Newly Approved Ordinances

Requesting Copies

To request or obtain a copy of a newly approved ordinance pending codification into the City’s Code of Ordinance Volumes I or II, contact or visit the City Clerk’s Office at Phone 321-567-3686. 

Ordinances Pending Codification & Incorporation

The following newly approved ordinances are pending codification or incorporation into the City of Titusville’s Code of Ordinances Volumes I and II. This list is continuously updated as City Council adopts new ordinances that amend the Codes. 

A. Ordinance No. 30-2021 - Low Impact Development (LID) - Amending the Code of Ordinances to adopt Low Impact Development Standards, amending Chapter 30 “Development Standards” by amending Sections 30-8 “Technical manuals”, 30-163 “Open space standards”, 30-278 “Satellite parking”, 30-324. “Landscape”, and 30-337 “Permitted uses within the landscape buffer yard”; Amending Chapter 30 “Development Standards” by creating Article V. “Low Impact Development” to include Sections 30-421 “Intent” and 30-422 “LID analysis”; amending Chapter 34 “Procedures” by amending Section 34-306. “Administrative waiver of setback requirements”; amending the “Development Review Procedures Manual” by amending Section 3.4 “Applications to be processed expeditiously”; amending The “Stormwater Management Technical Manual” Section 7.4 “Stormwater management design criteria”; amending The “Transportation Infrastructure Technical Manual” by amending Sections 9.7, 9.16.4, 9.16.8,, and 9.19.3 to enable specific LID Incentives; creating “The Low Impact Development Technical Manual” by adding Sections 11.1 “Intent”, 11.2 “Goals of low impact development”, 11.3 “Low impact development plan”, 11.4 “Operations and maintenance (O&M) documents”, 11.5 “Low impact development (LID) best management practice (BMP) list”, 11.6 “Low impact development incentives matrix”, and 11.7 “Minimum parking requirements for development utilizing low impact development”; providing for severability, repeal of conflicting ordinances, an effective date, and incorporation into the code. (On October 26, 2021, City Council approved Ordinance No. 30-2021, as specified in the motion and vote by the City Council.)

B. Ordinance No. 31-2021 Relating to Social Services in the Indian River City Neighborhood (IRCN) Zoning District - Amending the Land Development Regulations by amending the definition of "Social Services" contained in Section 28-21 "Indian River City Neighborhood Zoning", Subsection (c) "Nonconforming Uses"; providing for severability, repeal of conflicting ordinances, an effective date and incorporation into the code. (On November 9, 2021, City Council approved Ordinance No. 31-2021, as specified in the motion and vote by the City Council) 

C. Ordinance No. 33-2021 - Development Fees -  Amending the Code of Ordinances by incorporating and adopting fees related to building inspection and permit fees, fire permit and inspection fees, special event application fees, and community development fees; amending Chapter 6 “Building and Building Regulations” by amending Section 6-57 “Application form” and creating Section 6A-1 “Building inspection and permit fees”; amending Chapter 9 “Fire prevention and protection” by amending Sections 9-6 “Bonfires and outdoor rubbish fires” and 9-12 “Occupancy inspection fee schedule”, amending Chapter 11 “Licenses and regulations” by amending Section 11-502 “Permit application” amending Development Review Procedures Manual by creating Section 17 “Fees”; providing for findings, ratification, severability, repeal of conflicting ordinances, an effective date and incorporation into the code.(On November 23, 2021, City Council approved Ordinance No. 33-2021, as recommended) 

The next regular City Council meeting and public hearings are scheduled on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 6:30 P.M., Titusville Fire Department Headquarters, Multipurpose Room, second floor, 550 S. Washington Avenue, Titusville, FL 32796. 

This page was last updated on November 24, 2021.