City Manager COVID Updates

Update February 28, 2021

As of February 28, 2021 at 0925am, there are 33,990 COVID-19 cases in Brevard County (33,397 Brevard residents and 593 non-residents). There are a total of 2,004 hospitalizations and 746 fatalities. There are 2589 COVID-19 cases In Titusville.    

The total number of Florida residents vaccinated is 3,017,661 with 1,337,431 receiving the first dose and 1,680,230 completing the two dose series. Yesterday 318 Brevard County residents received the first vaccine dose, 369 residents received the second dose for a total of 687 completing the vaccination regiment.  Cumulative Brevard 39,873 residents have received the first dose, 42,712 residents have received the second dose for a total of 82,585 completing the vaccine regiment. 

Florida Department of Health vaccination daily status report:

Florida Department of Health COVID-19 state wide daily status report:

Florida Department of Health COVID-19 county-wide daily status report (Brevard County is on page 11 and 12):

The State of Florida announced the rollout of ShareCare, a statewide COVID-19 Vaccine pre-registration system for all Florida residents to utilize.

  • Individuals can pre-register for vaccine appointments and be notified when appointments are available byOn-line at
  • Brevard’s scheduling line: 866-201-5420
  • For individuals who are Deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, or who are deaf blind a Brevard TTY has been established: 833-476-1525
  • For individuals with questions or trouble using the system, a helpline has been designated for Brevard residents: 833-540-2041
  • Brevard will be using ShareCare to coordinate appointments.

To locate a Publix vaccination site please click on this link: All vaccinations by Publix at their select locations are by appointment only. Qualified individuals can make an appointment by visiting

Walmart was added as a vaccine partner on Tuesday afternoon (part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program). Current Brevard stores are all three on Wickham Rd in Melbourne Other locations are expected to be added later. Location and appointment information via

Sam’s Club was added as a vaccine partner on Tuesday afternoon (part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program) Current only one Brevard store, in Cocoa Other locations are expected to be added later. Location and appointment information via 

Winn-Dixie was added as a vaccine partner on Tuesday afternoon (part of the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program) Current Brevard stores are Palm Bay, off Malabar Rd and in Micco. Other locations are expected to be added later. For location and appointment information via

Please review the COVID Vaccine Fact Sheet and screening questions on the COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Consent Form prior to your appointment. If you answer 'yes' to some screening questions, you will need to bring a doctor's note to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Print and complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Screening and Consent Form to bring to the appointment for more efficient service. Everyone, including those who have received both doses of vaccine, should continue to follow CDC recommendations on wearing face coverings, social distancing, and practicing good hand hygiene.

Titusville Neighborhood Services reopened its COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Program, for eligible households. The Emergency Assistance covers rental assistance, mortgage assistance. At this time City utilities such as water, sewer, or garbage are not eligible for funding. This round, the application is available on our webpage at:  either in a printed format or an on-line submittal format.  For those that do not have internet access, applications will be available at the Harry T. Moore Social Service Center.  Applications are expected to be accepted through December 31, 2021, or until funds are depleted.  There is currently $148,234 available to assist citizens, with an additional $206,433 in the pipeline. 

The Brevard County Board of Commissioners has allocated more than $18 million in federal dollars for an Emergency Rental Assistance Program for income-eligible Brevard County residents impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Emergency Rental Assistance Program provides financial assistance and housing stability services, including rent, rental arrears, utilities and home energy costs, utilities and home energy costs arrears, and other expenses related to housing incurred due, directly or indirectly, to the novel coronavirus disease. Assistance is restricted to households whose income is at or below 80% of area median income ($55,350 for a family of four). The application for the program will be available at all 17 Brevard County Libraries and the Law Library, on the Department’s website,, and through an online system

Eligibility requirements include:

•   Applicant is a resident of Brevard County.

•   Applicant is at or below 80% of Area Median Income.

•   The applicant must sign all required documents (application, social security number waiver, release/request of information, etc.) or their application will be rejected/denied.

•   Documentation of all income from the entire Household as reported on the Household Income Section of the application (include 2 months of bank statements, paystubs, etc., or a 2020 tax return (IRS Form 1040)).

•   All members of a household must be accounted for in the application.

•   For applications filled out by hand, please make sure that the writing is clear and legible.


The health and safety of our Citizens and Staff remains the City’s top priority. During this public health emergency, the City has taken extraordinary measures to safeguard our employees while continuing to provide the high quality services our citizens demand. City Staff will continue to exercise the extra precautionary measures issued by our City Council Resolution and the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help safeguard them and those with whom they come into contact during the performance of their duties. The city will continue to provide extra disinfecting cleaning for high traffic areas and touch points, protective face coverings, hand sanitizing stations, and encourage appropriate social distancing. 

As a reminder wear a face covering when not maintaining social distancing from other persons, wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizers when washing your hands is not possible, limit touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands, avoid close contact with sick people, stay home when you are sick, follow respiratory etiquette by coughing/sneezing into you sleeve, and consider offering fist bumps, elbow bumps or other greetings instead of the hand-shake.

Parrish Medical Center is providing testing in North Brevard by appointment only.  You must pre-register at:  or by calling 321-268-6139 or text “covid test” to 321-204-1699. 

The Centers for Decease Control and Prevention (CDC) have provided a comparison of the Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19 for your information.

  • Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, but they are caused by different viruses. COVID-19 is caused by infection with a new coronavirus (called SARS-CoV-2), and flu is caused by infection with influenza viruses. 
  • COVID-19 seems to spread more easily than flu and causes more serious illnesses in some people. It can also take longer before people show symptoms and people can be contagious for longer. More information about differences between flu and COVID-19 is available in the different sections below. 
  • Because some of the symptoms of flu and COVID-19 are similar, it may be hard to tell the difference between them based on symptoms alone, and testing may be needed to help confirm a diagnosis.

Here is the CDC website for more information: