Description Vendor Contract # Term Dates Renewals Agent Scope
Alarm Monitor and Maintenance Redwire/Sonitrol Agreement 7/1/14 - 9/30/19   JV Access control, fire detection, intrusion, and alarm systems of City Buildings
Applicant tracking services dba:NEOGOV SVC19P25 6/21/19 - 6/21/20 Automatic (unless 60-days written notice) AC Business management software with online ATS and recruitment services
Aquatic Plant Control Bio-Tech Consulting, Inc. SV17B024 6/1/17 - 6/1/19 From 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years   Aquatic Weed/Plant Growth Maintenance
Biomedical Waste Pick-up and Disposal Advanced Biotech Solutions, Inc. SV16P109 8/22/16 - 8/22/19 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years to 1-1 Year WG Provide bio-medical waste transportation and disposal services
Blue Heron Wetland Services Ecotech Consultants, Inc. Co17P19 8/7/17 - 8/7/20 2-1 years AC Provide monitoring, operations and maintenance services of wetlands serving the wastewater treatment plant
Body Camera Axon Enterprise, Inc. Agreement 12/1/16 - 12/1/20   JV Annual license, maintenance and software (w/ for (60) body camera TVL PD.
Building inspection services Joe Payne, Inc. Agreement - BOCC (piggyback #B-1-18-85) 9/21/18 - 9/30/21 1-1 Year AC Provide professional building department services
Canteen Vending Machines COmpass Group USA SV15PO41 3/31/16 - 3/30/20 From 2-2 Years to 1-2 Years JV Snack Vending Machines
Concrete Sidewalk and Driveway TBD     2-1 Years AC Provide install, replacement, and repairs to concrete roadway, sidewalks or driveway
Consulting Services: Engineering and AE AECOM Technical Services, Inc: Barnes, Ferland, and Associates: CDM Smith, Inc: Wright-Pierce, Inc. CO17Q30WR 2/7/18 - 2/7/21 2-1 Years AC Code 101: Water Resources
Consulting Services: Engineering and AE Terracon Consulting, Inc. CO17Q30BE 1/4/19 - 1/4/22 2-1 Years AC Code 111: Building Envelope
Consulting Services: Engineering and AE Kimley Horn, Inc. CO17Q30MR 8/2/18 - 8/2/21 2-1 Years AC Code 118: Municipal Regulatory Review
Consulting Services: Engineering and AE ECT, CPH and GeoSyntec CO12Q0355W 1/20/16 - 2/14/20 From 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years AC Stormwater
Consulting Services: Engineering and AE DRMP, Inc. (Primary) Kimley-Horn Inc. (Secondary) CO17Q30TE_ TBD 2-1 Years AC Code 108: Traffic Engineering and Signalization
Consulting Services: Engineering and AE Kimley-Horn, Inc. CO17Q30LA 12/5/19 - 12/5/22 2-1 Years AC Code 115: Landscape and Irrigation Architect
Copier Rentals Dex Imaging 18-B-042 11/1/18 - 11/1/22 None WG Copier Rentals of 15 Machines and Print: Maintenance, paper, and toner included
Cross COnnection Device Testing Hydro Designs, Inc. Agreement - Town of Lake Placid (piggyback) 1/8/14 - 7/30/23   JV Perform Cross Connection Control Program Management and Device Testing Services
Day Labor A and Associates Staffing, Inc. SV18-B-024 6/26/18 - 6/25/20 From 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years JV Furnish all day labor required by the City on an as needed basis
Drinking Water Analysis Test America Laboratories, Inc. SV18B033 5/22/18 - 5/22/19 2-1 Year WG Sampling for TOC and bromide at source water influent locations representing untreated water entering WTP
Drinking Water Sampling and Testing - EPA UCMR4 Pace Analytical Agreement 5/9/18 - 5/8/23   WG Sampling for TOC and bromide at source water influent locations representing untreated water entering WTP
Employee Assistance PRogram (EAP) Aetna Behavioral Health, LLC CS17-P-050 12/1/17 - 11/30/19 From 3-1 Year to 2-1 Years JV Behavioral Services: including counseling, management, and referral
Equipment Rental EP Rents, LLC; Flagler Construction Equipment; Great Southern Equipment, Inc; HERC Rentals; Neff Rental, LLC; Sims Crane & Equipment; Sunbelt Rentals; United Rentals Co-op agreement-  City of Palm Bay 51-0-2017/SB 9/1/17 - 8/31/19 From 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years JV Equipment Rental, without operator, on an as-needed basis
Enterprise Resource (ERP) System BS&A Software CO18P36 4/10/19-4/10/20 5-1 Years AC Updated business management system of software programs and annual maintenance service
Fencing East Coast Fence and Guardrail All-Rite Fence Services Co-op Agreement-Brevard Public Schools 16-B-069LU 3/15/16 - 3/15/21 From 1-2 Years to none   Fencing installation and repairs:$3000 > can select either contractor; $3,000< must get quotes from both and award to lowest
Fire Alarm Inspection, Testing, and Monitoring Cintas Fire Protection SV16P105 6/21/16 - 6/21/19 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years WG Inspect,test, service, repair and maintain the fire alarms located at: City Hall, FS #10, FS #11/HQ, FS #13, Records Storage, Harry T Moore Center; and monitor fire alarms: FS#10, FS#11/HQ, and FS#13.
Fire Sprinkler and Standpipe Maintenance and Inspection Congergint Technologies SV16PQ106 7/6/16 - 7/6/19 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years WG Perform on an as required/as needed basis services to maintain, inspect and repair fire sprinklers and standpipes citywide
Fireworks TBD     4-1 Year WG July 4th Fireworks
Flexible Spending and Cafeteria Plan Administration Washington National Insurance w/ P and A Administrative Services SVC17P08 3/7/17 - 3/7/20 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years AC Administer FSA and benefit products
Garage Door Maintenance Service Garage Door Revolution SV19PQ103 4/24/19 - 4/24/20 4-1 Years WG Garage door maintenance - Fire Dept.
Generator Inspection and Maintenance LI Power, Inc. (Public Works) / CJ Sales (Water Resources) SV19B004 2/7/19 - 2/7/20 4-1 Years WG Generators: as needed basis for services: inspection, maintenance, and repairs at Water Resources locations
Group Life and AD&D OCHS Inc. - Minnesota Life Insurance Company SV17PO46 10/1/17 - 9/30/21 None JV Life Insurance
Hapco Lighting Poles Graybar Electric SP16B002 12/7/15 - 12/6/19 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years to none WG purchase of replacement whiteway lighting poles and repairs
Historical Preservation Consulting S&ME, Inc. RFP 18-301 5/17/18 - 5/18/20 2-2 Years   Historic Preservation Services
HVAC Maintenance: City Hall, HQ11 and Fire Rescue Trane Company Agreement 12/1/02 - 11/30/19 From 5-1 Years to none WG HVAC maintenance and replacement
Independent Audit Services James Moore and Co CO17P02 8/7/17 - 8/7/20 2-1 Years AC Certified accounting to review, evaluate; provide audit services, risk assessment, and annual financial audit statement
Insurance Agent/Broker Services Brown and Brown of Florida, Inc. C13P040 10/1/13 - 9/30/19 3-2 Years (not to exceed 10 years) JV Insurance Service. Secure coverage for all lines of insurance required annually, and Third Party Administrator review claims, statistical underwriting, loss, & risk control
Inlets, Manholes and Grates Forterra Pipe and Precast, LLC. Agreement - Brevard County B-4-19-08 2/4/19 - 2/3/22 2-1 Years   Purchase inlets, manholes and grates
Janitorial Services Kings Service Solutions, LLC. CN18P32 6/1/18 - 6/1/20 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years AC Janitorial Service: City Hall, Records, City Annex, Fire HQ, Welcome Ctr, Harry T. Moore Svc. Ctr., Mourning Dove Plant, Public Works Admin, Garage Complex, Draa Field Restroom
Janitorial Services American Facility Service, Inc. SV16P001 1/29/16 - 1/28/20 From 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years AC Janitorial Service: Titusville PD
Law Enforcement Radio System Communications International; Harris Corporation State Contract 725-001-01-1 09/28/00 - 06/30/21     Purchase of Fire and PD Radios and Maintenance
Lime slurry removal Kenan Advantage Group (KAG) SV15B005 2/4/19 - 2/4/20 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years WG Removal of lime slurry at Mourning Dove Plant
Marina Management and Operation Services F3 Marina MG15P044 10/1/15 - 9/30/20 5-1 Years JV Provide Marina Management and Operations Service
Medical Director Services Dr Davis T Williams dba: Regional Emergency Medical Specialists, Inc. Agreement 1/31/19 - 1/31/24 5-1 Years AC Professional Services Providing Medical Direction for ALS (Advanced Life Saving) health care services provided to the community
Medical Reinsurance (Medical Stop Loss) Symetra Life Insurance RFP#19-P-56 10/1/19 - 9/30/20 4-1 Years AC Medical Claims specific excess loss insurance and aggregate insurance coverage
Medicare: Medical and Pharmacy Plan - Retirees AETNA Cigna Agreement 11/1/18 - 12/31/19   JV Medicare Supplement and medicare part D prescription drug plan renewal for city retirees eligible
Monument Cleaning Services T&T Expert Cleaning SVC16P39 1/23/17 - 1/23/18 4-1 Years AC Repair, clean, and maintain all monuments at Space View Park
Mooring System - Titusville Marina American Underwater Contractors, Inc. CN18B21 3/12/18 - 3/12/20 From 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years AC Perform assembly and installation of new softstorm mooring system
Mowing and Landscape maintenance system JB's Lawn Control SV17B034 10/23/17 - 10/22/19 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years WG Mowing & lawn maintenance: (3) Stormwater retention areas; Tvl PD; Harry T. Moore Svcs Ctr; FS #10, FS #12, FS #13
Mowing & Landscape Maintenance Service JB’s Lawn Control SV18B001 12/20/17 - 12/19/18 3-1 Years WG Mowing & lawn maintenance: CRA state R-O-Ws and City Hall
Mowing & Landscape Maintenance Service JB’s Lawn Control SV18B038 5/30/18 – 5/30/19 3-1 Years WG Mowing & lawn maintenance: State R-O-Ws and medians
Mowing & Landscape Maintenance Service JB’s Lawn Control SV18B013 1/26/18 – 1/26/19 2-1 Years WG Mowing & lawn maintenance: Code Enforcement lot clearing & mowing
Mowing & Landscape Maintenance Service Annan Landscape Co SV19B008 1/10/19 – 1/10/20 4-1 Years WG Mowing & lawn maintenance: Water Production
Nutrient Removal (floating plant mat system) Beemats, LLC. SV19B006 3/8/19 – 3/7/23   JV Furnish, install, & maintain floating plant mat system, approximately 8,756 square ft five (5) percent of surface area of the pond at the Senior Center, Titusville FL
Outsourcing of Social Programs North Brevard Sharing Center, Inc. CO17P32 10/2/17 – 10/2/19 5-1 Years AC Operate and provide social and/or human services at the Harry T. Moore Social Service Center
Polymer KED Group, Inc. SP19B042 11/5/19 – 11/4/20 4-1 Years WG Supply liquid polymer to Blue Heron & Osprey WRF
Priority pollutants analysis Test America Laboratories, Inc. SV19B028 4/26/19 – 4/26/20 4-1 Years WG Perform priority pollutant analyses for the Water Reclamation Laboratory
Public Seating – Bench advertising Titusville Jaycees, Inc. Agreement 3/9/05-3/8/19 10-1 Years   Advertising
n/a Metropolitan Advertising Co.     10-1 Years   Advertising (monthly) various benches
Records Recovery Service Polygon US Corp. Orange County 6/6/19 – 6/6/20 2-1yr AC As-needed disaster document records recovery, removal, and restoration.
Recycling Services – Single Stream WM Recycle America, LLC Agreement 3/1/17 – 3/1/20 2-1yr AC City delivered pre-approved single stream recyclables
Road Resurfacing: CDBG Paving Improvements Community Asphalt CN19B018 6/24/19 – 6/24/20   AC Annual road/street milling & asphalt services
Road Resurfacing: Public Works Preferred Materials, Inc. CN19B022 4/24/19 – 4/24/20   AC Annual road/street milling & asphalt services
Scrap Metal Dominion Metals Recycling Center – Cocoa, LLC SV18B014 4/18/18 – 4/18/19 4-1yr WG Pick up, remove, process, recycle and properly dispose of any scrap metal removed from the various City facilities
Security Guard Service G4S Secure Solutions #92121500-14-01
State of FL (DMS)
11/4/19 – 12/15/19   AC Armed security guard service
Sewer & Manhole Repair Service Gregori Construction, Inc. (Primary); Hinterland Group, Inc. (Secondary) CN18B050 9/30/18 – 9/30/20 From 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years AC Underground sewer & manhole repair/replacement (Annual)
Sewer Lining & Manhole Rehabilitation Layne Inliner, LLC. City of Orlando IFB16-0007-03 3/2/16 – 3/1/20   JV Sanitary sewer pipe lining and manhole rehabilitation, cleaning, & video
Software License & Services Tyler Technologies Agreement 2/12/12 – 2/12/19 From 5-1 Years to 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years to 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years WG Timekeeping, software, license, & maintenance: Tvl PD
Stormwater & Piping Svcs (WORCS) SDV Services, LLC. CN16B038 12/7/16 – 12/7/19 From 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years to none AC Provide stormwater, sewer, & pipe installation or repairs to include but not limited to: Storm sewer; Roadway; Right-of-Way; Retention /Detention pond; Underdrain, trench, & French drain; Channel grading &/or large stormwater structure under wet conditions; Other related stormwater projects.
Stormwater Pipes w/CIPP Liner LMR Construction CN14B051 12/16/14 – 12/16/19 From 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years JV Annual rehabilitation of stormwater pipes with cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining
Third Party Administrator – Claims Adjuster Johns Eastern Agreement 10/1/17 – 9/30/19 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years JV Claims Handling: Automobile Liability, General Liability, Automobile Physical Damage, & Worker’s Compensation
UPS & Battery:PD Jantech Services, Inc. Agreement 5/14/09 – 11/18/19 Automatic (unless 30-day written notice) JV Planned PM of UPS module & associated battery system: remedial 2PM inspection, replacement parts, 24hr ph tech support
Utility Billing CSG Systems, Inc. SV17B0058 4/24/17 – 4/23/19 From 2-1 Years to 1-1 Years WG Printing & mailing of utility bills
Utility Locate Services USIC Locating Services, LLC 18-B-025 3/26/18 – 3/25/19 From 4-1 Years to 3-1 Years, 2-1 Years and 1-1 Years JV “call before you dig “The State of Florida requires owners of utilities to locate and mark utilities from Sunshine One-Call.
Vehicle Paint & Bodywork Fischer Nissan (Primary)
Rice Body Shop (Secondary)
SV19B002 3/5/19 – 3/5/20 From 4-1 Years WG Automotive paint and bodywork on an as needed basis to City’s fleet: size ranges from compact automobiles to 40 cubic yard refuse collection trucks or 60 ft. fire trucks & perform all other related work
Vehicle Repairs – Annual Contract JP Automotive Inc., dba: AAMCO Transmission of Titusville,  SV18B048 8/30/18 – 8/30/19 4-1 Years WG Parts 3 & 6: Transmission maintenance repair or replacement
Vehicle Repairs – Annual Contract Ron Norris Ford SV18B048 8/30/18 – 8/30/19 4-1 Years WG Parts 1 &4: Ford factory service & parts
Vehicle Repairs – Annual Contract Cocoa Ford dba: Paradise Ford SV18B048 8/30/18 – 8/30/19 4-1 Years WG Parts 1 &4: Ford factory service & parts
Vehicle Repairs – Annual Contract Ron Norris Buick GMC SV18B048 8/30/18 – 8/30/19 4-1 Years WG Parts 2&5: GMC factory service & parts
Water Fountain Maintenance Vertex Water Features   1/1/13 – 12/31/18     Maintenance, repair, and cleaning of water fountain
Water Main Replacement (Potable) Affordable Development CN13B042 3/7/14 – 3/7/18 From 3-1 Years to none AC Annual potable water main repair/replace
Water/Sewer Rate Study – Annual Public Resources Management Group (PRMG) SV15P019 4/15/15 – 4/15/20 5-1yr AC Annual municipal impact fee study to review & update existing Police, Water, & Sewer Impact fees
Water Treatment Chemicals Airgas Specialty Products Co-op, City of Cocoa #20-19-COC 9/26/19-9/26/20 2-1yr JV Supplies Anhydrous Ammonia
Water Treatment Chemicals Harcros Chemicals, Inc Co-op, City of Cocoa #20-19-COC 9/26/19-9/26/20 2-1yr jv Supplies Hydrofluosilic Acid
Water Treatment Chemicals Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. Co-op, City of Cocoa #20-19-COC 9/26/19-9/26/20 2-1yr jv Supplies Carbon Dioxide
Water Treatment Chemicals Allied Universal Corp Co-op, City of Cocoa #20-19-COC 9/26/19-9/26/20 2-1yr jv Supplies Sodium Hypochlorite
Water Treatment Chemicals Carmeuse Lime & Stone Co-op, City of Cocoa #13-16-COC 10/8/19 – 10/8/20 From 2-1 years to 1-1 Years JV Supplies Quick Lime
Welcome Center Concessionaire West Orange Trail Bike dba: Coast to Coast Bicycle Co BC16P42 11/14/16 – 11/14/19 From 5-1 Years to 4-1 Years AC Provide professional bike rentals, sales, & repair with downtown Welcome Center.

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