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The City of Titusville, Florida / Support Services / Finance / Budget & Finance Reports / Budget Amendments / FY2016-17

Budget Amendments FY2017

BA No. Summary of Action Date and Reference No. Description
BA163 (pdf, 283KB) SOA 09.27.16, Item 8G 2016 Budgetary Projects Carry Forward
BA443 (pdf, 224KB) SOA 10.25.16, Item 8B Fund Marina Restroom Repairs
BA812 (pdf, 123KB) SOA 11.10.16, Item 8G Fund Shade Structures Project
BA813 (pdf, 123KB) SOA 11.10.16, Item 8C Recognize Rev/Fund Living Shoreline Project
BA872 (pdf, 117KB) SOA 11.22.16, Item 8E Reimburse PD  Operating Supplies
BA1365 (pdf, 122KB) SOA 12.13.16, Item 8E Allocate Contingency To Expenditures
BA1366 (pdf, 122KB) SOA 12.13.16, Item 8C Fund Civic Center Study
BA1367 (pdf, 142KB) SOA 10.25.16, Item 8D Transfer to Fund Splash Pad Project
BA1371 (pdf, 122KB) SOA 11.10.16, Item 8D Recog/Alloc Funds for K9 Program
BA2002 (pdf, 125 KB) SOA 07.26.16, Item 8A Record 2016 JAG Grant
BA2003 (pdf, 128 KB) SOA 09.27.16, Item 8I Record FY17 VOCA Grant
BA2075 (pdf, 125 KB) SOA 01.24.17, Item 8A Purchase PD Cameras/Tasers
BA2076 (pdf, 131 KB) SOA 01.24.17, Item 8B Fund Arbor Day Tree Giveaway
BA2077 (pdf, 138 KB) SOA 01.24.17, Item 8D Allocate FY17 HOME Grant
BA2476 (pdf, 56 KB) SOA 02.14.17, Item 15A Purchase 8 PD Computers
BA2743 (pdf, 116 KB) SOA 02.28.17, Item 8A Purchase Slope Mower
BA3029 (pdf, 120 KB) SOA 02.14.17, Item 8B Recog/Alloc Donations for K9 Training
BA3030 (pdf, 117 KB) SOA 03.14.17, Item 8C Trans. Funds For Baffle Box Design
BA3031 (pdf, 122 KB) SOA 03.14.17, Item 8D Fund Downtown Parking Study
BA3032 (pdf, 121 KB) SOA 03.14.17, Item 8F Fund Public Works Vehicle Purchases
BA3033 (pdf, 130 KB) SOA 03.14.17, Item 8H Fund Purchase Downtown Shade Structures
BA3339 (pdf, 119 KB) SOA 03.28.17, Item 8A Approp. Forf. Funds for TPD Expenditures
BA3340 (pdf, 116 KB) SOA 03.28.17, Item 8B Purch. Veh. For Water Resources-Lab Svcs
BA3342 (pdf, 116 KB) SOA 03.28.17, Item 12D Fund Expansion of Space Coast Fab Lab
BA3609 (pdf, 116 KB) SOA 01.10.17, Item 8B Fund Marina Maintenance Pump Out Boat
BA4166 (pdf, 116 KB) SOA 05.09.17, Item 8C Fund Tire Changer
BA4746 (pdf, 116 KB) SOA 06.06.17, Item 1 Record Loan BBT/COT Titus Landing
BA4917 (pdf, 117 KB) SOA 06.13.17, CM Report Fund Cameras For Customer Service Area
BA5667 (pdf, 116 KB) SOA 05.10.16 Recognize Splash Park Donations
BA5766 (pdf, 121 KB) SOA 05.23.17, Item 8B Fund Osprey Nutrient Removal Upgrade
BA5794 (pdf, 115 KB) SOA 07.25.17, Item 8B Fund Life Insur. Premiums Balance of FY17
BA5795 (pdf, 117 KB) SOA 07.25.17, Item 8D Fund La Paloma/St Teresa Basin Baffle Boxes
BA6063 (pdf, 119 KB) SOA 08.08.17, Item 8B Fund Citywide Survey Hist. Resource Grant
BA6065 (pdf, 117 KB) SOA 08.08.17, Item 8A Fund South Street Basin Baffle Box Grant
BA6146 (pdf, 114 KB) SOA 03.28.17, Item 12D Recognize Funds Space Coast FabLab
BA6484 (pdf, 116 KB) SOA 08.22.17, Item 8F Bullet Proof Vest Grant
BA6501 (pdf, 115 KB) SOA 08.22.17, Item 8C Record 2017-2018 JAG Grant
BA6502 (pdf, 121 KB) SOA 08.08.17, Item 8H Fund Main St. and Sycamore Baffle Boxes
BA6503 (pdf, 125 KB) SOA 08.08.17, Item 8F  Recognize FDEP Grant: Fund SW Treatment Train
BA7143 (pdf, 114 KB) SOA 09.26.17, Item 8C Fund WR0803 Paving @ 905 Cheney Hwy
BA7144 (pdf, 110 KB) SOA 09.26.17, Item 8S Fund GC1702 Fire Training Tower Shelter
BA7259 (pdf, 141 KB) SOA 09.26.17, Item 8T Fund GC1705 Various Roof Repairs
BA7261 (pdf, 174 KB) SOA 09.26.17, Item 8O FY2017 Project Carry Forward
BA7262 (pdf, 172 KB) SOA 09.26.17, Item 8O FY2017 Project Carry Forward
BA7267 (pdf, 151 KB) SOA 07.11.17, Item 12B Fund GC0611 Riverfront Park Construction
BA 7299 (pdf, 153 KB) SOA 11/28/17, Item 8E FY17 Year-End Adjustments

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