Water Conservation Month

April is Water Conservation Month. Celebrate Water Conservation Month by taking an active role in conserving water and promoting its efficient use!

Water Conservation is Vital!

Clean, safe, and sustainable water resources and supplies are vital to the visitors, economy, and environment of the City of Titusville, the State of Florida and our nation. Florida’s water resources, no matter how diverse, are finite and fragile. The City of Titusville supports and promotes the efficient use of the State of Florida’s water resources. 

The City of Titusville through its Water Resources Conservation Program is dedicated to educating its citizens and visitors of the need to conserve water and to use it efficiently. Every citizen, visitor, and business plays a vital role in conserving Florida’s precious water resources, and can make a difference when it comes to conserving water.

  1. Water Conservation Program

    Mailing Address
    2910 Garden Street
    Titusville, FL 32796