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More About the Fire Operations Division

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More About the Fire Operations Division


Call Volume and Types of Calls


Each year, our Department responds to almost 8,000 calls for service.  A large percentage of these calls are medical in nature.  Our Department responds engine/rescue companies to all medical emergencies within the City limits.  All of our 4 fire stations and all first response apparatus respond with ALS (advanced life support) units.   Our average response time is under 5 minutes.


Brevard County Fire Rescue provides patient transportation within our city.  The two main County transport units serving the Titusville area are located on south Columbia Blvd. and the intersection of Park Avenue and South Street. 


In addition to emergency medical calls, TFES responds to a wide variety of other emergency and non-emergency calls inside and outside of the city.  On any given day, we may respond to structure fires, vehicle fires, power lines down, vehicle accidents, or hazardous materials incidents.  We may also expect to respond at any time to help a disabled person back into bed, rescue a kitten stuck in a tree, assist citizens with broken residential water lines, perform hydrant maintenance, provide community blood pressure checks, and participate with the Public Education Section in providing life safety education programs.


We are a customer service-oriented department and often our service level to the citizens of Titusville extends beyond the traditional duties of some fire departments.  We are proud of the service we provide and continually strive to better serve our community members with cheerfulness and a cooperative spirit.


Stations and Equipment


Titusville Fire and Emergency Services Department operates 4 fire stations on a 24/7 basis.  The locations/units assigned to them are as follows (click on highlighted address for map):


Station 10       617 N. Singleton Avenue                      

                        Engine 10 (ALS)

                                    Reserve Engine 1
                                    Reserve Rescue


Station 11      550 S. Washington Avenue           

                        Engine 11 (ALS)

                                    Reserve Ladder

                                    District Commander Vehicle

                                    Utility-11 Pick-up


Station 12      2150 S. Park Avenue                                              

                        Engine 12 (ALS)

                                    Brush 12


Station 13      4715 Barna Avenue                                  

                        Truck 13 (ALS)

                                    Rescue 13 (ALS)
                                    SERV (Special Events Response Vehicle)


H.Q.                550 S. Washington Avenue           

                        P.O. Box 2806  32781-2806

                                    Phone 383-5708 




The Dispatching Center of the Titusville Police Department handles emergency dispatching of our department’s units.  Our dispatchers are a vital link in providing emergency response to our citizens.  Their job is complex and we appreciate their commitment to us. 


Radio communications are through an 800 MHz system. The 800 MHz system uses an Ericksson digitally trunked radio that has greatly improved the communications capabilities throughout the county.  While this system is extremely complicated and is prone to problems, it is a major step forward from the old system. 






Fire/rescue/special operations training within the department is accomplished at the Company level and by staff personnel.  We use a combination of proficiency-based field evolutions, classroom sessions and videos.  EMS training is conducted using the same format.  All training is coordinated through the Operations Division by the EMS/Training Chief and meets NFPA, ISO, State DOL, and HRS requirements and guidelines.


Re-certification classes for firefighters' Florida EMT and/or Paramedic

certificate(s) are conducted by Titusville Fire and Emergency Services Department, occurring between the biennial renewal dates of the certificates.  A firefighter's State of Florida EMT and/or Paramedic certification must be maintained in good standing throughout his/her employment with our department.  Any additional certifications, such as CPR, PALS, ACLS, etc. are also required to be maintained in good standing.


Specialty Assignments


In order to maintain the variety of supplies and equipment used by the Department, we have specialty assignments in which personnel can obtain specialized training and showcase their expertise by maintaining Department equipment.  Some of these assignments include SCBA maintenance, small tools/equipment maintenance and cartography (electronic-based maps). 


Our employees are also involved in other operational special assignments.  These include Tactical Medics, Child Safety Seat Technicians, C.P.R. instructors, Preceptors for paramedic training, and participation in the Department's Public Education Task Force.




Our department enjoys a professional and cordial relationship with all of our local media outlets.  Our Public Information Officer—Battalion Chief Scott Gaenicke, handles release of information concerning our department activities, department comments, emergency responses, etc. 


Records Management System

FIREHOUSE is the computerized records management system utilized by our department.  It contains various modules: INCIDENTS, HYDRANT MAINTENANCE, FIRE INSPECTIONS, OCCUPANCY MANAGEMENT, ADMINISTRATION, and JOURNAL.  This system has significantly reduced the amount of paper records that the department must complete and maintain. 

TARGET SOLUTIONS is the records management system utilized for all computer-based training modules and maintenance of employee training records.  This system has the added benefit of identifying and assigning all fire-based training required to meet ISO required training standards.


Staffing and Duty Schedule


The Department currently consists of 60.5 personnel.  Fifty-one of those are assigned to the Combat Division and work 24-hour shifts in the stations.  There are 3 shifts, known as Battalions, consisting of 17 personnel each.  The Department tries to meet a shift minimum of 14.  The personnel are assigned to the stations as follows :


Station #10    1 Lieutenant

 1 Driver/Operator

 1 Firefighter


Station #11    1 Battalion Chief                          

                       1 Lieutenant                                                                 

                       1 Driver/Operator                                                        

                       2 Firefighters


Station #12     1 Lieutenant                                         

                       1 Driver/Operator                                                        

                       2 Firefighters                                                               


Station #13    1 Lieutenant

 1 Driver/Operator

 3 Firefighters


For the purpose of scheduling, the Department issues a 6-week Staffing Schedule, consisting of two, 21-day tours of duty.  Titusville works a unique school schedule, which allows personnel assigned to either Battalion 1 or Battalion 2 to attend college without the need to take vacation or shift swaps.  Personnel assigned to Battalion 1 are not scheduled to work on any Tuesdays or Thursdays.  Personnel assigned to Battalion 2 are not scheduled to work on any Monday, Wednesdays, and only one Friday a month.  These two work schedules conform to the majority of class schedules at East Florida State College and the University of Central Florida.  Battalion 3 staffs the remainder of the schedule. 


Any non-probationary employee attending school may request to be assigned to a school schedule.  Such requests are granted individually, based upon the operational needs of the department, space availability, and with preference given to those taking fire-related or paramedic-related courses.  Otherwise, personnel are not guaranteed a certain station or battalion, but are assigned based upon operational needs.


Each shift begins at 0800 hours one day and ends at 0800 hours the next.  The official clock of the Department is located at Station 11 and is maintained in concert with the time clock at our Dispatch Center.  All combat personnel assigned to the Operations Division report to duty and are released from duty by the time recorded on that clock.



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