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The City of Titusville, Florida / Support Services / Finance / Budget & Finance Reports / Budget Amendments / FY2015-16

Budget Amendments FY2016

BA No. Summary of Action Date
and Reference No.
BA0552 (pdf, 283KB) SOA 10.27.15, Item 8G To Purchase Stalker Message Boards
BA0553 (pdf, 214KB) SOA 10.27.15, Item 8J Additional Funding For Truck Purchase
BA0554 (pdf, 271KB) SOA 10.27.15, Item 8C VOCA Grant
BA2013 (pdf, 174KB) SOA 01.12.16, Item 8I Transfer For Truck Purchase
BA2014 (pdf, 254KB) SOA 01.12.16, Item 8H Move Funds For Splash Pad
BA2015 (pdf, 325KB) SOA 01.12.16, Item 8A Rent 2 Vehicles For TPD
BA2231 (pdf, 359KB) SOA 01.26.16, Item 8E Fund Dep Grant
BA2651 (pdf, 282KB) SOA 02.09.16, Item 8G Recongnize/Appropriate K9 Funding
BA2654 (pdf, 202KB) SOA 02.09.16, Item 8B Move Funds For Lease/Maint Vac Truck
BA2678 (pdf, 274KB) CRA 02.09.16, Item 8A Recongnize/Appropriate Tax Increment/CRA
BA2743 (pdf, 279KB) SOA 02.23.16, Item 8B Transfer To Fund Chg Order
BA2744 (pdf, 175KB) SOA 02.23.16, Item 8D Fund Chg Order To WR1605
BA2745 (pdf, 323KB) SOA 02.23.16, Item 8A Fund Actuarial Costs
BA3155 (pdf, 312KB) SOA 03.08.16, Item 8D Sec. Upgrade City Hall
BA3304 (pdf, 265KB) SOA 03.22.16, Item 8E To Fund SU1608, Rosemarie and Bluebird Imp
BA3310 (pdf, 311KB) SOA 03.22.16, Item 8I To Fund SU1001 C/O 2 Draa Field Stormwater
BA3330 (pdf, 195KB) SOA 03.22.16, Item 8F

To Fund SU1609 Flooding at Eads Ct.

BA3772 (pdf, 412KB) SOA 04.12.16, Item 8C Trans funds from Z01623 to Z01620
BA3774 (pdf, 437KB) SOA 04.12.16, Item 8E Trans funds to purchase rotary lifts
BA3924 (pdf, 432KB) SOA 04.12.16, Item 8G Fund CR1603 CRA Wayfinding Signs Project
BA3944 (pdf, 527KB) SOA 02.19.16, Item 8E Trans funds to Downtown Connector Project
BA4046 (pdf, 439KB) SOA 04.26.16, Item 8B Trans funds from SU0801 to SU1001
BA4409 (pdf, 23KB) SOA 05.10.16, Item 8F Fund SU1001 Draa Field Stormwater Park work
BA4410 (pdf, 42KB) SOA 05.10.16, Item 8I Fund Z01604 to replace Water Admin HVAC
BA4412 (pdf, 33KB) SOA 05.10.16, Item 8H Fund Z01637 Motor Pool Program
BA4416 (pdf, 36KB) SOA 05.10.16, Item 8E Fund SU1610 Watershed Plan
BA4418 (pdf, 35KB) SOA 05.10.16, Item 8K Fund CR1604 Downtown Improvement
BA4438 (pdf, 32KB) SOA 05.10.16, Item 8A Appropriate PD Forfeiture Funds
BA4516 (pdf, 98KB) SOA 06.10.16, Item 12A To Record FY2015 CAFR Results
BA4772 (pdf,  32KB) SOA 05.10.16, Item 10A Transfer funds to CR1603 Wayfinding Signage
BA5227 (pdf, 151KB) CRA 02.09.16, Item 8A Fund CR1605: mural on downtown Fire HQ
BA5673 (pdf, 142KB) SOA 07.12.16, Item 8B Fund school zone flasher upgrades
BA5694 (pdf, 153KB) SOA 07.12.16, Item 8H Fund Stormwater billing consultant
BA5695 (pdf, 142KB) SOA 07.12.16, Item 8M Replace fleet garage doors
BA5837 (pdf, 137KB) SOA 07.26.16, Item 8C Monitors for electronic reviews & scanning
BA6474 (pdf,38 KB) SOA 08.23.16, Item 8C Fund St Teresa Basin Water Imp. Plan
BA6475 (pdf, 36KB) SOA 08.23.16, Item 8G Fund CIPP Project
BA6828 (pdf, 41KB) SOA 09.13.16, Item 8A Recognize Rev For Loss Fund Expend.
BA6830 (pdf, 66KB) SOA 09.13.16, Item 8D Recog Grant/Fund Knox Baffle Box Project
BA6831 (pdf, 43KB) SOA 09.13.16, Item 8E Fund Water Quality Monitoring
BA6832 (pdf, 39KB) SOA 09.13.16, Item 8L Fund Actuarial Services
BA6833 (pdf, 45KB) SOA 09.13.16, Item 8N Fund FY16 Dental Claims
BA6834 (pdf, 40KB) SOA 09.13.16, Item 8O Fund Purchase of Equipment
BA6835 (pdf, 41KB) SOA 09.13.16, Item 8P Fund FY16 Life Insurance Premiums
BA6836 (pdf, 50KB) SOA 09.13.16, Item 8M Fund FY16 Health Care Claims
BA7003 (pdf, 124KB) SOA 11.22.16, Item 12B FY16 Year-End Adjustments
BA7303 (pdf, 81KB) SOA 09.27.16, Item 8G FY16 Budgetary Projects Carry Forward
BA7304 (pdf, 75KB) SOA 09.27.16, Item 8G FY16 Budgetary Projects Carry Forward

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