August 19, 2020 Minutes 5:00pm

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in special session in the Council Chamber of City Hall, located at 555 South Washington Avenue on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.




Chairman Severs called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. Present were Vice Chairman Richardson, Secretary Speidel, Member Porter, Member Grant, Member Murray. Alternate Member Noel-Copeland joined the meeting via telecommunication. Also in attendance were Planning Manager Brad Parrish, Senior Planner Gabriel Quintas, Assistant City Attorney Chelsea Farrell, and Recording Secretary Laurie Dargie.




Vice Chairman Richardson wanted to clarify that the tiny homes discussion taking place tonight is not related at all to the Dairy Road project. Mr. Quintas said that is correct, they are not related.


New Business


Pocket Neighborhoods (tiny-homes)

Mr. Parrish gave an overview of this item.


Member Murray asked for the boundaries. Mr. Parrish gave the boundaries.


Vice Chairman Richardson said he believes that the target area being proposed will restrict those who will want to participate because of the area.


Member Murray asked why set the limit of 600 square feet. Mr. Parrish said they want to have a hard number in order for a home to be considered “tiny”.


Member Murray asked if shipping containers are allowed. Mr. Parrish said no. 


Member Murray asked if there will be any restrictions as to how many people can occupy the tiny homes. Mr. Parrish said that the building codes will come into play regarding occupants. Chairman Severs said that the minimum housing code restricts occupants.


Secretary Speidel asked if the target area is subject to grant money. Mr. Parrish said the area is a target area for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant money. CDBG money is from HUD for capital improvement in distressed areas. Mr. Parrish said Developers can not come in and utilize CBDG money.


Member Grant asked if Staff has received any feedback from communities that have tiny home communities close by and how it impacts the house values. Mr. Parrish said not at this time. The City of Tallahassee a couple years ago approved a tiny home development near their downtown as a means to provide affordable housing. Mr. Parrish said from what he understands it is very successful. He is not sure of the push back, if any, from the neighboring developments. Member Grant said what if you are in an area of housing that is around 4,000 to 5,000 square foot homes, and a tiny homes development came in, how would that be received. Mr. Parrish said he is not sure how it would be received, but that would be something that would have to be evaluated to see if it was even appropriate. 


Member Noel-Copeland asked why “cottages” is not being used instead of “tiny homes”. Mr. Parrish said they were just going by the literature that was provided and Staff would be open to recommendations to use the word “cottages”. Member Noel-Copeland asked why is there the minimum of 300 square feet. Mr. Parrish said this number was used based on the Developer they spoke to about this kind of community last year. 


Vice Chairman Richardson said these tiny homes are not new, homes like this used to be called Shotgun Houses. 


Secretary Speidel asked if existing structures would be destroyed. Mr. Parrish said that would be up to the property owner or any transfer of sale of properties to Developers.


Al Taylor of 2820 St. Charles Court Titusville, Florida came to speak in favor of this item. Mr. Taylor does not think that the target area will be received well and would suggest expanding the perimeter to Cheney Highway and north side of Draa Field. 


Lisa Mosier of 2932 Larkspur Street Titusville, Florida came to speak in favor of this item. Ms. Mosier said she thinks this would work closer to the Downtown area. She would like for this to be considered in other areas of the city.


Chairman Severs said that the map provided in the agenda is different from the map that is provided in the code. Chairman Severs asked why is this being limited to the target area. He said he is not sure Planned Development (PD) is the right approach. He said that tiny homes on wheels should be addressed. He said that Staff might want to consider a new zoning district. He said he sees infill lots as vacant lots in areas like Hickory Hills. Staff should consider proximity to other developments. 


Vice Chairman Richardson said he feels that everyone is in favor of this but the target area is too restrictive. He would like to see this in the Indian River City, Garden Street, and near the river.


Member Murray said that there is an obligation to work in the blighted areas of the community and she likes the proposed target area as a start and could expand in the future. 


Mr. Parrish said he will take the comments and recommendations and bring it back at a future meeting.



Petitions and Requests from Public Present and Press










Adjournment 5:56pm