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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Flag and Memorial Committee
Regular Meeting
March 20, 2018
The Flag and Memorial Committee met in regular session on March 20, 2018, in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 555 South Washington Avenue, Titusville, Florida.
Chairman Therriault called the meeting to order at 11:04 a.m.  Members present: Member Rathborne, Member Petyk, Member Fuller, Member Patton, Member Conklin, Vice-Chair Jones, and Secretary/Staff Liaison Gail Gilchrist, City of Titusville.
  1. CALL TO ORDER:Meeting was called to order at 11:04 a.m. by Chairman Therriault.
  2. DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM:A quorum was met.
  1. Approval of minutes:A motion to approve the amended February 20, 2018 minutes was made by Member Patton, seconded by Member Rathborne, it passed unanimously.
  3. Memorial Day Ceremony:  the Memorial Day Ceremony will be on Monday, May 28, 2018.  There will be a ceremony at the Day Street Veteran’s Cemetery beginning at 9:00 a.m.  The Ceremony at Veteran’s Park will begin at 10:00 a.m.  It will be headed up by the American Legion, Post 1, with this committee giving its support.  There will be a lunch at the American Legion, Post 1 afterwards.  Secretary Gilchrist has reserved rental of the park and chairs.  Member DiBlasio is planning on have an event on the Saturday before Memorial Day at the Day Street Cemetery.  Plans are for it to be more like a picnic in the park.  This committee will cut a check in the amount of $250.00 to the Friends of the Cemetery.
  4. Sand Point Astronaut Memorial Sign:  Secretary Gilchrist informed the committee that FDOT would not allow that kind of signage in their right-of-way.  She will get the correct verbiage and email the members.
  2. Avenue of Flags Banner Flags:  The new banner flags have been hung on US#1.  Secretary Gilchrist will find out how many are left in stock and email the members the information.
  3. Flag/Memorial Committee Budget:  The committee once again asked for an update on the budget.  Secretary Gilchrist stated she has tried numerous times to get an accurate balance from Finance, to no avail.  Vice-Chair Jones stated he would ask the Mayor for help.
  2.  Food Fundraiser:  This was briefly discussed and then tabled.  The committee tentatively scheduled one for the latter part of March 2019.  This will be readdressed at the October 16, 2018 meeting.
  3. < >Flag/Memorial Committee Meeting Venue:  It was brought to the Committee’s attention that they would not be able to meet in the City of Titusville Round Room anymore due to security issues.  Discussion ensued as to a new venue.  It was decided that for the April 17th meeting, the Committee will meet at the American Space Museum located at 308 Pine Street, Titusville, FL.  Then, for the May 15th meeting, they will meet at Disabled American Veterans located at 435 North Singleton Avenue, Titusville, FL.  After meeting at the two different locations, the Committee will decide which one they prefer for all future meetings.
Member Patton:  Stated the DAV is doing well.  Bingo is starting to grow.  They are getting a new transportation van at a cost of $26,000 and it will be decorated for the DAV.  The parking lot is getting cleared out and George Taylor is moving the trailers out.  Member Patton also mentioned their desire to move the shed.  He stated he met the District Commander.
Member Rathborne:  Stated the Board of Directors of the VAC wants to send the Tico Belle to Normandy for the 75th anniversary.  She stated the VAC is working to keep her running.  The Air Show has a set date for the second week in March next year.
Member Fuller: Stated the VFW is doing well and that the Bingo and Meat Shoot fundraisers are very successful.
Member Conklin:   Stated the Space Museum is doing well.  They had a family that came from Jacksonville for the sole purpose of visiting the museum.  Last Wednesday they had 150 students from Coral Gables and tomorrow will have 93 students with 23 adults visiting.  She stated they are getting a lot of students from Japan.  On May 5th they are having a Cinco De Mayo Day with attendance from the Girl Scouts.  Every fourth Saturday the Museum offers free admission.
Member Petyk:  Stated the DAR are giving out Good Citizen’s Awards.  They received a donation of $150.00 to buy flags for Andrew Jackson Middle School.  She got 28 flags from Liberty Flags.
Vice-Chair Jones:  North Brevard Honor Guard is looking for new members.  He said they are at Cape Canaveral National Cemetery 3 out of 5 days a week and stay very busy.
Chairman Therriault:  Stated the CAP had an Open House last Saturday.  He said it was a great time and a lot of people came out and supported the event.  There was a 5K/10K and Chairman Therriault encouraged everyone to join in the race next year.  He had the Titusville High School Jr. ROTC doing the Color Guard and also had the Cadets on the runway manning water stations.  They had an airplane scheduled for use, however, it was in the shop for routine maintenance and was not going to be available in time.  He said there was an event in Ormond Beach and the CAP ended up getting two planes to use from that event.  Moon Port can no longer meet in the Library so the CAP opened their building to Moon Port.  Knights of Columbus had a St. Patty’s party that was a great success.  The Next big event is Clergy Night where either roast beef or chicken will be served.  The proceeds of that event support the Clergy, Holy Spirit, St. Teresa and Sacred Heart.
  1. < >Meeting was adjourned at 12:08 p.m.
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