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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Student Advisory Council
Regular meeting
March 19, 2019

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) met in regular session on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 in the Council Chamber, 2nd Floor, City Hall, 555 South Washington Avenue, Titusville, Florida.
Co-Chairperson Diamond Washington called the meeting to order at 4:07 p.m. Present were Co-Chairperson Diamond Washington, Vice-Chairperson Simon Recicar, Secretary Isabella Almiñana, and Members Taylor Batson, Isaac Gutman, Ben Hamilton, Josiah Johnson, Caleb Phillips, and Jacob Phillips. Also in attendance were North Brevard Home School Association Advisor (NBHSA) Cathie Gutman, Secretary/Staff Liaisons Debbie Denman and Jolynn Donhoff. Co-Chairperson Emma Milbert joined the meeting via phone. Member Emilee Ellis was absent.

Member C. Phillips moved to approve the minutes of the Student Advisory Council (SAC) meeting of February 19, 2019, as submitted. Vice-Chair Recicar seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously. 
Annual Report to Council – Co-Chair Washington advised that the SAC Annual Report would be presented to the City Council on April 23, 2019 and reports must be emailed to the City Liaisons by/before April 1, 2019. The SAC members scheduled to write and present the semi-annual report were as followed:
  • Introduction (Member C. Phillips would write and Vice-Chair Recicar would present
  • Hold a Mock City Council meeting (Substitute Project - Hold a Long Table Event) (Secretary Almiñana would write and present)
  • Continue to improve the webpage (Member C. Phillips would write and present)                                                                                
  • Partner with the local high school on a community service project (Member Batson would write and present)
  • 2018 Florida League of Cities Municipal Youth Video Contest (Co-Chair Washington would write and present)
  • Conclusion (Member J. Phillips would write and present)
The Council finalized four (4) goals to recommend to the 2019/2020 SAC as followed:
  1. Improve the DrinkDriveDie webpage and initiate related projects, such as updating the 2008 Last Dance Prom Video.
  2. Host a Leadership Seminar.
  3. Participate or organize a beach clean-up. (Ideas included partnering with the Brevard Zoo for the first clean-up and then possibly host their own clean-up and invite other School organizations to join.)
  4. Support the Chamber of Commerce with hosting the 2020 Longest Table Event.
Florida League of Cities - Legislative Action Days March 26-27, 2019 (Tallahassee) – Co-Chair Diamond advised that Members Caleb Phillips and Jacob Phillips would travel to Tallahassee and participate with other teen councils in the upcoming conference
Staff suggested the Council equip these members with any questions or information that Council was seeking for the collective good of future projects and having a positive impact on youth and the community.
Co-Chair Milbert recommended asking other Council’s what type of projects they had completed that brought a lot of involvement and excitement.
Secretary Alminana recommended asking other Council’s how they get their information out how they recruit for projects. 
Continue to improve the webpage – This request was to receive updates and recommendations from 2018/2019 Webmaster Caleb Phillips based on ideas discussed in January 2019.
Webmaster C. Phillips advised he was waiting for particular statistics to be published and there were no changes at to the webpage at the present time. He stated that he was looking into the website becoming ADA compliant. 

Partner with Local High Schools on a Community Service Project – Co-Chair Washington highlighted the Planning Guide and then confirmed the remaining tasks as followed:
  • Member Batson advised that a table would be set up prior to the event. 
  • Member Batson advised that she had no response from The Grove Church. 
  • Member C. Phillips would provide a flyer for THS TV.
  • Postponed making a short video to publicize the event until the regular SAC meeting on March 20, 2019. ( did not complete)
  • Staff Liaison Denman would print flyers for distribution to be picked up at the City Hall by Secretary Alminana, Member Johnson, and Advisor Gutman for distribution.
  • School Email Blast by Advisor Gutman and Bronar (tentative). 
  • Donation Recipients
  • Astronaut High Eagle’s Nest Market was confirmed as a recipient. 
  • Other Critical Details
  • Council confirmed they were aware of the details for the event.
  • Posters were divided between AHS and THS for posting.

Member Shirts
- In November, Council agreed on the design for a t-shirt, with the City logo and other logos. In December, the City Council approved Council’s request to use the City logo (seal) on their shirts (City Code/law requirement). In January, staff notified Council of an informal quote staff received from a local t-shirt shop according to their design (approx. $25 per shirt). In February 2019, your Council requested Vice-Chair Recicar work with City Staff Liaisons to obtain additional quotes from another vendor (for a dry-fit t-shirt and simple polo design) and report back to the Council in March 2019. Discuss status of new quote and provide direction. Reminder, Council members will be responsible to purchase their own shirts.
A handout with information (cost etc.) from Print Boy T-Shirts was provided to Council.
There was a consensus of Council to use the T-Shirts with digital transfers (Full Color) $10 per shirt and Polo shirts (embroidered) $14 per shirt. 
Liaison Donhoff would provide the information to Print Boy T-shirts and ask them to begin the art work for the shirts. Council would be made aware once the shirts were ready to be ordered. Council would be responsible for ordering and purchasing their individual shirts.
Mini-Grants for Youth Service Projects - America’s Promise Alliance: Power of Youth Challenge – There was a consensus of Council to table this item and to be included on the August 2019 SAC meeting agenda for discussion.
Action Items - None
Informational Items – City staff liaison Donhoff highlighted the following informational items:
  1. Student Advisory Council 2019/2020 Appointments
  2. Member Meeting & Project Preparation Time Sheet
Member C. Phillips moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:56 p.m. Member Taylor seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
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