Land Development Regulations

Regulations & Zoning

The City’s Land Development Regulations (LDRs) are used to establish specific standards to which all developments must meet. The LDRs are used to regulate property in terms of zoning; subdivision of land; provision of utilities; and procedures for legislative and Quasijudicial items, site plan reviews, subdivisions, and variances. Amendments to the LDRs require a public hearing before the City Council, and are adopted through Ordinances

Technical Manuals

In addition to the Land Development Regulations, the City has adopted Technical Manuals, which are used to provide technical specifications of development. These Technical Manuals are adopted by Resolution, and must be approved by City Council.

Online Code

The City relies on the Municipal Code Corporation (Municode) for codifying local ordinances and law online. Please note, by clicking the link below, you will be redirected to the Municode library for the City. From this library, you can view the Land Development Regulations and the Technical Manuals.

Code Update

In August 2014, the City Council directed staff to propose a strategy to update and improve the City’s Land Development Regulations (LDR) in Fiscal Year 2015. The City Council selected a hybrid approach which includes a Zoning Code update with some changes to the Comprehensive Plan.

Through this process, with input from City Council and citizens, the staff created a more effective code by clarifying language, eliminating redundancies, and restructuring the code to follow a more logical order process. The changes were adopted by the Council in Ordinance Number 27-2016 on October 25, 2016.

Land Development Regulations