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Crime Scene and Evidence Section

CSI Officer looking through evidenceProperty and Evidence Section:
Titusville Police Department
Office Phone Number: (321) 567-3938
Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
To pick up property held at the Titusville Police Department please call 321-567-3938 to schedule an appointment to ensure a technician is available to accommodate you when you arrive. 


The Property and Evidence Section is the central repository for all property and evidence that is held by the Titusville Police Department relating to criminal and civil matters. This section of the police department provides for the care, custody, and control of recovered and evidentiary property which also includes abandoned, lost, or found property in the custody of this agency. This is a critically vital function in supporting investigations, helping to ensure successful outcomes during judiciary proceedings and facilitating the timely return of property to its rightful owners.


Return of Property or Evidence
The ability to return property or evidence depends on several factors, to include; the type of property/evidence, the circumstances or reasons why the Titusville Police Department has possession of it, and the inability of the item to be possessed by the owner.
Here are some steps that will help when attempting to pick up property/evidence.  To pick up any property held at the Titusville Police Department, please call to schedule an appointment to ensure a technician is available to accommodate you when you arrive. Providing a case report number to give to the technicians enables them to research the information and find out whether the property is releasable or not. Many times the officer, detective, or State Attorney’s Office assigned to the case, will need to be contacted for authorization to release the property.  In other cases, a court order will determine if the items can or cannot be released.

 The owner or designee picking up property will need to bring a valid state issued driver’s license, identification card, or passport with a photograph, to take possession of those items that are releasable. Any information or documentation as to ownership of the item will need to be provided prior to releasing of the property. If the owner chooses to designate someone to pick-up the property/evidence, they must provide a signed and notarized letter from the owner to pick up the property. 
In the link below is a list of Found Property that was received by the Titusville Police Department. The items will be disposed of in 90 days from found date, per FS 705.103.  If you wish to inquire about any of the property listed, please call 321-567-3938 or email


Found Property List:


Case Number Date Item Description  
Case Number Date Item Description
2018-00064912 12/01/2018 Firearms, ammunition, magazines
2018-00067151 12/13/2018 Blue bike
2018-00067151 12/13/2018 Red bike
2018-00067755 12/16/2018 Keys
2018-00068440 12/19/2018 Keys
2018-00068308 12/19/2018 Red bike
2018-00068425 12/19/2018 Red bike
2018-00069710 12/24/2018 Red bike
2018-00069718 12/26/2018 Black bike
2019-00000103 01/01/2019 Speaker
2019-00000116 01/02/2019 Cell Phones
2019-00000127 01/04/2019 Black bike
2019-00000922 01/06/2019 Key
2019-00001279 01/08/2019 Battery
2019-00001541 01/09/2019 Bike
2019-00002061 01/11/2019 Bike
2019-00004214 01/22/2019 Jewelry
2019-00004591 01/29/2019 Money
2019-00006183 01/31/2019 Keys
2019-00006622 02/02/2019 Backpack
2019-00007045 02/04/2019 BB gun
2019-00007074 02/04/2019 Black bag
2019-00008591 02/11/2019 Lawn equipment
2019-00009300 02/14/2019 BB gun
2019-00009342 02/14/2019 Cell phone
2019-00009483 02/15/2019 Purse
2019-00010436 02/21/2019 Watch, card, knife, money
2019-00010975 02/22/2019 Grey bike
2019-00010995 02/22/2019 Red bike
2019-00011900 02/26/2019 Cell phone

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