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Employee of the Month-2013



Firefighter/Paramedic Naudere Ghajar

Naudere was nominated for this award by a fellow employee for an event that occurred on November 21, 2012. On that date a citizen and her disabled son came into Station 11 for a check of vital signs. The mother touched hearts with stories of her son and their struggles in the past. She and her son spent about an hour in the station, during this time Naudere's fellow employee could see on his face that he was thinking of how to do something special for these two people. He called a friend and discussed securing future tickets to an event that meant a lot to the young man. He also gave them his pair of tickets to a local theme park. This offer was very special to both the son and the mother and the son also. His
fellow employees witness Naudere's daily kindness and concern for others in the world, but this truly was an exceptional act.

Chief Woodward and Naudere Ghajar
L to R: Fire Chief Woodward, Firefighter Ghajar


Firefighter Shaun Fisher

While on light duty, Shaun was assigned a project to develop a Life Safety/Public Education Primer. This was a multi-focused project, which involved researching and gathering basic public education data on a multitude of life safety topics. This primer would be used as the foundation for a basic training aid and for reference data to be used to develop other public education aids, such as power point presentations, brochure,s handouts, etc.

He undertook the task with enthusiasm and precision. Within a two-week period, he compiled an 160-page document that not only encompassed the specific areas he was tasked with, but also expanded upon some of the topics, providing information that was even more valuable. Shaun did a great job of formatting the information and included charts and pictorials to supplement the information compiled. To illustrate how professional and comprehensive his completed work was, a review of the draft document required only the insertion of two words to clarify a point. He did a truly remarkable job of providing us with a polished document than can—and will—be used in a variety of ways to enhance our public education efforts.

Chris Threlkeld and Shaun Fischer
L to R: Operatiions Chief Threlkeld and Firefighter Shaun Fisher

MARCH 2013

Firefighter/Paramedic Josh Hall was nominated by one of his peers for the compassion he consistently displays, as evidenced by his actions during a call for a diabetic on February 5th 2013, detailed below.

A homeless patient was trying to get to the local Salvation Army to get himself a meal before 1730 hours, the time they close. He had made it a couple blocks away, but his blood sugar dropped too low for his body to function. When FF Hall's crew arrived on scene, he corrected his blood sugar level with an IV glucose, but the patient still did not have anything to eat. Unsure if the IV glucose was going to last long enough for his patient to get to the Salvation Army for a meal and knowing his patient did not have anything else to eat, FF Hall took it upon himself to go into a nearby gas station/store and purchase the man a sandwich. This allowed the man to get safely to the Salvation Army and secure the needed meal to avoid another incident involving his blood sugar.

Josh's actions were very kind-hearted and exemplary. As his peer had written in the nominating letter, “It is professionals like Josh that put this department in a positive light when it seems like everything around us is looking glum”. His actions exemplify our motto: “Service doesn’t come from a manual—it comes from the heart”.

Josh Hall and Chief Woodward
L to R: Firefighter/Paramedic Josh Hall and Fire Chief Michael Wodoward

APRIL 2013


MAY 2013


JUNE 2012


JULY 2013







Clerical Assistant Ruth Miller was selected for her generous “can-do” attitude. While evaluating filing space needs for fire inspection files, she discovered many files in the file vault that could be archived to provide needed space. Although these files were not from the Fire Inspection Section, she volunteered to take them on.

Archiving files is a laborious process entailing organizing, cataloging, entering required data into the city’s database and then boxing them for transport. In total, her efforts enabled our department to archive 26 boxes of records. She is recognized for the efforts she put forth and the spirit of teamwork that she displays every day.

Chief Woodward and Ruth Miller


On August 31, 2013, an 85-year-old tri-athlete suffered a coronary while walking on the outdoor track at Parrish Health & Fitness Center. The staff was alerted that the man was down and rushed to his side. Lt. Jones was at the center working out that day. An off-duty staff member, a retired nurse and a Kennedy Space Center Fire Lieutenant performed chest compressions while Lt. Jones provided overall control of the emergency and interacted with the arriving first responders. The entire incident was a perfect scenario—the octogenarian still walks the Parrish Health & Fitness Center track each day and is grateful to his team of “angels” who were there to attend to him when he needed it most.

Lt. Jones was again at Parrish Health & Fitness this past October. An elderly lady had a problem with low blood pressure and was being assisted by Parrish Health & Fitness employee. Her medical issue was not improving and Lt. Jones offered his assistance. He provided assessment of the situation, moved the patient to a more comfortable location and contacted emergency medical services.

All responders come to the aide of citizens during their off time, but to the two citizens he helped, he was vitally important and greatly appreciated.

Lt. Jones and Chief Woodward

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