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Titusville’s Knight's Armament Awarded Contract

U.S. Army Sniper Night Sight Contract Awarded to Titusville, Florida Company
Knight’s Armament Company (KAC) of Titusville Florida, formerly of Vero Beach, has won a competitive Government bid and was awarded an $82 Million United States Army contract to deliver KAC’s Universal Night Sight, Long Range Model−now designated and type classified by the Army as their AN/PVS-29 Sniper Night Sight (SNS).  The new PVS-29 was developed at the Titusville facility and is covered by 3 KAC patents.

The 5-year award could deliver as many as 10,800 of these high technology SNS’s to be manufactured in their Titusville facility.  KAC has won similar contracts during the last 5 years from United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) located in Tampa, Florida. The new contract will supply needed night vision to the entire U. S. Army, not just Special Forces assigned to USSOCOM. This will require KAC to hire up to an additional 19 new employees at the Titusville facility, in addition to their existing Titusville workforce of 256.

This newest Army SNS achieves its highly rated performance levels through the use of KAC’s patented and cutting edge new technologies developed specifically for this product with the goal of extending the range of a soldier’s battlefield capabilities at night.  The night time capability is achieved by mounting the SNS “in-line” in front of a soldier’s daytime telescopic sight as darkness falls.  KAC’s night sight literally “clips-on” a soldier’s weapon in seconds without tools.  Once the SNS is activated, the soldier not only “sees in the dark,” but also sees the day scope’s aiming reticle as they do during the day.  With KAC’s high precision optical technology built into the SNS, it allows a soldier to aim exactly as they would during daylight because the images they observe with the SNS are not off-set or repositioned by the internal electronics of the night sight. They are internally re-aligned by a KAC’s patented and award winning technology.  Former night weapon sights not mounted “in-line” had caused unpredictable and excessive shifts in weapon point of impacts which resulted in missed targets.

Other soldier survival performance enhancements include extending the current 600 meter night time target engagement range to 1,000 meters and increasing target identification range exponentially as well.  This high performance technology product dovetails extremely well with other recently awarded KAC contracts for Army and Marine Corps M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle Systems (SASS)—also manufactured in the Titusville facility.  The M110 SASS can now increase their effectiveness at night to the 1,000 meter range with the new SNS.  Leveraging the obvious complementary technologies Knight’s has developed “in-house” for integrating both the rifle and night vision technologies—and the 600,000 Ft.2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Titusville, is an excellent example of how KAC’s design, R&D, engineering, and production synergism has almost tripled company size and capability since moving to the more technically oriented Titusville on the Space Coast from Vero Beach in 2002. In that time KAC has grown from approximately 100 employees to 256 employees.

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