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P.O. Box 2806, (32781-2806)
555 S. Washington Avenue
Titusville, FL 32796
Phone: 321-567-3728
Fax: 321-383-5702
Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday
The City of Titusville, Florida / Support Services / Human Resources / Employee Recognition / Most Valuable Person

City of Titusville MVP (Most Valuable Person)

2017 Name Department
03/01/2017 Renee Kusterer Information Technologies
2014 Name Department
2/1/2014 Kelly Edens Information Technologies
2013 Name Department
9/1/2013 Brenda McGovern Customer Service
9/1/2013 Lori Cunningham Police Department
2012 Name Department
5/22/2012 Kathi Lau Police Department
11/27/2012 Ardith Langan Stormwater Management
11/27/2012 Jolynn Donhoff City Clerk
2011 Name Department 
2/22/2011 Lorrie Ott Building Department
7/26/2011 Gregory Sutton Fire Department
10/25/2011 Mark Whorton Fire and Emergency Services
2010 Name Department 
1/21/2010 Cocynthia Mack Finance
1/21/2010 Julie Enright Human Resources
5/25/2010 Ruth Miller Fire Department
7/27/2010 Jonathan Howard Solid Waste
11/23/2010 Brenda Evans City Clerk
2009 Name Department 
2/24/2009 Kathy Daniels City Manager
7/23/2009 Melissa Beaman Solid Waste
11/24/2009 Lisa Di Liberto Police Department
11/24/2009 Wynn Greene Purchasing
2008 Name Department 
2/26/2008 Linda Donna Solid Waste
5/13/2008 Kevin Hickey Police Department
10/28/2008 John Wilson Solid Waste
2007 Name Department 
2/27/2007 Sarah Griffith Human Resources
2/27/2007 Kathy Mosley Fire Department
5/22/2007 Frank Canada Fire Department
5/22/2007 Susan Northcutt Solid Waste
9/25/2007 Dan Wyatt Facilities Maintenance
9/25/2007 Sue Wyatt Marina
11/27/2007 Robin Hayes Finance
11/27/2007 Tiffany Ford Fire Department
2006 Name Department 
2/28/2006 Becky Efkovics Human Resources
2/28/2006 Arthur Esposito Police Department
2/28/2006 Darsi Davis Planning
8/22/2006 Danielle Trazzera Code Enforcement
8/22/2006 Suzanne Canada Police Department
11/28/2006 Joel McPherson Human Resources
2005 Name Department 
11/5/2005 Carrie Beatty Field Operations
8/1/2005 Robert "Tony" Ferguson Field Operations
8/1/2005 Rodney Ladd, Sr. Stormwater
5/1/2005 Bryan Michaud Fleet Management
5/1/2005 Chris McGraw City Clerk
2/1/2005 David Butler Police
2/1/2005 Dominic Lombardi Code Enforcement
2004 Name Department
6/1/2004 Carol Iseman Water Resources
6/1/2004 John Peterson Water Resources
8/1/2004 JoAnn Couey Police
8/1/2004 Chuck Denman Water Resources
8/1/2004 Keith Cunningham Community Development
8/1/2004 Chuck Taylor Public Works
11/1/2004 Mike Fasce Water Resources
2003 Name Department
11/1/2003 Christian Baker MIS
11/1/2003 Ashley Bauer Support Services
11/1/2003 Rene Billings Finance
11/1/2003 Joe Doyle Water Resources
11/1/2003 Robynne Hester-Dew Community Development
11/1/2003 Karen Hood City Manager
11/1/2003 Charlene Lehmann City Clerk
11/1/2003 Brian Litterilla Fire
11/1/2003 Larry Mack Public Works
11/1/2003 Richard Stillwagon Corporate Services
11/1/2003 Andrea Stirling Police

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