Regular City Council at 5:30 PM - August 24, 2021

City Council

Regular Meeting

August 24, 2021


The City of Titusville City Council met in regular session on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, at Titusville City Hall, second floor, Council Chamber, 555 South Washington Avenue, Titusville, Florida 32796. Mayor Diesel called the City Council meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Those present in the Council Chamber included Mayor Daniel E. Diesel, Vice-Mayor Jo Lynn Nelson, City Council Members Robert L. Jordan, Jr., Joe C. Robinson, and Dr. Sarah Stoeckel. City Manager Scott Larese, City Attorney Richard Broome, and City Clerk Wanda Wells. Assistant City Clerk Jolynn Donhoff completed the minutes of the meeting. 


Mayor Diesel requested a moment of silence. He then led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. City Clerk Wanda Wells read the procedures for public comment and participation. 





Community Development Department Spotlight - Community Development Department Director Peggy Busacca provided an overview on the services provided by the Department’s divisions, including the Building Department, Community Redevelopment, Development & Engineering Services, Economic Development, Neighborhood Services, and the Planning Department. The overview also included various staff involvement in several City Advisory boards, Geographical Information System (GIS) graph, housing and related services, and much more. No action was requested.




Entryway Signs - Public Works Department Deputy Director Sandra Reller gave a presentation on City entryway signs, which reviewed the following information:


  • Background
  • Two options (to update existing signs or replace with new customized signs)
  • Next steps that would require Council’s approval


Member Stoeckel and staff discussed the cost of new signs ranged from approximately $15,000 to $40,000. Signs placed in the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) right-of-ways had material and permitting requirements. Signs not in the FDOT right-of-way would be built more quickly.


Member Jordan favored updating the existing signs and adding LED lighting to the signs. Discussion ensued on new signage for locations where there was presently no signage and the cost of finished signs. He also confirmed the materials used for the existing signs (concrete core, stucco or smooth surface over concrete, brick pedestals, etc.).


Vice-Mayor Nelson favored updating the existing signs, repainting them, adding lighting, etc.


Mayor Diesel favored updating the existing signs and adding lighting and new paint. At the north and south ends of U.S. Highway 1, he did not feel that the big expensive signs needed to be installed at these locations, but instead a cost friendly signage like the signs used by City of Cocoa (bright with blue sky and Cocoa written in orange text). At Interstate 95 might be different.


No action was requested.



Solid Waste Rate Review – Public Works Director Kevin Cook gave a presentation on the annual Solid Waste Rate Review and the following information:


  • Purpose
  • Observations on tonnage
  • Proposed budget and budget changes – revenue overall down
  • Proposed budget and budget changes
  1. Refuse Division
  2. Recycling Division
  3. Non-Departmental
  • Service area breakdown – areas and cost share percentages
  • Rate strategies and trends
  • Typical bills and rate comparisons for residential and commercial consumers
  • Improvements and reviews


Member Jordan felt the proposed rate increases seemed reasonable. He commended the Public Works Department. He also commented on more frequent service and demand for refuse collection for restaurants, etc. (6-days a week).


No action was requested.


Stormwater Rate Review - Public Works Director Kevin Cook gave a presentation on the annual Stormwater Rate Review and the following information:


  • History of Stormwater Utility – established in 1990
  • Proposed action at the regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. on August 24, 2021
  • Summary of Fees
  • Rate comparisons
  • Proposed use of the pending Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 budget
  • Where money was allocated to Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs)
  • FY 2017-2022 CIP expenditures and estimated costs to maintain the system (no grants available or if no grants were available)
  • Projected needs and rate projections for FY 2023-2027
  • FY 2023 rate projection comparison
  • How the City was helping the Lagoon and Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP)
  • No rate increase was being requested under the current assessments


No action was requested.



Letters of Appreciation – City Manager Larese reviewed the following list of employees that recently received letters of appreciation:


Fire & Emergency Services -


Timothy Bowman, Driver/Operator/Paramedic

Dustin Davis, Firefighter/Paramedic

Thomas Duncan, Firefighter/Paramedic

Kobe Ebarle, Firefighter/EMT

Gerald Ford, Battalion Chief

Tiffany LaMothe, Acting Lieutenant

Ronald Smith, Firefighter/EMT

Cheyne Wilson, Firefighter/Paramedic


Community Development –


Rose Koenig, Housing Program Manager of Neighborhood Services

            Brad Parrish, Planning Manager

            Jas’n Pouncey, Rehabilitation Specialist of Neighborhood Services


Water Resources, City Attorney’s Office, Public Works, and Support Services -


            Carrie Beatty, Customer Service Manager

Scott Devine, Water Distribution Supervisor

Gail Gilchrist, Senior Administrative Assistant of Public Works

Doug Larkins, Field Operations Assistant Superintendent

Vanessa Pittman, Legal Secretary

Sean Stauffer, Water Resources Director

Jeff Wayner, Water/Sewer Field Operations Superintendent


No action was requested.




PETITIONS AND REQUESTS FROM THE PUBLIC PRESENT – Stan Johnston distributed information. He expressed concern on fraud. 




With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 6:18 p.m.