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The City of Titusville, Florida / Community Development / Planning / Titusville Tomorrow


Titusville Tomorrow - Learn and Get More Involved. Share your vision. Shape Titusville's future.
On December 11, 2018, the City Council approved the plan for the next stage of public hearings and presentations.
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Draft Titusville Tomorrow 2040 Comprehensive Plan Flip Book
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book Read the Vision Document, Evaluation & Appraisal Review and Draft Comprehensive Plan.
    City of Titusville Vision Plan - Adopted Jan 23, 2018
  xxxxxxx City of Titusville Vision Plan Appendix
    Submit comments on our General Comments page.
    TitusvilleTomorrow 2040 Comprehensive Plan approved December 11, 2018.
  Fall 2018 Presentations
                     Draft Comprehensive Plan to Implement the Vision
                      11/1/18 - Public Presentation 6:00pm
                     11/7/18 - Planning & Zoning Commission 5:00pm
                     12/11/18 - City Council 6:30pm
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  December 11, 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update               TitusvilleTomorrow Update
                     Coastal Management and the Evaluation & Appraisal Report (EAR)
                       9/12/18 - Titusville Environmental Commission 5:30pm
                     9/7/18 - Public Presentation 6:00pm
                     9/19/18 - Planning & Zoning Commission 6:00pm
                     9/25/18 - City Council 5:30pm
                     10/9/18 - City Council Adoption Hearing 6:30pm
                     Adopted Evaluation and Appraisal Report (12.8MB PDF)
  Spring 2018 Presentations
                     Draft Comprehensive Plan to Implement the Vision
                     5/2/18 - Planning & Zoning Commission 6:00pm
                     5/8/18 - City Council 5:30pm
                     Evaluation & Appraisal Review - Community Assessment of                        the Comprehensive Plan with Statutory Requirements
                     5/2/18 - Planning & Zoning Commission 6:00pm
                     5/8/18 - City Council 6:30pm
                     Coastal Management Element
                     5/2/18 - Planning & Zoning Commission 6:00pm
                     5/7/18 - Public Meeting 6:00pm
                     5/8/18 - City Council 6:30pm
                     Historic Preservation
                     5/7/18 - Historic Preservation Board 1:00pm
                     5/22/18 - City Council 6:30pm
                     Draft Historic Preservation Plan and Comprehensive Plan Policies
  Fall 2017 Visioning Workshops
   Stakeholder Workshop - Oct. 19, 2017
                                          1. Titusville Community SWOT Analysis
                                          2. Community Values Survey
                     Stakeholder Workshop Follow-Up - Nov. 2, 2017
                                          1. Titusville Community SWOT Results
                                          2. Community Values Survey Results
                                          3. The Value of Placemaking
  Visioning Workshop - Nov. 16, 2017
                                          1. Titusville Tomorrow
                                          2. Voting Results
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What is a Comprehensive Plan?
The State of Florida requires each City to have a Comprehensive Plan. The plan touches on almost every facet of our quality of life, including delivery of public services, land use and mobility, the environment, schools, and many other issues that matter to our citizens, businesses, and visitors.

The Comprehensive Plan identifies strategies for the orderly and balanced growth of the area. The plan also allows the City to implement state of the art growth management techniques to achieve the City's vision for the future. The goals, objectives, and policies established in the plan help direct decision-making processes to further implement the plan.
citizens making a comprehensive plan

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