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Florida Friendly Fertilizer Use Ordinance

The Indian River Lagoon is experiencing nutrient pollution, caused by fertilizer and other nitrogen sources. Fertilizer enters the Indian River Lagoon and our other waterways via storm water runoff, by vaporizing and raining back down as atmospheric deposition, and by leaching into the groundwater which makes it way to the Lagoon.

We are working with many stakeholders to develop solutions to get our lagoon to a healthier state. On January 14, 2014 the Titusville City Council adopted Ordinance 36-2013 establishing regulations on fertilizer applications within the City.

To help the Lagoon, it is important that everyone uses fertilizer only at the right time, use only what you need, use slow release nitrogen, don't use phosphate-containing fertilizer and don't fertilizer during the rainy season.

Understand Your Fertilizer Ordinance

June 1 - September 30 

October 1 - May 31

  1. No Phosphate Fertilizer - Only use “No Phosphate Fertilizer” unless a plant test shows that there is a phosphorus deficiency.
  2. 50% Slow Release Nitrogen Only - Only use fertilizer that contains at least 50% slow release nitrogen.
How do I know if my fertilizer contains 50% slow release nitrogen? 
The percentage of slow release nitrogen is listed in the guaranteed analysis table on the fertilizer bag. To find out if the fertilizer at least 50% slow release:
Nitrogen (Total) First number on a label First item in the guaranteed analysis table The pictured bag of fertilizer contains 29% total nitrogen and 0% phosphate, or no phosphorus Phosphate (phosphorus) Second Number on Fertilizer Label Second item I nthe guaranteed analysis table (if present) This fertilizer cannot be used because it contains less than 50% slow-release nitrogen 5.9/29 x 100 = 20.34% slow release

3. Fertilizer Free Zones

4. Application Practices


5. Grass Clippings and Vegetative Matter

6. Licensing for Commercial Applicators

7. Golf Courses and Athletic Fields

If you would like to learn more about you can have a healthy lawn and protect the Lagoon, sign up for a workshop with the University of Florida’s “My Brevard Yard” program by clicking on the “My Brevard Yard” link below or call the Brevard Extension Service at (321) 633-1702 ext. 222.

To learn more about Titusville's fertilizer requirements, contact the Natural Resources Division at (321) 567-3778. To obtain a copy of the ordinance, click on the link below.

For more information:

For a copy of the Ordinance No. 36-2013 please contact the planner of the day at 321-567-3782.

My Brevard Yard

Marine Resources Council Fertilizer Questions and Answers


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