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The City of Titusville, Florida / Support Services / Finance / Budget & Finance Reports / Budget Amendments / FY2017-18

Budget Amendments FY2018

BA No. Summary of Action Date and Reference No. Description
BA 230 (pdf, 113KB) SOA 10.10.17, Item 8D Fund Hurricane Irma Disposal
BA 231 (pdf, 115KB) SOA 10.10.17, Item 12B Fund Community Beautification Program
BA 232 (pdf, 116KB) SOA 10/10/17, Item 12C Fund Youth Engagement Program
BA 495 (pdf, 125KB) SOA 10/24/17, Item 8A Record FY18 VOCA Grant
BA 496 (pdf, 120KB) SOA 10/24/17, Item 8H Fund Hurricane Matthew Dock Repair
BA 497 (pdf, 116KB) SOA 10/24/17, Item 8I Fund Riverside Dr. Force Main Stabilization Prog
BA 594 (pdf, 149KB) SOA 10/24/17, Item 8F Forfeiture Funds for Rep & Maint, Crime Prevention
BA 694 (pdf, 173KB) SOA 09/26/17, Item 8O FY17 Budgetary Carry Forward List
BA 926 (pdf, 119KB) SOA 11/14/17, Item 8H Fund Purchase of FD Bunker Gear Washer/Dryer
BA 1144 (pdf, 157 KB) SOA 11/28/17, Item 8A Reallocate TPD Funds For Temp and OT
BA 1452 (pdf, 153 KB) SOA 12/12/17, Item 8I Fund Civic Ctr. Feasibility Study
BA 1453 (pdf, 149 KB) SOA 12/12/17, Item 8H Hurricane Debris Disposal
BA 1454 (pdf, 153 KB) SOA 12/12/17, Item 8F Fund Add'l. Cost For Sideloader
BA 1995 (pdf, 149 KB) SOA 01/09/18, Item 8C Fund Bal of Comp Plan for EAR
BA 2025 (pdf, 139 KB) SOA 12/12/17, Item 8B Recog/Allocate Grant for Pump Out Structure
BA 2026 (pdf, 133 KB) SOA 01/09/18, Item 8F Recognize Grant Rev South St Baffle Box Proj
BA 2198 (pdf, 145 KB) SOA 01/23/18, Item 8J Add'l Funding for Increase in Quick Lime Cost
BA 2414 (pdf, 152 KB) SOA 08/22/17, Item 8A Recog Rev F/Repurchase of Streetsweepers
BA 2665 (pdf, 132 KB) SOA 02/13/18, Item 8G Record/Allocate GFLE41 Bullet Proof Vest Grant
BA 2667 (pdf, 143 KB) SOA 02/13/18, Item 8F Fund Change Order #6, Cure In Place Pipe (CIPP)
BA 2927 (pdf, 144 KB) SOA 02/27/18, Item 8A Approp Forfeiture Funds: Radars & Msg Board
BA 2928 (pdf, 115 KB) SOA 02/27/18, Item 8B Fund Public Ed. & Child Occupant Protection Prog
BA 2929 (pdf, 125 KB) SOA 02/27/18, Item 8C FL Job Growth Grant Fund Pub Infrastructure Grant
BA 2931 (pdf, 150 KB) SOA 02/27/18, Item 8E Fund FDOT LAP Agreement-Hopkins Ave.
BA 3216 (pdf, 151 KB) SOA 03/13/18, Item 8D Recog Funds For K9 Supp. & Training
BA 3225 (pdf, 132 KB) SOA 03/13/18, Item 8F Recog Grant: Funds For St Teresa Baffle Box Const.
BA 3267 (pdf, 142 KB) SOA 03/13/18, Item 8N Approp Forf Funds:Comm Rel Consult Training
BA 3268 (pdf, 128 KB) SOA 03/13/18, Item 8G Recog Grant: Funds for La Paloma Treatment Proj.
BA 3501 (pdf, 138 KB) SOA 03/27/18, Item 8E Add'l. Funds Main St. & Sycamore Basin Baffle Boxes
BA 3536 (pdf, 119 KB) SOA 03/27/18, Item 8A Approve/Allocate FY18 HOME Disbursement Agmt.
BA 3794 (pdf, 166 KB) SOA 04/10/18, Item 8A Funding for 7 PD Laptop Computers
BA 3809 (pdf, 151 KB) SOA 04/10/18, Item 8D Add'l funding:Downtown Courtyard Shade Structures
BA 3883 (pdf, 151 KB) SOA 03/13/18, Item 8A Add'l funding: Check Valves at Treatment Facility
BA 4071 (pdf, 122 KB) SOA 04/24/18,  Mgr Rep Change Order Marina Dock Repairs
BA 4077 (pdf, 155 KB) SOA 04/24/18, Item 8D Fund TPD Security Upgrades
BA 4378 (pdf, 197 KB) SOA 05/08/18, Item 12A FY2018 Mid-Year Adjustment
BA 4414 (pdf, 143KB) SOA 05/08/18, MOA Fund SRO's 4th Quarter FY18
BA 4465 (pdf, 127KB) SOA 05/08/18, Item 8E Fund Rental of TPD Undercover Vehicles
BA 4712 (pdf, 123 KB) SOA 05/22/18, Item 8C Emergency Sewer Repair & Manhole Replacement
BA 4748 (pdf, 128 KB) SOA 05/08/18, Item 8G Commons Parking Lighting Improvements
BA 4778 (pdf,135KB) SOA 05/08/18, Item 8C Tyler Tech./New World Platform Upgrade for TPD
BA 5188 (pdf,121KB) SOA 06/12/18, Item 8C Recog/Allocate Funds For Bike Helmets
BA 5189 (pdf, 126KB) SOA 06/12/18, Item 8K Add'l Funds For Lease Agreement Rate Increase
BA 5190 (pdf, 124 KB) SOA 06/12/18, Item 8G Forf. Veh. Maintenance & Purchase 2 ATV's
BA 5740 (pdf, 168 KB) SOA 07/10/18, Item 8G Fund Field Ops. Awning Replacement
BA 5741 (pdf, 166 KB) SOA 07/10/18, Item 8I Fund Rail Trail Utility Relocation and Repair
BA 6456 (pdf, 140 KB) SOA 08/14/18, Item 8H Funds For SU1611: Main St/Sycamore Basin Baffle Boxes
BA 6670 (pdf, 136 KB) SOA 08/14/18, Item 8J Grant To Develop Coastal Resiliency Strategic Plan
BA 7374 (pdf, 155 KB) SOA 08/14/18, Item 8K Fund Demo. Of Upland Building At Sand Point Park
BA 7377 (pdf, 140 KB) SOA 08/14/18, Item 8G Record FY2019 JAG Grant
BA 7378 (pdf, 142 KB) SOA 09/25/18, Item 8I RECORD FY2019 VOCA GRANT
BA 7547 (pdf,  215 KB) SOA 09/25/18, Item 8A CARRY FORWARD OF FY2018 CAPITAL OUTLAY PROJECTS
BA 7569 (pdf,  261 KB) SOA 11/27/18, Item 8A FY18 YEAR-END ADJUSTMENT

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