How was my property chosen for historic designation?

Several years ago, a cultural resource firm helped the Board conduct a City-wide survey. They identified more than 100 properties that retained their original integrity of form and siting (meaning that they have not been changed greatly), reflected an important aspect of local, state or national history, and/or contributed to the overall character and "streetscape" of a historic neighborhood. They determined that your property is historically significant. This research was funded by a matching grant from the Florida Division of Historical Resources that was administered by the Titusville Historic Preservation Board.

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1. What is historic designation?
2. Does historic designation of my property have any benefits for me?
3. Why should I be concerned about preserving the architectural details of my property?
4. Does it cost me anything to designate my property?
5. Will historic designation raise my property taxes?
6. How was my property chosen for historic designation?
7. I have been informed that my property is historically significant. What happens next?
8. How does the Historic Preservation Ordinance benefit the people of Titusville?
9. In addition to providing guidelines for the designations, what else does the Historic Preservation Ordinance do?
10. Who administers the Historic Preservation Ordinance?