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A Guide to Mopeds, Go-Peds, Pocket Bikes & Motorized Scooters

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Motorized Scooters, Go-Peds & Pocket Bikes

Motorized scooters and go-peds are small two or three-wheelvehicles that a person may standor sit upon to operate or ride. Some have electric motors, andsome have gas engines. The steering is managed by use of a T-shaped handlebar.

Pocket bikes are miniature motorcycles with 50 cc or less gas engines that have automatic transmissions.

Motorized scooters, go-peds, and pocket bikes cannot be legally operated on public roadways, sidewalks, or bicycle paths.

Mopeds and Motorized Bicycles

Mopeds have 50 cc or less engines with two wheelsand can travel a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. Motorized bicycles have electric helper motors and can travel a maximum of 20 miles per hour. Both mopeds and motorized bicycles have pedals and may be operated solely by human power.

A driver must have at least a Class E driver licenseand tag registration to legally operate a moped. The operator of a motorized bicycle does not require a driver license.

Persons 16 and older may operate a moped or amotorized bicycle on public roadways. Mopeds and motorized bicycles can be operated on sidewalks and bike paths only if operated solely by human power. Persons under 16 may only operate mopeds on private property and must wear protective headgearsecurely fastened upon their heads.

Where can my child ride a motorized scooter, go-ped, or pocket bike?

Motorized scooters, go-peds, and pocket bikes can only be ridden on private property with permission from the owner of the property (e.g., driveway, yard). A person may not ride motorized scooters and pocket bikes on sidewalks, bike paths, or roadways.

If motorized scooters, go-peds, or pocket bikes are illegal to ride on the roadways and sidewalks, then why are businesses allowed to sell them?

It is not against the law to possess, use, or operate a motorized scooter, go-ped, or pocket bike as long as you are on private property. Therefore, it is not against the law for businesses to sell them.

What are the consequences should my child be stopped by a law enforcement officer while riding his motorized scooter, go-ped, pocket bike, moped, or motorized bike?

A person who operates or allows a juvenile to operate any motorized scooter, go-ped, pocket bike, moped, or motorized bicycle in violation of the law may be subject to the following: Note: All criminal violations involve issuance of a Uniform Traffic Citation, mandatory court date, and/or arrest.

Why You Should Know

Children and young teenagers have likely neverdriven a vehicle before and are not familiar withtraffic laws. They are often unaware of the trafficaround them as well as traffic hazards that exist (e.g. blind spots, other vehicles, pedestrians, lightingconditions).
We have all seen it - a young child riding a mopedor motorized scooter down the street or sidewalk, whizzing by, not paying attention to the traffic on the roads and not obeying stop signs or traffic lights.

It’s just a matter of time before someone gets hurt. Florida has several traffic laws in place for this very reason.

General Guide to State Law Requirements
Type Driver License Registration Roadway Sidewalk/Bike Path
Motorized Scooter/Go-Ped (Gas or Electric) yes yes no no
Pocket Bike yes yes no no
Moped (Gas or electric) yes yes yes pedal power
Motorized Bicycle (electric) no no yes pedal power

*According to Florida law, motorized scooters, go-peds, and pocket bikes are considered motor vehicles. However,because motorized scooters, go-peds, and pocket bikes are not manufactured to meet the required federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act, they cannot be registered for operation on public roadways, even if the operator has a valid driver license. Mopeds can be registered for operation on public roadways, but an operator must have a valid driver license to operate one. Operators of motorized bicycles do not need a valid driver license and are not required to register them in order to operate them on public roadways.
For more information, contact:

Titusville Police Department
1100 John Glenn Boulevard
Titusville, FL 32780


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