Strategic Goals & Objectives


Titusville is a diverse community of hometown neighborhoods built among natural treasures, fostering civic pride, family activities, and community service.


Through teamwork and leadership, the City of Titusville provides essential services to improve the quality of life of our community.

Goal 1 - Quality of Life

  • Continue Intiatives and actions to improve the Indian River Lagoon.
  • Enhance appearance of city including entryways
  • Enhance youth educational, recreational and employment opportunities
  • Enhance emergency preparations and management
  • Sustain and improve public safety

Goal 2 - Efficient & Effective Services

  • Develop a sustainability plan
  • Commit to funding capital improvement plan
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and coordination with public, private, and non-profit entities

Goal 3 - Financial Stability

  • Continue to execute strategies to address long term liabilities
  • Plan for future obligations

Goal 4 - Economic Development

  • Continue to market trails and amenities
  • Continue implementation of a comprehensive economic development plan in conjunction with appropriate agencies
  • Establishment of additional parking capacity downtown to meet current/future needs
  • Continue efforts to eliminate blight & revitalize empty buildings

Goal 5 - Effective Governance

  • Expand methods to increase and enhance 2-way communications
  • Continue the effectiveness of current advisory boards
  • Continue policy advocacy