October 2022 Titusville Talking Points — ADA Version

[Front Cover – Fireworks fill the sky at the Parrish Healthcare Gift of Light celebration. (Haylee Horne). October 2022 Titusville Talking Points with Titusville City Seal; Gift of Light (Parrish Healthcare logo) – The 32-year tradition brings community together, pg. 9; Insert circle graphic with photo of Downtown Titusville: Community Redevelopment Plan Update, pg. 4; Graphic of paw print: Local shelters strive to find pets their furrrrever home, pg. 7; Plus: The big two-oh! Downtown Art Gallery celebrates milestone anniversary, pg. 12]


[Photo of city employees in the city's Emergency Operations Center.] Caption: Emergency management personnel manned Titusville’s Emergency Operations Center September 28 and 29, during Hurricane Ian.


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[Photo of fireworks exploding.] Caption:  On the Front Cover — Fireworks in the sky above Gift of Light celebration at Parrish Medical Center in Titusville. (Kaylee Horne)

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[Photo of the entrance to a hay maze near woods.] On the Back Cover — The hay maze entrance at Indian River City United Methodist Church's pumpkin patch event.


Inside Cover                       Talking Points / October 2022

What’s Happening in Titusville

Here are the Newest Updates for What’s Going On in Town



Community Redevelopment Plan Update — pg. 4

CRA pan approved by Council, see what it entails.

Life is a Beach — pg. 4

Cocoa Beach listed among Top 10 beaches; don't forget Playalinda!

A Fresh Name in "Reel" Estate — pg. 5

Blue Marlin Real Estate opens new office in Downtown Titusville.

Chamber of Commerce 100th — pg. 6

Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce hits 100 in 2023

Finding Furever Homes — pg. 7

Local pet shelters and volunteers strive to find homes for animals.

Picture Perfect at 20 — pg. 12

Downtown Art Gallery celebrates 20 years in business in Downtown Titusville

Royal Gourd — pg. 13

Local church's annual pumpkin patch community event sees huge growth.

A Bright and Shining Star! — pg. 9

Space tourism company set to give thrill-seekers a new view of Earth.

CITY GOV NEWS — pg. 14



Table of Contents            Talking Points  / October 2022 


Tropic Apartments

[Photo of a wooded at a street corner.] A site plan is under review for 44 apartment units within eleven buildings to be located at the southeast corner of Singleton Road and Tropic Street.

Housing Authority of Brevard County

[Photo of a building in a field, with trucks parked in front.] A site plan is under review for a three-story, 25-unit multi-family building to be located at 1211 Main Street, for the Housing Authority of Brevard County.

Pier 13 Coffee

[Photo of an empty building on a large lot.] A site plan is under review for a 4,166-square-foot restaurant and warehouse/retail building to be located at 1391 N. Washington Avenue.

Sisson Road Townhomes

[Rendering depicting a row of new townhouses.] A sketch plat is under review for a 91-unit townhome subdivision to be located west of Sisson Road and north of Timber Trace Apartments.

Riverfront Center, Tract E

[Design drawing of a plot of land.] A site plan is under review for a 42,000-square-foot office with storage capacity to be located on Riverfront Center Boulevard, Tract E.


[Photo of a plot of land.] A site permit has been issued for a 6,119-square-foot restaurant with gas pumps to be located at 1245 Grumman Place.

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Renzetti New Building Addition

[Photo of building.] The site plan has been approved for a 11,756-square-foot manufacturing building located at 8800 Grissom Parkway.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

[Aerial photo of a building under construction.] Site and building construction continues for a 1,542-square-foot restaurant located at 4670 South Street. The project includes demolishing the existing car wash on the property.

Titusville Ballet & Jazz

[Photo of a wooded area with a sign in front: “Future Home of Titusville Ballet & Jazz Center.”] A site permit has been issued for a 15,300-square-foot dance studio to be located east of S. Washington Avenue and west of Riveredge Drive.

SNJ Oaks Townhomes

[Photo of heavy equipment on a construction site.] Site construction has begun for 28 two-story townhome units to be located south of E. Whispering Hills Road and east of Elizabeth Avenue.

Tranquility Subdivision

[Photo of a heavy equipment at a construction site.] Located east of US 1 and north of SR 405: Phase 1 - Site Construction continues for phase 1, consisting of 99 single-family homes; Phase 2 - A sketch plat is under review for a 104-lot single-family home subdivision; Phase 3 - A sketch plat is under review for a 75-lot single-family home subdivision.

Verona Subdivision

[Photo of a several block homes under construction.] Village D – Site construction continues for the second phase of the Verona Subdivision (formerly Willow Creek) which consists of 79 single-family homes on 121 acres; Village B – The preliminary plat/site plan is under review for the third phase of the Verona Subdivision which consists of 174 single-family homes on 117 acres; Village A – A sketch plat is under review for the 4th phase of Verona subdivision which consists of 328 single-family homes; Village C – A sketch plat is under review for the 5th phase of Verona subdivision which consists of 537 single-family homes.

[Photo of a brand new house, fully constructed.]

Page 2                   Talking Points /October 2022 


Comfort Suites

[Aerial photo showing the ground work at a construction site.] Site construction continues on a 68,992-square-foot, 122-room hotel to be located at 4830 Helen Hauser Boulevard.

Fox Lake Hammock

[Photo of cinderblock house under construction.] Site work is complete and home construction continues for the 61-lot single family home subdivision located east of SR 405 and north of Fox Lake Road.

River Palms

[Aerial photo of condos being built along the river.] Site and building construction is nearing completion for the two-building, 100 residential unit condominium with associated amenities, located at 1805 Riverside Drive.

Space Perspective

[Artist rendering of a ballooned-spacecraft hovering over Earth.] A site plan has been approved for a 49,000-square-foot manufacturing building located on Bristow Way at the Space Coast Regional Airport.


[Photo of a medical building nearing completion.] Construction is nearing completion on a new MedFast Urgent Care facility, located at 2525 Garden Street.

Discount Tire

[Aerial photo of a tire center under construction.] Construction continues on the new Discount Tire repair shop located at Titusville Point, near the intersection of SR 50 and SR 405, behind the Cumberland Farms.


Page 3                   Talking Points / October 2022 


Community Redevelopment Agency Updates

[Graphic of the Titusville Community Redevelopment Plan Update.] The Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and City Council recently amended the CRA Redevelopment Plan at their October 11, 2022 meetings. The CRA Redevelopment Plan is a living document that addresses the changing needs within the Community Redevelopment Area. Changes in economic conditions and pending development have prompted the update of the plan, which was last updated in 2015.

Public engagement was a key factor for city staff, who held open house workshops in order to gain insight into the community’s needs. They also created a website that included surveys, updates, and a project schedule in order to get citizen feedback. Ultimately, the City identified eight key objectives:

  1. Administration of CRA
  2. Housing
  3. Community and Culture
  4. Economic Development
  5. Public Spaces
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Public Health and Safety
  8. Regulatory Environment

The amended plan also paves the way for a number of proposed capital projects, including streetscape improvements, park improvements, downtown trail connections, and crosswalk improvements.

Be on the lookout for more information and updates on the CRA Redevelopment Plan, which goes into effect on October 21, 2022.

[Photo of the 2023 City of Titusville Adopted Budget.] The CRA Fiscal Year 2023 Budget has been approved by City Council. It includes funding for Community Policing; Building Grant Program; road resurfacing; the Space View Park walking/observation pier connecting Space View Gemini Park to Space View Mercury Park – Veterans Park; and for a number of tree box filters in the Indian River Avenue – Main Street – Commons Parking area to help filter storm water to protect the Indian River Lagoon from run-off.

Area Beaches, First-Class Destination

[Photo of a surfer hitting a wave.](Photo: VisitSpaceCoast) Congratulations to Cocoa Beach, which was recently named “No. 1 surf destination in the USA” by international travel blog ParkSleepFly! Cocoa Beach was awarded the title based on a number of factors, including surf breaks, sea temperature, and length of coastline.

Surfers visiting the Space Coast should also be sure to check out Playalinda Beach. Located only 20 miles North, Playalinda features great surf waves in a pristine, natural setting. It’s also one of the only places in the world where you can surf and simultaneously watch a rocket launch in person. Located on the Canaveral National Seashore, visitors will also be greeted by over 1,000 species of plants, 310 species of birds, and a plethora of exotic wildlife such as sea turtles and manatees.

[Photo of Canaveral National Seashore sign.] Playalinda Beach is also a short drive away from major tourist destinations such as Port Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, which is located between Cocoa Beach and Titusville.

[Photo of Playalinda Beach.]

Page 4                   Talking Points / October 2022 


Reelin' & Dealin'

Real estate broker opens new office in Downtown.

[Photo of the new Blue Marlin Real Estate storefront.]

Blue Marlin Real Estate (BMRE) recently opened a new office at 410 South Washington Avenue #102 with a celebration on September 15th marking the success of their growing business. Since opening in 2019, the family-owned business has quickly become one of Brevard County’s top independent brokerages. Now, they intend to build on that success with further expansion into North Brevard’s real estate market through the opening of a new Downtown Titusville office.

“We’re excited to be here, and we look forward to being a part of the community!” says Chad Paulson, owner and broker at BMRE.

Blue Marlin’s humble origins come from a love of Central Florida and the people that live here. Paulsen spent his childhood working at Paulsen’s Bait & Tackle shop (currently The Island Waterfront Bar & Grill) in Merritt Island, often exploring the Banana River on his days off. At 19, he pursued his passion for the area by earning his real estate license and has been working in the industry ever since. Owner Nick Chambers grew up the son of a well-known real estate developer, which gave him a front-row seat to the industry. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from UCF, Nick attained his real estate license and put his background to good use in the industry. The duo teamed up in 2016 to create Blue Marlin Real Estate, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Thanks to their results-driven local approach, Blue Marlin has rapidly grown from a small local firm to a strong, focused team with more than 200 agents across three locations in North, Central, and South Brevard.

Expanding in Brevard

Despite the onset of the COVID pandemic, Blue Marlin’s sales continued to increase in 2020, reaching over $231 million. To Blue Marlin, this number isn’t just about selling property - it also represents all of the families whom they were able to assist during such a difficult year. This upwards trend continued into 2021, with the company reaching over $455 million in sales - nearly double what was achieved the year prior.

[Photo of two men near a pickup truck.]

As of 2022, the company reached over $1 billion in all-time sales, and as of October, their annual sales have already exceeded $500 million. With so much action going on around the county, Blue Marlin knew it was time to expand. With offices in Melbourne and Merritt Island already, they knew Titusville was the perfect place to settle into in North Brevard.

“There’s so much going on in Titusville,” says Nick Chambers, owner. “Not just in real estate, but also with the rocket launches and local businesses.”

Blue Marlin’s new office is located in Downtown Titusville at 410 S. Hopkins Ave #102, formerly home to Kayaks by Bo. Being a part of the downtown community is also something that Chambers says means a big deal to them.

“The local businesses in Downtown Titusville are so friendly and helpful to each other,” says Chambers. “It’s great to be a part of.”

Ultimately, another reason for the move to Titusville is that many of their staff already call North Brevard home.

“A lot of our agents live on this end of the county,” says Paulson. “We wanted to expand here and make things easier for them and their clients.”


Page 5                   Talking Points / October 2022 

[Photo of the inside of Blue Marlin's office.]

A Sense of Community

One of the driving forces behind Blue Marlin’s culture is their dedication to their team, clients, and community.

“Not a big name or national company, just individualized service to the Space Coast,” says BMRE. “At the end of the day, the team is the brand.”

To pursue this love of the community, in 2021 BMRE started Blue Marlin Cares, a charitable foundation supporting efforts to make their community a more enjoyable place to live, work and play. Along with supporting local organizations that give back, Blue Marlin Cares also holds community gatherings such as local cleanups, donation drives, and seasonal charitable events. Each month, Marlins can choose a charity of their choice to sponsor a lunch or event. So far, Blue Marlin Cares has provided support to 12 schools, 6 fire departments, 4 police stations, and 7 animal shelters.

One of Blue Marlin Cares’ first goals was to adopt a local island to keep it clean and safe. They soon adopted Bird Island, located in the Banana River, and with support from Keep Brevard Beautiful, the foundation has organized several community cleanup events to make the island pristine.

Blue Marlin Cares now extends a challenge to any local up to the task; anyone who helps to clean up the island, no matter the size, will be rewarded with either a BMRE Yeti cup or a T-shirt! All they have to do is take a photo of themselves with their trash in front of the sign on the island.

[Photo of the Blue Marlin company employees and families at the beach.]

Feature Stories

[Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce Logo]

Celebrating 100 Years, 1923 – 2023

Our first chapter, our first 100 years, is filled to the brim with historical moments and world-class achievements. And we will proudly share many of those stories as we reminisce from the viewpoint of 2023.

Chambers across the land have contributed to the fabric of community success, pulled people up, supported new ideas and enterprises, and made the stories of our towns and places grow stronger. The Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce stands tall among chambers. 

We live in an exciting place, with the most advanced technology and the most beautiful natural spaces. Get ready to help us celebrate. Learn how you can be involved. Be watching for very special events and information you will want to share with friends and family near and far.

It’s going to be a smashing good year for revisiting our best past selves and reinventing our next steps on the way to our best future.



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Finding the Purrrrfect Home

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and there is just about a perfect pet for everyone. From the playful dog to the cuddly cat to the wheeking guinea pig and the singing canary, our fascination with these furry and feathered creatures has spanned thousands of years, offering companionship and protection for their owners.

Currently, 68% of U.S. households own a pet. Many of these pets have become beloved and cherished members of the family. Unfortunately, some pets are not so lucky. These animals find themselves loose or abandoned, neglected, or abused. If they are lucky, they find their way to a no-kill shelter. These shelters operate, in large part, out of the kindness and love of community volunteers.

Each year, approximately 6.3 million pets are surrendered to animal shelters in the U.S., the majority being cats, at 3.2 million surrenders, and dogs at 3.1 million.

Furever Home Animal Rescue

Furever Home Animal Rescue was founded in 2017 by Jenelle Scurlock out of her home in Mims, Florida. Scurlock grew up helping her mom in a veterinary office and later worked for Edgewater Animal Shelter. Needing a larger facility, in 2019 Scurlock’s husband found the current location at 2605 Flake Rd. in Titusville, just north of Dunn Airpark.

The facility includes 40 dog kennels and can house up to 50 cats at a time. Furever Homes Animal Rescue also maintains play areas, where people looking to adopt a pet can come in and spend time getting to know their little fur baby.

Currently, there are no paid staff members, the facility is run with an all-volunteer crew. New volunteers help with cleaning, laundry, dishes, adoption events, and transportation. Furever Home is always looking for more volunteers and foster parents. If you are interested in volunteering with the rescue, volunteer orientation is being held on October 22 at 11 am. There is no time commitment and background checks are required.

For those who are interested in adoption, it requires a simple form to fill out, along with a cursory background check, to make sure the adopting individual has no prior issues with animal abuse or if they are a renter and they have permission to keep the new pet in their home.

Last year, Furever homes successfully adopted over 450 pets, and as of October of this year, they have already adopted over 400. Pets include dogs, cats, ferrets, pigs, guinea pigs, and birds.

The facility relies upon donations from the public to run the operation and feed the animals. Dogs can go through a 50lb bag of dog food a day and cats

(continued on next page)

[Photo collage showing: A boy and a dog at the beach; a young cat up for adoption; a black dog in a yard; a brown dog in a yard.]

Page 7                   Talking Points / October 2022 

[Photo collage showing: A dog looking into the camera; a dog on a leash looking away; a small cat in a kennel.]

Purrrrfect Home


generally consume 15-20 lbs of cat food a week. Through the generosity of donors, they help with the purchase of products and food to help make the rescue a success. Donations are always welcomed, and the facility has links on its website to guide donors to the facility’s needs.

Furever Homes relies heavily upon social media to get the word out. Senior Volunteer Diana Klotz takes photos of the adoptable pets and lists them on their website, Facebook, petfinder.com, rescueme.org, and adoptapet.com.

For more information on adopting, volunteering, or donating, call Furever Homes Animal Rescue at 321-402-2724 or visit them at 2605 Flake Road in Titusville.

SPCA of Brevard

The SPCA of Brevard is a private, non-profit organization with the mission of “protecting and providing a voice to the homeless animals of Brevard County.” It relies on private donations to be able to serve the community. It operates thrift stores in Titusville and Merritt Island, which are stocked solely with donations for resale to help fund adoption center locations.

Founded in 1979 in Titusville, Florida, the SPCA is the largest private no-kill animal rescue group in Brevard, and they find homes for more than 2000 animals each year. The adoption facility has freeroaming cat rooms, allowing adopters to interact with the cats in a more home-like setting.

The SPCA of Brevard Clinic also provides reduced-price vaccines to the public and has performed more than 55,000 low-cost spay/neuter surgeries since 1999. For more information, you can contact 321-567-3615 or visit them online at www.spcabrevard.com.

  • SPCA Adoption Center, 6035 Sisson Rd.
  • SPCA in Titusville Clinic, 455 Cheney Hwy.
  • SPCA Thrift Store, 4220 S Washington Ave.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Animal Care Center (BCSACC)

The municipal shelter provides services throughout Brevard County. Services include Project Home, offering pet owners assistance with challenging pets, including crates, free 1-on-1 training, food, and options for low-cost vet care as well as working with community shelters that may be able to take in owner-surrendered pets. The BCSACC does not take in owner-surrendered pets.

The TNR Program (Trap-Neuter-Release) aids in the overpopulated feral cat communities. They will spay or neuter the felines, clipping their ear (a universal sign that they have been spayed or neutered), and release them back into the community from which they were removed, providing they are healthy, fed, and ready to be returned. This is often accomplished with the support of a resident who feeds and cares for them. The release success rate is approximately 91%.

Strays are immediately scanned for a chip. If one is not found, the animal is available for adoption after 5 days. Adoptions are based on a lottery system. Pets that are available for adoption can be found online at:

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Animal Care Center is located at 5100 W Eau Gallie Blvd in Melbourne. For more information, contact 321-633-2024.

[Paw Print logo: Rescue, Adopt, Foster.]

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[Photo of large Christmas Tree outside with lights on and people standing at the base.]

Gift of Light - A Healing Community Celebration for more than 30 Years!

Written by: Jo Connell. Photos by: Kaylee Horne

Parrish Healthcare is making preparations for their annual holiday event coming up on Thursday, December 1, 2022, from 5:30-7:30 pm. This event is free and open to everyone. 

“Gift of Light sparkles and shines,” according to Randy Coleman, Chairman, of Jess Parrish Medical Foundation Board. “This beloved annual tree lighting event sparkles and shines through the thousands of tribute gifts that illuminate our grand Christmas tree and radiate with the generosity of our community,”

Since 1999, Gift of Light tribute gifts (made in honor of loved ones) have raised more than $400,000 to help JPMF and Parrish Healthcare to fulfill their charitable mission.

“Tribute gifts are a great way to honor a loved one while simultaneously uplifting our community and those in need,” added Coleman.

“I found the Gift of Light to be a heartfelt and healing ceremony that allowed for everyone to reflect and remember — together — loved ones (including our beloved pets) lost,” said Mayor Diesel. “I found that celebrating and remembering our loved ones together as a community to be very meaningful!”

[Photo of Mayor Diesel at a podium.] Caption: Titusville Mayor Dan Diesel delivers a holiday message to the crowd.

(continued next page)

Page 9                   Talking Points / October 2022 

Gift of Light


This annual community holiday tradition began 32 years ago and was originally hosted by the Parrish Medical Center Auxiliary. What began as a humble tree lighting has grown into an event that attracts thousands. Holiday magic fills the air as everyone delights in the lighting of our spectacular, 50-foot tree with 37,000 lights.

“When we light our magnificent tree, we do so to pay tribute to our past, honor our present and look forward to a bright future,” said Coleman.

The grand Christmas tree is not only the thing that lights up the night sky. The breathtaking fireworks display signifies the end of the event while also welcoming the start of the Christmas season.

[Photo of musicians on stage.] Caption: Titusville High School Orchestra, under the direction of Jennifer Zahn.

In addition to the amazing light displays, Gift of Light delights guests with musical and dance performances from the main stage. This year, stage entertainment includes returning musical guests, Titusville High School Orchestra, Space Coast Junior/Senior High School Sound Wave, Astronaut High School Jazz Band, and The Titusville Playhouse. New to the show this year are students of Fierce Dance Studio. Executive Artistic Director of the Titusville Playhouse, Steven Heron, will emcee the event.

[Photo of a choir on stage.] Caption: Space Coast Junior/Senior High School Sound Wave, under the direction of Michel Avey.

[Photo of musicians on stage.] Caption: Astronaut High School Jazz Band, Under the direction of Christopher Rodriguez.

Santa and Mrs. Claus will make a special appearance for photos and to hear Christmas wishes. Children will love visiting Santa’s Workshops for holiday crafts and cookie decorating. Face painters, balloon artist, and Santa’s elves make sure guests have a magical, memorable experience. Complimentary hot chocolate, cider, and cookies add to the event’s magic.

[Text Graphic: "...it is about expressing our sincere gratitude to the community we have the honor to serve.”]

[Photo of Santa and Mrs. Claus taking a photo with a man and young children.] Caption: Santa and Mrs. Claus take photos with family.

(continued on next page)

Page 10                 Talking Points / October 2022 

Gift of Light


Back, by popular demand, are a variety of the community’s food trucks to serve up tasty meal favorites. Held in the park on the Parrish Medical Center campus, the tents and “Market Lights” set an enchanting scene. In the tents, guests will find a variety of community partners including, Jess Parrish Medical Foundation, Parrish Health & Wellness Center, Parrish Sleep Center, Parrish Home Health, The Children’s Center, Titusville Fire Department, and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center. All with fun activities for families.

An event like this cannot happen without the support of community leaders and sponsors. “We deeply appreciate the support of Titusville city leaders, the Titusville Police Department, Titusville Fire Department, and Eastern Florida State College,” said Natalie Sellers, Parrish Healthcare senior vice president, and JPMF executive director.

[Photo of presenters at a podium.] Caption: Buddy and Jovi, with Steven Heron of Titusville Playhouse, and other Special Guests for the Tree Lighting Program.

“We thank, as well, our generous sponsors, Britt’s Air Conditioning, Coastal Health Systems of Brevard, Graphic Press, and The Broome Law Firm/Chris and Kelley Broome,” said Sellers.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Matthew Morak, director of JPMF at 321-269-4066.

“Parrish Healthcare’s Gift of Light event heralds in the most wonderful of seasons—the season of giving—in a spectacular way,” said Parrish Healthcare President/CEO George Mikitarian.

“The event is as much about celebrating the holidays as it is about expressing our sincere gratitude to the community we have the honor to serve. Gratitude for the trust they place in us as their health system of choice, and gratitude for their support of events like Gift of Light that extend the reach of our vision, Healing Families—Healing Communities®,” added Mikitarian.

[Parrish Healthcare logo]

[Photo of people gathering around the large Christmas Tree as the sun sets.]

Page 11                Talking Points / October 2022 


Big 2-0

[Photo of Heidi and Jeff Thamert inside their art gallery, near a collection of their framed photos.]

The Downtown Art Gallery in Titusville just celebrated the Big 2-0 on Friday, September 23, 2022. Owners Jeff and Heidi Thamert have been serving Central Florida with local art, picture framing and vibrant culture since 2002!

Jeff grew up in Seattle and came to Florida to help his uncle who owned the popular Kloiber’s Cobbler Eatery in downtown Titusville. Heidi is from Michigan, but her parents wintered in Florida and she got a job at the same restaurant. Jeff and Heidi bonded over a love of photography. When a small space became available next to Kloiber’s, they opened a framing shop with room to display their art. Jeff had learned the basics of framing to display his and Heidi’s work, and over the years he took classes in advanced techniques and art conservation and preservation. As adjoining spaces became vacant, they expanded and invited local artists to join them in the gallery. They now boast five large showrooms, one of the largest galleries in Florida.

The rest is history as they became known for a vibrant gallery selection, preservation framing and hosting their fun and popular art receptions! It’s still a job they love, enhanced by the many friends they have made, the artists they have championed and the customers who supplied a feast of art and unique memorabilia to be framed. 

“The amount of talented artists in our area is amazing and we love being at the center of art and culture in our community. Being artists ourselves, and liaison between art, artist and client, it is a satisfying career and we look forward to many more years.” said Heidi Thamert.

Page 12                 Talking Points / October 2022 


Pumpkins Galore at the Annual Pumpkin Patch Celebration!

An All-New Interactive Experience at Indian River City United Methodist Church.

[Photo of pumpkins on a hay bale with a welcome sign.]

Throughout October, pumpkins will abound at the all-new Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch at Indian River City United Methodist Church on Cheney Hwy. in Titusville. The annual pumpkin sale put on by IRCUMC has been a tradition in the community for years, garnering the nickname “the pumpkin patch church.” This year, however, they are going bigger with the addition of new experiences, tons of photo spots, playgrounds, a hay maze, and music and entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

[Photo of an old tractor in front of an old cabin in the woods.]

Within the 4.5-acre wooded wonderland, visitors can take family photos and make precious memories at numerous locations in the Memory Patch. See the Water Wheel on Pumpkin Patch Creek, hang out on the porch of the Old-Timer’s Shack, and have a look at the 100-year-old hay wagon, and a real 8-foot Pumpkin Carriage. On Saturdays and Sundays, guests have the opportunity to attend court and have their photo taken with Her Royal Highness the Pumpkin Princess.

[Photo of a young woman in a princess dress with two small girls.]

The young and young-at-heart can enjoy hay rides, a hay maze, and a playground and obstacle course. Additionally, on Saturdays and Sundays there are storytellers, live musicians, free face painting, and animal balloons for the kids.

School field trips are available on weekdays through October 28 for students through fourth grade, featuring all of the patch’s amenities as well as presentations by Professor Pumpkin.

The entrance fee for the experience is $5 per adult. Children 3 and younger get in free with a paying adult. Field trip entrance is $8 per student.

[Photo of a water wheel.]

Of course, pumpkins will also be for sale as the church will have two truckloads with over 2,000 fresh pumpkins and decorative gourds delivered this month. With such a large number, people are almost guaranteed to find the perfect selection for their family.

Operating hours are Monday through Friday 4 pm – 9 pm, Saturdays 9 am – 9 pm, and Sundays from noon to 9 pm, through October 31. For more information, go to: https://ircumc.com/ircumc-fall-festival-pumpkin-patch/

Page 13                 Talking Points / October 2022 


Titusville Needs City Residents

Help guide our city into the future.  Volunteer and serve on a board or commission.

  • Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
  • Board of Adjustments and Appeals
  • Board of Trustees of the General Employees' Pension Plan
  • Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Historic Preservation Board
  • North Brevard Commission on Parks and Recreation
  • North Brevard County Hospital District Board
  • North Brevard Economic Development Zone Dependent Special District Board
  • North Brevard Library District Board
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Titusville Environmental Commission
  • Titusville Housing Authority

The City of Titusville has a variety of boards, committees, and commissions that discuss and make important recommendations or undertake special activities specific to the purpose of each board.  The City's boards and volunteer board members serve a critical role to the community and the function of city government.

[Photo of Titusville City Hall.]

For more information, please contact the Titusville City Clerk's Office at Ph. 321-567-3686.

Chlorine Dosing Update

Although originally anticipated to be completed by October 21, the dosing will continue for an additional two weeks. The extension was necessary as the flushing of mains, which is normally performed in conjunction with the dosing, could not take place due to Hurricane Ian and the resulting flooding.

The dosing, now scheduled to last through November 4, is performed to ensure that Titusville maintains its high-quality drinking water standards. During the dosing, Titusville drinking water may have a chlorine taste and smell, which is normal. Titusville’s water remains safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and other everyday uses during the dosing and water quality is constantly monitored to ensure it meets regulated safety standards. 

Titusville’s drinking water treatment process normally includes chloramines (a combination of ammonia and chlorine). During the dosing or free chlorine treatment, the City stops adding ammonia but does not increase the amount of chlorine. After the chlorine dosing is completed, the City will return to its normal treatment process.

Dosing Reminders:

  • Reduce the taste or smell of chlorine in your drinking water during a dosing by boiling it or letting it stand in an open container, such as a pitcher, for several hours.
  • Consult your health care provider if you are currently undergoing dialysis or have a compromised immune system to determine whether the change in disinfection will affect your treatment.
  • Contact a pet or aquarium professional if you own a fish tank or pond that uses City water to determine if any adjustments to your aquarium treatment is needed during a chlorine dosing.
  • Check Water Resources’ pages at www.titusville.com for information on current chlorine dosings.

If you have questions or concerns during the dosing, call the Chlorine Dosing Hotline at (321) 567-3878.

Sustainability Action Plan

[Photo of the Sustainability Action Plan document, showing kayakers in the river watching a rocket launch.]

The City of Titusville Planning Department completed phase two of the City’s Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) in October 2022. The Sustainability Action Plan will guide the City’s future programs and actions related to environmental stewardship, inclusive economic development, and quality of life.

The plan will guide and coordinate city operations and investments to ensure the City’s regional leadership in protecting the  environment, limiting future climate impacts, and empowering the community. Community Engagement was central in developing the 6 Focus Areas and 70 new programs and initiatives introduced in the plan. To learn more about sustainability and the Sustainability Action Plan visit: www.titusville.com/sustainability.

Text TITUSVILLESAP to 22828 to join the Community Development newsletter to receive updates and the latest events for the Sustainability Action Plan.


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Titusville Water Conservation

[Graphic with cartoon-style people walking their dogs in a park, with multiple piles of dog feces hidden throughout the image.] Caption: What's Missing? These dog walkers forgot to bring their poop bags!

Be one of the first 40 people to correctly count how many poop piles were left on the ground and you will receive a prize package that includes:

  • a doggie waste bag dispenser with bags,
  • a No Poop Please yard sign,
  • and a Poop stress reliever.

Email your poop pile count along with your name and contact phone number to: conservewaterdept@titusville.com.

Protect Our Waterways. Don’t leave dog waste on the ground. Bag It! and then Trash It!

[City of Titusville Water Conservation Program logo]

Protecting the Indian River Lagoon

[Photo collage depicting a ditch with water and a city worker cleaning our a baffle box, with a QR Code to www.titusville.com/1648/Kirk-Point-Park-Educational-Series] Caption: Protecting the Indian River Lagoon. Kirk Point Park, Indian River Lagoon Educational Series: http://ow.ly/lRX550L95xn. Learn about how the City of Titusville is helping the Indian River Lagoon. 

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Historic Preservation Board

City’s Historic Preservation Board wins 2022 Florida Preservation Award.

The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation recognized excellence in historic preservation around the state with its 2022  Florida Preservation Awards. Among the winners was City of Titusville and its Historic Preservation Board who received the honor in the Preservation Communications/Media category for the Explore Historic Titusville booklet, web site and mobile application. The award was presented on July 28, 2022 at the Florida Trust’s Annual State Conference which took place in DeLand, Florida.

Awards in the Preservation Communications/Media category recognize outstanding heritage education programs, including books, brochures, curricula, DVDs, websites, interactive media and other publications that deal with historic preservation, archaeology or local history. 

“We are proud to acknowledge the significant and impactful work of this year’s Florida Preservation Award Winners,” said Florida Trust Board President Jenny Wolfe. “Communities across Florida are stronger because of these projects, and we congratulate all those who were a part of them. We know much of preservation is local, and our award winners this year are great examples of preservation successes at the local level.”

[Photo of a woman receiving an award plaque from a man.] Caption: Historic Preservation Board member Toni Shifalo accepts the award on behalf of the City, HPB.

"Liberty House" added to Titusville's historical register.

The City recently designated the house at 4050 Coquina Avenue, which was constructed in 1925, to the Titusville Historic Register.

[Photo of an old house taken in the 1980s.]

[Photo of the same old house taken in 2022.]

Visit Our Titusville Welcome Center

[Titusville Welcome Center logo]

Tuesday through Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Titusville Welcome Center is officially open 9AM-5PM once again! Woohoo! Even if you have lived in Titusville for a while, come on down and meet Delaney McGough. She is our Welcome Center Manager and would love to get you in the know about everything going on around town. Delaney has lived in Titusville her whole life and until she joined the Chamber 6 months ago, she had no clue all the fun things there are to do that she had been missing out on! Is there a chance you’ve been missing out, too?

So stop in, make a friend, and grab some brochures. We hope to see you soon at 419 S. Hopkins Street!

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Titusville Police Department

[Titusville Police logo.]

Promoting Teamwork within our community – 1100 John Glenn Blvd., Titusville, FL  32780 — PH 321-264-7800

WRAP Safe Restraint System

[Photo of police officers demonstrating how to put a man into a restraining harness.]

The Titusville Police Department have begun the use of a new “in custody constraint” device, which replaces the antiquated 4-point restraint. The WRAP is a safe restraint system, designed to protect subjects, officers, and staff by reducing the possibility of injury and death. 

The WRAP provides multiple advantages. Not only is it more user friendly for officers, it also provides safer positioning for the individual in custody. The WRAP is designed to stop conflicts quickly, achieve fast deescalation and provide rapid recovery for both the subject and officers. With fast control achieved, the subject is now restrained comfortably in an upright and seated position for respiratory recovery and is easily able to receive immediate medical care if needed.

Officers impressed Titusville Mayor Dan Diesel, City Manager Scott Larese and City Council members with a demonstration of the WRAP during a recent council meeting. Since the implementation of the WRAP approximately one year ago, there have been no injuries to officers or arrestees while using this device.

[Photo of officers demonstrating how to transport someone in the WRAP restraint.]

National Night Out 2022

[Photo of young children playing in a grassy area.]

The Titusville Police Department hosted National Night Out on Tuesday, October 4, 2022 from 5:30 PM until 8 PM at the Titus Landing shopping venue located outdoors at 2540 S. Washington Avenue.

National Night Out is a crime prevention initiative designed to enhance partnerships between law enforcement, first responders, businesses and the community. This free outreach event provided a great opportunity for community members to meet Titusville Police Officers, Brevard County Sheriff Deputies, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Officers, Florida Highway Patrol Troopers, DEA and Titusville Fire Department members.

Nearly 3000 event attendees were treated to free hotdogs, popsicles and popcorn, along with two inflatable obstacle courses, law enforcement and fire department hands-on and static displays, as well as giveaways for the whole family.

“We were truly excited to bring back this event allowing the entire city to have fun and meet our local first responders”, said Titusville Police Chief John Lau. “Community outreach remains one of our strongest commitments”, added Lau.

[Photo of police K9 and handler giving a demonstration.]

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[Titusville Fire Department logo.]

Titusville Fire Department

550 S. Washington Ave. — Titusville, FL  32796 — 321.567.3800

Chalk it Up to Fire Safety

It’s been awhile since our department hosted a fire safety drawing contest. Students and their families have experienced a lot in the past couple of years adjusting to the “new normal”. So, we decided to add some excitement with a chance to win a ride to school in a fire truck! The theme was Chalk It Up to Fire Safety. Elementary students were encouraged to draw a fire safety message in chalk and send it to the fire department. Three winners were selected to be picked up from their home and dropped off at school. Families shared their children’s anticipation was much like the night before Christmas. When the firefighters arrived their smiles were as bright as the lights on the truck. Fire Chief Hustoles and Life Safety Specialist Lubeski awarded the winners with a certificate and a fire teddy bear.

[Photo montage showing three children who won the chalk-drawing contest with Firefighters, getting rides to school].

Fire Prevention Week

The month of October is a busy time of year for the fire service with Fire Prevention Week being nationally recognized on Oct 9th – 15th. Throughout the month our firefighters will be going to day care centers and elementary schools educating students on what to do when the smoke alarms go off in your house and how to prevent fires in your home. This year is extra special because the National Fire Protection Association is celebrating 100 years of Fire Prevention Week.

This year the FPW theme is Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape. The NFPA reminds us that “Today’s homes burn faster than ever. You may have as little as two minutes (or even less time) to safely escape from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Your ability to get out of a home during a fire depends on early warning from smoke alarms and advance planning.” As you are preparing for the fall festivals and upcoming holidays take time to make a fire safety plan and practice it with your family members. For more information visit: www.fpw.org.

[Fire Prevention Week poster: Different homes have different plans. Know what to do and where to go if there is a fire. Fire won't wait. Plan your escape at fpw.org; 100 Years, 1922 to 2022, Fire Prevention Week.]

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MJW Consolidated

[Photo of large building, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Construction is complete on a 13,400-square-foot office and fabrication shop/warehouse located at 1825 Shepard Drive.


[Photo of new warehouse building, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Construction is complete on a 9,600-square-foot office and storage building located at 1540 Armstrong Drive.

Beef 'O'Brady's - SR50

[Photo of a new restaurant, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] A new Beef O’Brady’s has opened at 3455 Cheney Highway, adjacent to the Best Western Space Shuttle Inn.

Enterprise Rent-a-Car

[Photo of a vehicle lot, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Renovations are complete on a former car dealership that is now the home to an auto rental business.

Nu-Vision Professional Office

[Photo of a new building among trees, with “Open for Business” stamp superimposed.] Construction is complete on a new 3,965-square-foot office building located at 105 Pinedo Drive.

Verona Phase 1

[Photo of a new house, with “Completed” stamp superimposed.] Phase 1 of the Verona subdivision is now complete, consisting of 70 single family home lots.

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Community-Wide Brownfield Assessment Grant

In October 2021, the City of Titusville received a 3-year grant in the amount of $300,000 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a community-wide assessment of local Brownfield sites. Funding can be used for Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs), clean-up planning, and community outreach.

What is a Brownfield? A Brownfield site is a property where actual or perceived environmental contamination complicates its expansion, resale, or redevelopment. Sites can be contaminated with hazardous substances, such as petroleum, pesticides, metals, and asbestos.

[Photo collage depicting a former industrial lot as it used to look, and the same lot today with a new apartment complex on the property.] Photos: City of Tallahassee, Florida.

According to Lisa Nicholas, Titusville’s Economic Development Director, “The all-important fi rst step for the city right now is to identify through meaningful public input properties that should be evaluated for contamination by Terracon, our environmental engineering consultant. Being able to obtain this insight from our citizens on the properties they believe should be analyzed is not only important to the city, but also to the Environmental Protection Agency.”

If a site is assessed and contamination is found to be present, the grant also provides for certain cleanup-planning (Phase II) activities.

“Our residents have the most familiarity with the locales of these blighted and unsightly properties,” said Nicholas. “We are relying on them to help us identify them, and their participation is both encouraged and appreciated.”

Important City Numbers

Building Department


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City Hall FAX Number


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Streets Maintenance


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Water Main Break (After Hours Emergency)


Water Resources Conservation Program


LED Sign Information



Important Community Numbers

Brevard County Auto Tags


Chamber of Commerce


Department of Motor Vehicles


Florida Power and Light


City Gas Co of Florida


Social Security Office


Canaveral National Seashore


Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge



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[Back Cover – Photo of Earth from space.] Caption: Photo of Earth taken from approximately 100,000 ft up during a test flflight of Space Perspective’s Spaceship Neptune. (Photo: Space Perspective)

City of Titusville, 555 South Washington Avenue, 321-567-3775.; Titusville.com; Hashtag Launch from Here.