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How Holidays Affect Water Use


chtrimHoliday traditions often include enjoying beautiful decorations, sharing bountiful meals, visiting with friends and family, indulging in favorite deserts, attending festive events, and participating in religious ceremonies. Although we often don’t realize it at the time, these same traditions can lead to an increase in water use, especially during the long Thanksgiving through New Year’s holiday season.

A little realized water user during the holidays is household cleaning. Whether putting up decorations, preparing for holiday meals, or awaiting holiday guests, the amount of cleaning usually dramatically increases during the holidays. Floors get mopped more frequently, seldom-used linens get washed, and guest bedrooms and bathrooms get cleaned.

Food preparation is another area where the holiday tradition of bountiful meals filled with many varied dishes can affect water use. Holiday meals and desserts often include many different vegetables and fruits in a volume not seen at any other time of the year. Apples for pie, cranberries for relish, potatoes for baking, or greens for cooking are all washed prior to use. Then there is the popular holiday main entree: turkey. If you used brine for the turkey, you used water. If you defrosted the bird by using running water or the cold water method (soaking the bird in water that was changed every 30 minutes) you could have used 8, 16, or even 32 gallons of water without even realizing it.

Those larger holiday meals and yummy desserts all meant more cleanup than usual. If you rinsed the dishes prior to washing them, you used water. If you ran two loads in the dishwasher instead of the usual one, especially over several days, you have just bumped up your water use. If you washed dishes by hand, the extra pots, pans, and prep utensils could have easily doubled your time spent and the water used at the kitchen sink with just one meal.



If you hosted a party, had visitors, or overnight guests, your bathroom fixtures saw more use over the holidays. Toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs all were used more often than usual and all have the potential for being big water users. Just one overnight guest for two days could use over 140 gallons of water in the bathroom alone.

Your bathroom fixtures weren’t the only ones that saw more use over the holidays. What about your clothes washer? Holiday parties, special events, and holiday guests all mean more washing of clothes, towels, linens, etc. All those loads mean a big overload on your water use.

Holidays were meant to be enjoyed, but no one enjoys a higher water bill that comes with higher water use. Visit Water Conservation’s pages at and resolve to conserve more water throughout the new year and during next year’s celebrations.



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