January 27, 2023

  1. Minutes

The Development Review Committee (DRC) of the City of Titusville, Florida met in session in Council Chambers located at 555 South Washington Avenue on Wednesday January 27, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.




Deputy Community Development Director Mandy Lamothe called the meeting to order at 9:00 am. Present were Engineering Manager Ashleigh Smith, Fire Marshal Paul Anderson, Principle Planner Eddy Galindo, City Engineer Kwabena Ofosu, and Building Official Steve Adams.  Also present was Recording Secretary Laurie Dargie.




New Business



DRC# 3-2023 –  Csonka 4325 South Street

Ms. Lamothe read the staff report. 


The waiver requested is as follows: 


The applicant is requesting the Development Review Committee (DRC) to grant the following waiver: 


  1. To the criteria specified in the City’s Water Resources Department Technical Specification Section 5.20 which states that “No sanitary sewer main conveying wastewater shall be less than eight (8) inches in diameter nor shall any City owned force main be less than four (4) inches in diameter.”


The applicant has requested a waiver to allow a sanitary sewer force main size to be two (2) inches less than the City’s required minimum size of four (4) inches in diameter. 


The purpose of the request is for sewer service to a new 2,800 warehouse and office project under site plan review.




Ms. Smith made a motion to approve the waiver request as presented as it meets criteria three (3) and four (4) .  Mr. Galindo seconded.


Roll call was as follows:


Steve Adams               Yes

Kwabena Ofosu          Yes

Eddy Galindo             Yes

Paul Anderson            Yes

Ashleigh Smith           Yes


Motion Passed.




Public Comment





Adjournment at approximately 9:06 a.m.