  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Joseph  Gibbons  Development Services Inspector  321-567-3759    Community Development/
Building Department
Gail   Gilchrist  Administrative Secretary  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Wynn  Greene  Purchasing  321-567-3734    Support Services/
Purchasing and Contracting
Tammy  Holtkamp  Logistics and Purchasing  321-567-3946    Police   
Tish  Hood  Development Specialist  321-567-3760  321-267-3711   Community Development/
Building Department
Mariana  Hristova  GIS Analyst Lead  321-567-3780    Community Development/
John  Hustoles  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Chief  321-567-3801  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Todd  Hutchinson  Deputy Chief, Operations  321-567-3945    Police   
Mark  Jones  Planning Technician  321-567-3782  321-267-3711   Community Development/
David  Jordan  GIS Analyst  321-567-3781    Community Development/
Jeff  King  Commander, Administrative Bureau  321-567-3948    Police   
Rose  Koenig  Program Specialist  321-567-3784  321-383-5614  Community Development/
Neighborhood Services
Mandy  Lamothe  Development Services Manager  321-567-3757    Community Development/
Development Services
Scott  Larese  City Manager  321-567-3702  321-383-5704  City Manager's Office   
John  Lau  Police Chief  321-567-3937    Police   
Charlene   Lehmann  EDMS Record Manager  321-567-3684  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Chad   Lindquist  Operations Chief  321-567-3791  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Job  Line    321-567-3731  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Josh  Little  Lieutenant Patrol  321-567-3951    Police   
Kerri  Lubeski  Life Safety Specialist  321-567-3804    Titusville Fire Department   
Cocynthia  Mack  Payroll  321-567-3721  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Kyle  Mack  Fire Inspector  321-567-3805    Titusville Fire Department   
Vanessa  Maldonado  Public Works Project Engineer  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Jennifer  Marquardt  Fiscal Analyst I  321-567-3723  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Edyie  McCall  Economic Development Director  (321) 567-3774  (321) 267-3711  Community Development/
Economic Development
Dani  Melancon  Fiscal Analyst I  321-567-3802  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Sabrina  Milton  Budget Analyst  321-567-3714  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Sally  Moore  Accounting  321-567-3718  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Tammy  Mosher  Human Resources Assistant  321-567-3726  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Kwabena   Ofosu  Community Development Engineer & Floodplain Administrator  321-567-3778     Community Development   
Samantha  Osorio  Senior Development Specialist  321-567-3978  321-267-3711   Community Development/
Building Department
LaWanda  Park  Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator  321-567-3803  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Brad  Parrish  Planning Manager  321-567-3776    Community Development/
(Police Reports)  Records  Records (Police Reports)  321-567-3907    Police   
Recruitment Info  Recruiter Info  Recruiter Info  321-567-3931    Police   
Sandra  Reller  Public Works Deputy Director  321-567-3846  321-383-5705  Public Works   
Lori   Roberts  Development Specialist   321-567-3758  321-267-3711   Community Development/
Development Services
Amelia  Robinson  Internal Auditor  321-567-3695    City Manager's Office/
Internal Auditor
Connie  Rose  Human Resources Analyst II  321-567-3727  321-383-5702  Support Services/
Human Resources
Jenna  Ryan  Finance Manager  321-567-3720  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Prof. Standards  Secretary  Secretary Prof. Standards  321-567-3931    Police   
Secretary, Patrol  Secretary, Patrol  Secretary, Patrol  321-567-3924    Police   
Customer  Service  Utility Billing Customer Service  321-383-5791  321-383-5848  Support Services   
Brook  Smith  Battalion Chief  321-567-3793    Titusville Fire Department   
Phyllis  Smith  Accounting  321-567-3717  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Greg  Sutton  Training Battalion Chief  321-567-3792  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Jim  Thomas  Community Advocate  321-567-3689  321-383-5704  Support Services/
Community Relations
Chris  Threlkeld  Battalion Chief  321-567-3793  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Training Coordinator  Training Coordinator  Training Coordinator  321-567-3958    Police   
Jessica  Trazzera  Liens  321-567-3716   321-383-5811  Support Services/
Jesus  Vieiro  Purchasing & Contracting Administrator  321-567-3733  321-383-5628  Support Services/
Purchasing and Contracting
Water Resources Admin.  Water Resources Admin.  WR-Administrative Office  321-567-3855  321-383-5653  Water Resources   
Water Resources Conservation Program  Water Resources Conservation Program  WR-Conservation Program  321-567-3865  321-383-5653  Water Resources/
Administration & Conservation
Water Resources Electronic Services  Water Resources Electronic Services  WR-Electronic Services  321-567-3859  321-383-5653  Water Resources/
Electronic Services
Water Resources Environ. Laboratory Services  Water Resources Environ. Laboratory Services  WR-Environmental Laboratory Services  321-567-3892  321-383-5646  Water Resources/
Environmental Laboratory Services
Water Resources Field Operations  Water Resources Field Operations  WR-Field Operations  321-567-3883  321-383-5661  Water Resources/
Field Operations
Water Resources Utility Engineering  Water Resources Utility Engineering  WR-Utility Engineering  321-567-3859  321-383-5653  Water Resources/
Utility Engineering
Water Resources Water Production  Water Resources Water Production  WR-Water Production  321-567-3855  321-383-5653  Water Resources/
Water Production
Water Resources Water Reclamation  Water Resources Water Rec. (Blue Heron Facility)  WR-Water Reclamation (Blue Heron Water Reclamation Facility)  321-567-3891  321-383-5646  Water Resources/
Water Reclamation
Tammy  Wayner  Cash Receipts/Treasury  321-567-3713  321-383-5811  Support Services/
Brian  Webber  Senior Fire Inspector II  321-567-3795  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Wanda  Wells  City Clerk  321-567-3686  321-383-5704  City Clerk's Office   
Mark  Whorton   Fire Marshal  321-567-3794  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Gloria  Wilson  Senior Administrative Assistant  321-567-3979  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Mike   Woodward  Fire Chief  321-567-3805  321-383-5703  Titusville Fire Department   
Stacey   Woodward  Accreditation Manager  321-567-3929    Police   
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