Does historic designation of my property have any benefits for me?

Yes, designation brings many benefits, including:

  • Historic designation improves property values and protects the value of your investment. Real estate experts have found that historic designation of a property increases the salability of a building. Historic buildings tend to attract a wider market and a higher selling price than do non-historic properties.
  • Historic designation of a group of properties can help protect your neighborhood against inappropriate development, preserving the character of its architecture and its quality of life.
  • Historic designation may improve your environment, motivating residents to sponsor neighborhood clean-up and other beautification projects.
  • If you have restored your house, historic designation will protect your work; it can provide the assurance that future owners will preserve what you have accomplished.
  • As the owner of a historic property, you will be able to receive free technical assistance from the staff and board members of the Titusville Historic Preservation Board. They can save you valuable time and money by advising you on where to locate materials and contractors sensitive to the historic character of your property and how to achieve your home improvement goals.

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