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New Business Grease Interceptors

If your new business includes serving food or drinks, then you need to know about
Grease Interceptors

What's an external grease interceptor?

An external grease interceptor is an outside, underground, multi-compartment tank. It separates fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from wastewater and stores it for later disposal.

What kinds of places need an external grease interceptor?

Any establishment that prepares or serves food must have an external grease interceptor, including delis, hospitals, hotels, convenience stores, restaurants, day care centers, senior centers, church kitchens, nightclubs, grocery stores, bakeries, and ice cream shops.

Why do I need an external grease interceptor?

You need an external grease interceptor to prevent FOG from building up in and blocking sewer lines causing raw sewage backups. Sewage backups damage property, harm the environment, stop your business from operating, and affect the treatment process of wastewater plants.

What if I'm not serving fried food?

Just because you do not fry foods does not mean you are not sending FOG down the drain.

FOG is created from all kinds of foodstuffs that are both animal and vegetable based, including: salad dressing, food scraps, butter, gravy, mayonnaise, frosting, ketchup, and dairy products.

But I won't put that kind of stuff down the drain. . .

Even if you don't put food and condiments directly down the drain, the oils and grease from them ends up in wastewater. Washing dishes, cleaning food prep and cooking equipment, and even washing floors sends FOG down the drain.

Can't I just add hot soapy water to the grease and pour it down the drain?

Nope. Pouring liquid grease down a drain with hot soapy water does not prevent FOG nor does it eliminate the need for a grease interceptor. The grease will cool and harden causing blockages and overflows.

Enzymes, chemicals, or other products designed to emulsify or liquefy grease are not acceptable substitutes for a grease interceptor.

Garbage disposals are not acceptable substitutes, as they do not remove grease.

Who do I contact for more info?

Grease interceptor design and installation specifications are available from the City of Titusville Water Resources Utility Engineering Division at (321) 567-3859. Designs must be approved by the city prior to construction and/or installation.

For grease interceptor maintenance, inspection, and record-keeping requirements contact the City of Titusville Water Resources Environmental Laboratory Services Division at (321) 567-3892.


The City of Titusville manages a brown grease interceptor permit program that requires all food service industry and other FOG dischargers to maintain grease interceptors and submit written proof of regular pump-outs of grease accumulations by licensed contractors. The pumped grease is typically trucked to recycling facilities including rendering plants and fuel energy cogeneration plants. In 2018, the City grease interceptor permit program included 122 permits and diverted 73,080 gallons of brown grease to recycling facilities. Yellow grease recycling is a profitable standard service of the restaurant supply industry and it successfully occurs in Titusville without the need for local government oversight. Ask your restaurant supplier about recycling yellow grease.

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