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TitusvilleCityTV - Government Access Television

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​The City of Titusville operates the government access channel TitusvilleCityTV to enhance knowledge of local government, community issues and activities, and provide support for emergency operations broadcasting.

The Titusville Government Access Channel may be found on Bright House Cable Channel 498 and on Channel 99 with AT&T’s Uverse TV Service.

Where to Find Us:

Streaming Video: Ustream | YouTube

Archived Meetings: Ustream | YouTube (for meetings after 2016)

Community Videos: Check out our YouTube Channel


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Regularly Broadcast Live Meetings:

  • City Council meetings
  • Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Board of Adjustments & Appeals
  • Municipal Code Enforcement
  • Board of County Commissioners

Regularly Broadcast Shows:

  • Florida Channel (State Government Channel)
  • Titusville Community Events
  • Waterways
  • Living Green
  • Wildlife Matters
  • Senior Wellness
  • Florida History
...and more!

Future Outlook - The Move to HD:

In 2017, Community Relations began a phased upgrade and modernization of the city’s television broadcast system, moving closer to being able to provide high-definition capabilities.  During the first phase of the process, older, obsolete equipment was identified based on service life, functionality, and cost to repair versus replace.

It had been nearly a decade since the last revamp, and due to the age of most of the equipment, replacement with identical items was becoming less and less viable and it was deemed more cost-effective to upgrade to new, advanced gear in order to remain current with today’s broadcast technology.

This upgrade included:
  • New computer encoding system enabling HD live streaming to YouTube and other online/ social media platforms.
  • New cabling and replacement of routing switchers to integrate computer presentation systems and enhance playback to HD capability in the council chamber as well as over the air.
  • New HD TVs for the chamber presentation and playback system.
  • New HD-capable server replacing automation system for recording and playback of meetings, and for controlling the broadcast scheduling.
  • New frame sync device to control and maintain quality A/V signal for broadcast.
  • New black-burst sync generator to synchronize all video equipment, thus improving broadcast production.
  • Audio system reconfiguration to allow simultaneous recording of events/meetings in the chamber without the need to go live over the air and interrupt other programing.

Up Next:

  • New HD remote-controlled cameras to replace the current standard definition cameras that are starting to wear down and not work properly.
  • Replacement of broadcast graphics computer with an HD-capable system to enable enhanced graphics and titles for meetings/events.
  • Coordinating with Spectrum to switch over to a fully-digital broadcast on their cable service, to include a new possible HD-capable fiber-optic transmitter to send our channel to their head-end unit for output over cable.
Long Term:
  • Eventual LED TV lighting to enhance picture quality and improve overall look.
  • Replace conference microphone system to improve audio-pickup capabilities.
  • Replace audio playback system in the chamber, to include better speakers.
Once these upgrades are complete, the city will be able to broadcast in full HD over streaming services such as YouTube, and will be able to send high-quality signal to Spectrum for broadcast over their non-HD digital channel.  The result, though not an HD channel, will be a vastly improved television broadcast with much better picture and audio quality than we have ever produced.

Want a Copy?

DVD copies of council and board meetings televised on TitusvilleCityTV may be purchased by contacting the station via telephone, mail or e-mail. Prices are based on actual costs of supplies and postage and are subject to fluctuations. Meeting length determines the number of DVDs required.

Current DVD duplication prices are $0.30 per DVD.  Click here to request a DVD via email.

Government Access Television Schedule

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(Please Note: At times the schedule may vary due to meeting changes and/or other circumstances beyond our control)

Email Disclaimer: Under Florida law, email addresses are public records. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.
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