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Community Redevelopment Agency

The Titusville Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) was established on October 12, 1982 by ordinance 66-1982 by the City Council through an act of the State Legislature. The CRA is a special district that is dedicated to the revitalization of our historic downtown. The total area of the CRA is approximately 300 acres. The CRA seeks to encourage "a vibrant mixed use district that celebrates and reflects ecological and space heritage and culture." The Community Redevelopment Act (Chapter 163, Part III) provides Florida cities with the ability to designate "community redevelopment areas" per Chapter 189 of the Florida Statutes to eliminate slum and blight. Through special funding tools, such as tax increment financing and grants, the CRA is able to complete special projects that include the development of recreation and open space and streetscape improvements. The CRA's fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30. A copy of the CRA budget can be viewed by clicking the link to the left.

What is Tax Increment Financing?

Tax increment financing provides most of the funding for the CRA. This special funding tool provides all increases in taxes within the CRA beyond the year the CRA was established into a redevelopment fund. The year the CRA was established is the "base year." Any increases in taxes beyond the base year are provided to the redevelopment fund. Therefore, as the property taxes increase due to redevelopment projects, the redevelopment also increases. Tax increment financing is not an additional tax to the property owner.


What else does the CRA entail?

The CRA has design guidelines for new development and rehabilitation. These guidelines regulate façade treatments, infrastructure, landscaping, and site design. All building improvements and site plans must be reviewed by the Community Development Department and all projects of greater than 1.5 acres in property area or 10,001 square feet of building area must be approved by the Community Redevelopment Agency, which includes a public hearing. For more information regarding the guidelines, please contact Tim Ford at (321) 567-3860.  

CRA Completed Projects

Titusville Bike Boat Friendly Business Program logo
Titusville Downtown Bicyclists & Boaters Business Friendly Program
The Titusville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has created a new voluntary program to partner with businesses in downtown Titusville in attracting bicycle and boating (including kayakers) tourists to the downtown.  As seen in other communities around the nation, bicyclists and boaters can bring business to the City.  By helping to publicize that businesses in the downtown are bicyclist and boater friendly we hope to get the word out that Downtown Titusville is “the” place for visitors to experience our trails and waterways with our welcoming atmosphere.

Downtown businesses that participate in the program will be provided with downtown trail maps, a small window decal, and will have their businesses listed as a “Bicyclist & Boater Friendly Business” on the Titusville Downtown Bicyclists & Boaters Business Friendly Program web page and on the Downtown Business Directory signs and maps.

For information about the program, such as learning how to participate in the program and for visitors wanting to see which businesses in the downtown are bicycle and business friendly, please click on the following link:  Titusville Bicyclists & Boaters Business Friendly Program

CRA Grant Programs
The Titusville CRA has three (3) grant programs that provide an incentive for property owners and businesses to invest in the redevelopment of the Downtown CRA district. The grant programs are:

  • the Downtown Commercial Interior Building Renovation Grant Program
  • the Downtown Commercial Beautification (Façade) Grant Program
  • the Permit & Impact Fee Incentive Program
A short description of the grant programs with links to each grant program’s Guidelines and Procedures; and Applications follows.

Follow the link for a media article featuring a property owner and new local business that has benefited from the Titusville CRA Building Grant Program:

CRA Commercial Interior Building Renovation Incentive Grant Program
The Titusville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has created a Commercial Interior Renovation Incentive Grant Program to assist in the renovation of the interiors of older and historic commercial and mixed-use buildings in the downtown CRA district.  The Commercial Interior Building Renovation Program offers financial assistance in the form of a reimbursable, matching (50%) grant to the property owner or business owner for eligible expenses associated with the renovation or rehabilitation of the interior elements of the commercial operating space (up to $50,000)  and mixed use with non-residential and residential living units operating space (up to an additional $50,000). Items eligible for funding under the program are limited to the following permanent improvements:
  • ADA Requirements
  • Florida Fire Protection Code Requirements
  • Florida Building Code Requirements including:
    • Interior plumbing to meet code
    • Interior electrical system including lighting to meet code
    • HVAC system to meet code
For details about the grant program please see the following: Downtown Commercial Beautification Grant Program
The City of Titusville’s Community Redevelopment Agency’s Downtown Commercial Beautification Program allows for the use of Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) grant funds for eligible improvements to the exterior of commercial structures located within the boundaries of the City’s Downtown Titusville Community Redevelopment Area.  The intent of the program is to improve the aesthetics of the area by creating greater visual appeal, improve occupancy rates and generally revitalize the Downtown area. The Downtown Commercial Beautification Grant Program involves matching reimbursement grants for improvements to building facades, signage, landscaping, parking facilities, etc.

For details about the Commercial Beautification Grant Program please see the following Policies and Procedures and Application: Permit and Impact Fee Incentive Grant Program
The City of Titusville’s Permit & Impact Fee Incentive Grant Program will provide matching reimbursement grants to developers and property owners for the cost of development fees, such as impact fees and building permit fees, involved in new construction in the downtown CRA District. Please contact the Redevelopment Planner at (321) 567-3860 or with any questions.

Redevelopment Plan Supplement 2015
A copy of the Redevelopment Plan Supplement 2015 can be found at the following links or by contacting the Redevelopment Planner at (321) 567-3860 or with any questions.

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