What streets are County or FDOT maintained?

Streets located within the City of Titusville are maintained by four different types of entities: The City of Titusville, Brevard County, FDOT, or they are Private/HOA maintained. 

To view a map showing the maintenance authority for all streets within Titusville city limits click here.

Please contact Brevard County North Area Road and Bridge at 321-264-5084 for any questions concerning the following County maintained streets:

County Maintained RoadwaysFromTo
Barna AvenueSR 405Sixth Street
Carpenter RoadNorth City limitsFox Lake Road
Dairy RoadU.S. Highway 1Carpenter Road
Fox Lake RoadSR 405Fox Lake Park
Holder RoadDairy RoadNorth City limits
La Grange RoadU.S. 1Old Dixie Highway
N Dixie HighwaySR 406 (Garden Street)North City limits
Parrish RoadU.S. 1Holder Road
Perimeter RoadGolden Knights BoulevardGrissom Parkway
Sisson RoadSR 405SR 50
Tico RoadSR 405Golden Knights Boulevard
War Eagle BoulevardDairy RoadCanon
Singleton AvenueTropic StreetNorth City limits

Please contact FDOT at 800-780-7102 for the following FDOT maintained streets: I95, US1, 50 (Cheney Hwy), 405 (South St/Columbia Blvd), 406 (Garden St), and 407 (Challenger Memorial Parkway). Only the western-most end of Garden St past South Lake Elementary is City-maintained.

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