December 6, 2023

  1. Minutes

The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in regular session in City Hall Council Chamber located at 555 South Washington Avenue on Wednesday December 6, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.




Chairman Richardson called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. Present were Vice Chairman Aton, Member Garrod, Member Perez, Member Moscoso, Alternate Member Childs, Alternate Member Rogers and School Board Member Gilbert. Secretary Grant and Member Fayson were absent. Also, in attendance were Community Development Director Brad Parrish, Senior Planner Christie Anderson, Sustainability Planner Abby Trout, Public Work Director Kevin Cook, Assistant City Attorney Chelsea Farrell and Recording Secretary Laurie Dargie.




Member Rogers made a motion to approve the minutes from the November 8, 2023 meeting. Member Perez seconded. There was a unanimous voice vote.




Quasi-Judicial Confirmation Procedures 




Old Business





New Business


Comprehensive Plan Small Scale Amendment SSA#9-2023 – Windover Way & SR 405 – McLaughlin Wright

Ms. Anderson gave an overview of this item.


Connie Milton of Titusville, Florida came to speak in favor of this item.




Member Rogers made a motion to recommend approval of Comprehensive Plan Small Scale Amendment SSA#9-2023 as presented.   Member Perez seconded.


Roll call was as follows:


Member Garrod                      Yes

Vice Chairman Aton               Yes

Member Perez                         Yes

Member Childs                       Yes

Member Moscoso                   Yes

Member Rogers                      Yes

Chairman Richardson             Yes


Motion passed.




Annual Update to the Capital Improvement Element – Ordinance No. 57-2023

Ms. Trout gave a presentation.


The Planning and Zoning Commission members had discussion regarding concerns with the following items.

  1. The accuracy of the projected population for the City of Titusville.
  2. Capturing grant opportunities when the City of Titusville grows to 50,000 in population
  3. Water conservation and quality as the city grows
  4. Roadway maintenance and sidewalk connectivity
  5. Funds for educational awareness 
  6. Traffic calming


Public Works Director, Kevin Cook and Community Development Director, Brad Parrish answered many questions that the Planning and Zoning Commission members had pertaining to the Capital Improvement Element.


Connie Milton of Titusville, Florida came to speak neither for nor against this item.


Vice Chairman Aton asked if staff could provide baseline information for the City of Titusville’s population and then provide data to the Planning and Zoning Commission that would help them better understand the actual growth that is taking place in the City of Titusville. Mr. Parrish provided an explanation as to the resources staff reviews to help project the growth in Titusville.  




Member Garrod made a motion to recommend approval of the Capital Improvements Element Ordinance No. 57-2023 as presented with the recognition that this five (5) year Capital Improvement Element, specifically in year two (2) of the plan, the City of Titusville needs to be really focused on seeking additional funding resource opportunities, including grants, when the population of the City of Titusville exceeds fifty-thousand (50,000). Vice Chairman Aton seconded. 


Roll call was as follows:


Member Rogers             No

Member Childs              Yes

Vice Chairman Aton      Yes

Member Garrod             Yes

Member Perez               Yes

Member Moscoso          Yes                                      

Chairman Richardson    No


Motion passed 5 yes, 2 no vote.


Chairman Richardson voted no because he feels the population estimates are inaccurate and he feels that the city should find resources other than the Bureau of Economic Research for this data.


Member Rogers voted no due to the same concerns with the population and the implications it will have on water.




Petitions & Requests


Connie Milton of Titusville, Florida came to speak about the Live Local Act and the problems with expansion due to sidewalks and ADA accessibility.






Mr. Parrish reminded the Planning and Zoning Commission members that there will be no Planning and Zoning Commission meeting on December 20, 2023, and the next scheduled meeting will be on January 3, 2024 pending the availability of the members who can attend.


Chairman Richardson wished everyone holiday greetings. Chairman Richardson thanked the three Commission members who spoke at the last City Council meeting.


Member Garrod thanked Ms. Trout for her presentation and staff for their many answers to his questions. He also wished everyone holiday greetings.


Member Moscoso asked if any additional applications have been received for the Live Local Act. Mr. Parrish said there have been no new submittals but several serious inquires. Mr. Parrish said staff updates the GIS story maps on the city’s website weekly to help keep the public up to date on applications that are in process.


Member Childs said he will be unable to attend the January 3, 2024 Planning and Zoning Commission.


Member Perez wished holiday greetings to everyone and thanked the Commission members for their service on the Commission.


Chairman Richardson reminded the Commission members that several of the Commissioner’s terms are coming up for re-appointment consideration and he hopes that they will desire to continue their membership on the Commission.




Adjournment 7:40pm