Water Resources Administration & Conservation

Pipe GalleryWater Resources’ Administration Division is responsible for the overall management of the Water Resources Department. The Conservation Program is part of the Administration Division and is responsible for educating Titusville’s water consumers on how to use water efficiently, protect water sources, and reduce water use. 

Meeting Future Challenges

To ensure that the water you need will be there when you turn on the tap, we strive to manage our water supply and optimize its use through programs such as well maintenance and rehabilitation, aquifer recharge, reclaimed water expansion, and proactive conservation efforts that promote efficient water use.

Area IV Wellfield

The final phase of the Area IV Wellfield was completed in February, 2016 and Titusville now receives 2.75 million gallons of water per day from Area IV.

The initial phase of the Area IV Wellfield came online in late 2012. At startup, approximately 245,000 gallons of raw water per day was pumped from the wellfield to Titusville’s Mourning Dove Water Production Plant. The flow rate from the wellfield increased to 0.75 million gallons of water per day (mgd) when the first phase was completed in 2013.


The new wellfield provides Titusville with another source to tap for its water supply. The Area IV Wellfield pumps water from the Floridan Aquifer, while Titusville’s two other wellfields (Areas II and III) pump water from the Surficial Aquifer. Water from the new wellfield is blended with water from the City’s existing wellfields at the Mourning Dove facility. Using water from the Floridan Aquifer does not require Titusville to change any of its current treatment processes or cause any substantial changes to the treatment facility.

Local Resources Working Together

Titusville has worked for over twelve years to develop the Area IV Wellfield. In order to make the wellfield a reality, Titusville joined with Farmton Water Resources to create a public-private company known as TIFA, LLC. In addition, the city constructed a twelve-mile transmission line from the wellfield located in northwest Brevard County to the Mourning Dove facility. The Area IV Wellfield, is anticipated to provide significant long-term water supply benefits to current and future Titusville area residents.