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Water is Life...
Water Conservation
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The City of Titusville Water Resources Conservation Office is responsible for creating, coordinating, and implementing education and public outreach programs relating to water conservation. It is dedicated to educating Titusville water consumers on how to save water, how to use water efficiently, and how to protect our water sources. Through the services and programs it provides, the Conservation Office strives to increase awareness about the importance of water conservation and provide tools to help consumers use water efficiently.


Educating consumers on how to conserve water
is the primary goal of the Water Resources Conservation Program
The Conservation Program  includes both potable (drinking) water and reclaimed water in its conservation message and covers both indoor and outdoor water conservation.

The Program's educational, regulatory, and financial initiatives all contribute to the program's outreach efforts to educate, inform, and assist water consumers .


The Conservation Program uses a variety of tools to reach Titusville’s water consumers. Water-saving tips and conservation information are presented via utility bill inserts, press releases, billboards, radio spots, videos, information packages, web pages, and newspaper ads. Informational brochures and conservation items such as showerheads, shower timers, hose nozzles, toilet dye tablets, and rain gauges are offered to Titusville’s water customers year-round to help them understand how much water they use and how to reduce their water usage.


Services We Provide

Whether you need information on how to save water in your home or a speaker for a class, the Conservation Office is here for you. The Conservation Office has informational brochures, children’s activity books, and conservation related items on a wide variety of conservation topics including water-saving tips for the home and yard, the hydrologic cycle, reclaimed water use, and Florida-Friendly landscaping.

Participating in local events throughout the year is an important part of our outreach efforts. Both children and adults are to sure to find out something new about water whenever they stop at the Conservation booth.


We are available to make presentations to schools, civic groups, and homeowner associations and attend career days, science fairs, and conservation events. Tours of Titusville’s water and wastewater facilities can be scheduled through the Conservation Office. Tours are usually scheduled Monday through Friday for groups of at least five people.


The City of Titusville’s Water Resources Conservation Program is constantly seeking new ways to reach its consumer audience. It wants to help you, your neighborhood, your club, your scout troop, and your classroom learn more about Titusville’s water system and the many ways we can all save our precious water resources. Saving water is easy and learning about conservation can be fun. Call or email the Conservation Office to learn more about conservation opportunities for your home, in your yard, and at your business.

Email Disclaimer: Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.
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